Robert Pattinson ‘Blown Away’ by Kristen Stewart

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson is even more in love with his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart!

According to reports, the hunky Brit was “blown away” by Stewart — who has recently finished filming her role as rocker Joan Jett in biopic The Runaways — when he saw her in San Diego last month — because she has blossomed into a “sexy” laydee!

And sources say the “sexual spark” might “explode” when Kristen and Rob start filming Eclipse — the third film in the Twilight movie franchise.

“Rob always thought Kris was gorgeous, but when he saw her in San Diego, he was blown away,” an insider told America’s OK! magazine. “The young girl he left behind in June had blossomed into a sexy rocker goddess.”

Meanwhile, sources close to Robsten have denied reports the couple is planning to buy a $3m home together in West Hollywood.

It was claimed the pair would live together when they finished filming Eclipse in Vancouver, Canada.

But an insider yesterday insisted talk of them moving in together is “untrue”.



  • Guest

    He has always like her.

  • Dayna Mills

    They are very sweet, and the only celebs I really like.
    I did not think they got a house together since most of their time is spent filming in Cananda.

  • da

    Uh he has always liked her, he liked before he even met her and when they met she rocked his world. I don’t know how she felt towards him though, I think she was playing hard to get since she had a bf at the time.

  • twinklie_vamp

    Funny for this tabloid to be calling out one false rumor while putting out another equally false one. Pot calling kettle black? Every so-called Robsten news is FAKE because obviously no one is talking to tabloids!

  • Cherie

    There is always an inside unknown source! Say the damn name! Or is it just the reporter who makes up things as they go?

  • guest

    Why must the media play this ‘match’ like it some courtship of epic proportions?

  • guest

    they both suck……………………………..
    cigarettes. EWWWW

  • kstewfan4eva

    Just let them be and do wateva they wanna do! If they wanna move in 2getha let them!! He has always liked her and I’m pretty sure she likes him!!! Just let them be!!

  • bellesarah

    if you will watch all of TWILIGHT INTERVIEWS of Robert Pattinson, he is totally in love with KSTEWART. however, she had Michael Arangano during that time. i haven’t seen spider monkey nowadays.what happen to the KSTEW and MICHAEL ARANGANO courtship? screwed?

  • Karma

    It just goes to show, people will believe anything they read. None of you know them personally. It’s all speculation and gossip.
    Word of advise: Stop living your life through theirs.

  • Sarah

    I dont believe the moving in together..they are both very wise not to do that..they are taking it slow and are trying to make the realtionship as private as it can be..Kristen´s bf is so out of the picture unless he shows up in vancouver again I will believe they are still on..PPl STOP critizing what they do..if they drink, smoke..who cares..their body, health and life..Go do something productive instead of hating on ppl you dont know personally..

  • IntelBeaut

    hmmm…friends with benefits…why not? They are smart to take things slow.

  • adrienne

    i wonder what his IQ is…..

  • Kelly

    well….. I think they are cute together and if they are going out or not who cares but I hope they are he is so hot! And she is cute love the book and movie