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Kristen Stewart Almost Quit Acting!

Posted by Adam

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart has revealed how she almost quit acting.

The actress — who shot to fame for her role as Bella Swan in Twilight — says she almost changed career paths after auditioning constantly for a year and not getting any parts.

“It took a really long time until I was totally over it, and then came my last audition,” she said. “I went to it and I didn’t even want to. My mum said: ‘Well, this is the last one. You don’t have to go to any more.’

“And that was the first movie I got.”

Stewart’s first film role was in the 2001 flick The Safety Of Objects.

Stewart — who is currently dating her hunky British costar Robert Pattinson –  says despite being a household name, people don’t recognize her.

“I think I just look different in person or something,” she said. “I’m also not very approachable.”

The second Twilight film, New Moon, hits movie theaters in November.


  • Alex

    oh, when was it confirmed that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were dating? i wanted them to, but i didn’t know they had confirmed it or anything

  • LaLaBec

    they didnt really confirm it …
    but come on if your like a Rpattz & Kstew fan
    you can full on tell their dating.

  • player

    She’s so cute, and I am jealous of her yes I admit it!

  • guest

    Can’t you use a more flattering photo of her?

  • THe OLd Guy

    Come on Guest, There are no flattering photos of Kristen Stewart.

  • tash

    She looks just like my best friend Danielle, and she also looks exactly the way I pictured Bella in the book. I’m glad she didn’t quit, all i have to say is good for her. :)