Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Might be Getting Married

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are engaged to be married — according to the cover of this month’s OK! magazine.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Twilight wedding,” the tabloid declares. “Rob and Kristen ENGAGED!”

According to the mag, Pattinson, 23, proposed to 19-year-old Kristen on the Twilight set in Vancouver, Canada.

We don’t buy it. Do you?

While talk of the pair getting married is probably complete crap, we do believe Kristen and Rob have “hooked up” as previous reports suggested.

Twilight insiders recently confirmed Rob and Kristen are an item — but insisted they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

“They’ve decided to be more public about going out now,” said the source. “They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve definitely hooked up.”

OK! also claims Rob and Kristen have moved in together. Um, they’re actually sharing Rob’s hotel room.




  • Kristen Stewart

    see i told u we were getting married

    • sobrina k

      Best wishes to ya guys on whether it’s true or not good lucks in everything ya guys do . You guys can do anything you can put ur minds to obvisouly lol you guys rock!!! Much love!!!!!!

      • katie cullen

        hhahahahhahahaha lol

    • http://RobertPattinsonOfficial KATIE


      • http://RobertPattinsonOfficial KATIE

        just think about it if they split up twilight will be ruined…… THINK ABOUT IT…. thanks

    • Bianca

      you do know that saying your someone that you are not is a a crime?
      Identity theft!

  • http://msn cheryl hymer

    are you getting married in real life or is it for the last movie breaking dawn just curious ifs its for real the best of luck to you and rob and treat each other good i have been married for 10 years and its not easy so you really have to work on it so be good to each other. lots of love to both of you and good luck on everything.

  • PSalazar

    Isn’t this part of the movie? After all Edward does ask Bella to marry him.

  • emmy

    they are doing this to make the franchise more popular. wake up ppl it’s not that hard to figure out!

  • number 1 Kristen Stewart Fan


    • blessings

      olmg i agree i love twilight <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Rob&Kristen saf

    Hey Kristen & Rob congrats!!!!

  • Rachel

    LOL @ “talk of the pair getting married is probably complete crap” …eh pot? meet kettle.

  • Robert Pattinson

    Yepp. I know love.
    I did propose.

  • samantha

    they are cute. i dont care if they are or are not getting married. let them have this one thing private to themselves.
    go rob and kris!

    • blessings

      i dont think its fake thats stupid and so is anyone who thinks so

  • shannon

    ok first congrats to u rob and kris my parents have been married for twenty two years. hope u guys make it tht long!! second ppl do u seriously think this is real if u do u got some major issues no insults to rob or kris but there doing this to indource there movie edward does this to bella in the book let me guess kris will be pregnant for breaking dawn instead of fake. well i think its fict and tht ther not pretending i think they truely do care for each other i just think there bf and gf not hub and wife so dont believe the trash. if this is true my appologies and hope u guys make it all the way to the end but studies have shown tht all hollywood marriages usually end in a flop cuz of wht tabloids say so rob believe in kris and kris trust rob. my parents say the way to love and happiness is through trust. go robsten!!!

  • Sweety

    Come on, yeah they’re cute, I love to see them in the movie together they act fantastic but, give them some space. the medias is doing it bigger than it is!! I saw a picture in life&style where they’re touching each other, and they write: “Kristen an Rob, out on hot date!” For gods sake, she have a boyfriend (who is not Rob!) and I think he is seing.. ? can’t remember her name!!


  • Kristen Stewart

    im so glad ur gonna be my husband

    • Sue Donnelly

      Kristen Stewarts grammar is better. She would not type gonna. Stupid wannabe imposters.

  • aonne

    i don’t think that’s really kristen! she said on an interview that she doesn’t have anything like myspace or facebook because she said those kind of stuff makes her life more difficult.

  • lauren

    they are not getting married its just for paublisaty for breaking dawn and if they are dating well thats there business not ares ya should lust leave them alon and why would they get married if no one even knows if they are even dating they say they are just friends plus what makes u think she would marry rob in such little time she didnt marry her x and they were actually going out and they lasted what was it 4 years

    • http://RobertPattinsonOfficial Amy

      fuck u lauren u know nothin



  • Paris

    The magazine and others who repeat their b.s. continue to demean R. and K’s true relationship by referring to it as simply “hooking up.”

    It is obviously so much more than a series of one-night stands. Besides, doesn’t OK Mag. know that Robert and Kristen can’t possibly be talking about marriage if they’re only “hooking up.”

    And Sweety, Lauren and Melli (all of whom have got to be the same person with such atrocious spelling and composition). Listen, instead of writing to boards complaining about the Robert rumors, perhaps you should spend a bit of time learning to spell: It’s “Young;” it would also help to spend some time learning how to compose a couple of sentences correctly. Worry about yourself, there, girls – I mean “girl,” and not whether Robert and Kristen are too “joung” to marry or that the latest story is just a “paublicity” stunt.

  • Savannah Molina

    If rob and Kris are getting married they should be glad about this. Kristen is pretty

  • Nikki

    Look, if Rob and Kristen really are getting married, that’s great. If Rob’s happy then i’m very glad. But everybody knows that the press loves to spread rumors. And i don’t trust magazines or the internet anyway. It’s a shame i can’t actually ask the couple…but seeing as it’s their personal life, i never would ask anyway. Congrats, Rob and Kristen, if you really are getting married. I’ll have my doubts until it’s absolutely true. :-) No offense meant to anybody.

  • sharg

    Rob and Kristen,

    Congratulations! I am very happy for the both of you. You are the cutest couple! Looks like the engagement stuff is going around….I too am engaged. It’s wonderful to be that much in love. I pray that you both have great success and that your marriage is blessed. Ya’ll are wonderful! Keep on keepin on….. :-)

    God bless,

  • http://Rob&Kristen saf

    hey Sharg congrats!!! i am happy for Rob& Kristen

  • sharg

    Thank you saf……

  • sharg

    I am very happy for Rob & Kristen……You both deserve the best

  • http://Rob&Kristen saf

    ur welcome sharg!!!

  • cierawolf66

    well thats wounderfull u guys im very happy for u.. but u other peaple who think its bs if it is let it be and let them be happy and kristen stewart is very very very sexy shes so hot. but dont say things that are mean its just not right.just be happy that u have 2 sexy peaple who are playing the characters and are doing this for yall.leave them be.=]]

  • http://none sabi

    Wats next she’s pregnant and they have 10 kids!!! seriously the tabloid needs 2 fuq off

  • Lakelia

    im sorry i love the twilight saga and all but if they get marry not in the end its just goingto be sad because i think kristen is not all there if you know what i mean she a dope head and she will ruin rob’s life. yeah theyre the perfect edward and bella but lets get real what going to happen after the movies are over and the real world sets in and things start to come to an head. young marriages have a high unsuccessful rate of survival and then youre actors that even worst circumstances. please use great commom sense-why paid for the milk if you can get for free… i mean she just got out of a long term relationship with this michael guy that she was with for 4or 5 yrs and then she into you. ur just an hot commodity to her and to many other women in this world she just wants to take you away from them and the potential of the normalcy you want, i just hope she doesnt ruin you if it doesnt work out ,,,,,

  • http://yahoo/myspace lacy

    i really hope it is true cuz i was freaking out when i seen it man if its not then i really wasted my breath!!!!!!!!!

  • shriya

    i hate kristen cuz shes fakin everythin abt datin n stuff n thinks she lokes rob cuz its just publicity she wants after being with robert but i wish she dusnt spoil his life soooooooooo best of luck i guess

  • adrienne


  • http://yahoo/myspace lacy

    woah seriously?sweet

  • iluvmyself

    why would they get married when they aren’t even dating!!!

  • http://yahoo Kali

    who know’s what’s going to go wrong!I mean She’s 19 and he’s 23.She’s 5 years younger and he’s 5 years older.I mean come on.They should leatsn 2 theier hearts they should do what’s best for them shlvesa.

  • http://yahoo Kali

    Rob and Kristen maybe u to should think these through befor these happense are u 2 sure?I mean 5 years younger and 5 years older.

  • http://yahoo Kali

    Rob and Kristen
    Maybe u to should think these through befor these happense are u 2 sure?I mean 5 years younger and 5 years older.

  • http://yahoo Kali

    How old is Taylor?And who playes Emmet in Twilight?Who ever playes the part as Emmet how old is he?

  • http://yahoo Kali

    Rob and Kristen
    How old is Taylor?And who playes Emmet in Twilight?Who ever playes the part as Emmet how old is he?

  • hater

    thet are not getting married it is for the end of new moon people read the book when he says fine but marry me first and also rob loves to go around saying will you marry me all the time so get over it people and the book suck and so does the movie

    • Nautica

      First of all dnt HATE bcuz rob and kristen gettin married.If dey wanna get married let dem get married! And second the books will probably be better than anything yu ever think of. :-)

  • loveghost

    If it was true then I drop you a little note ..
    Congrats to Kristen and Robert..
    Kristen Pattinson ( bye bye to stewart,lol)

  • http://google karen


  • Ashley And Taylor

    kristen and robert soooooooo did not leave a comment! and their sooooo NOT GETTING MARRIED! and by da way i’m ashley greene! inside scoop: taylor launter is still AVAILABLE! whoo hoo 4 all u single ladies! and Taylor Trixie BFF’s to Ash I KNOW THAT ROB & KRISTEN ARE NOT getting MARRIED!!!!!

  • jen


  • vicki

    Yes he did propose, AS THEY WERE ACTING, for the film New Moon! Stupid people, leave them alone!

  • Chloe

    It just for people to go see new moon to get more cash in there pockets. It all just LOAD OF CRAP!!!

  • Chloe

    It just so people cen go see the new moon movei.Just some more money in there pockit!!!

  • Savannah

    OK. I dont believe you Kristen. Im sorry…I love you, but I dont get it. You guys were so….private about all this and now you guys are engaged!?

  • Savannah

    OK. Rob and Kristen…Im sorry but I dont believe it. I totally wish you guys WERE getting married but you guys were so careful and private about all this and now randomly you guys are engaged..sorry. I need actual PROOF. Like you guys saying it in an interview or something.

  • http://myspace hannah

    i so agree kristen & rob are not getting married in my opion i mean look @ da mags 1st there daiting then there not then they r then there not now there engaged on there way 2 getting married total bs but if you guy really r congrats u ake a great couple n 4 every 1 else back off really THIS IS SO GETTING OLD O AND ROD IS NOT HOT DAT GRAMMY BELONGS 2 TAYLOR LAUTNER(LOLZ)!!!!!! PPL N TERE GOSSIP UGH!!!!!:D

  • 1 fan

    hey it would be so awsome if ti was true but if its no i still love u guys

  • #1 twilight fan

    OMG.r u guys really getting married?????!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!

  • #1 twilight fan


  • ultimate twihard

    ok seriously? rob and kris have been told repeadedly by the people they work for that if the start getting serious they will be in alot of trouble. why the heck would they get married? isnt it alitte obvious that its all for publicity?
    and doesnt it seem alittle to much like twilight? nearly a year after edward and bella meet each other they decide to get married? they are the best actors for this movie and they know it so why would they do this?! i love all of them but isnt this going alittle to far? IT IS FAKE!!

  • Ashlyn

    Congrats if you two are getting married but if you’re not that’s okay too… Why doesn’t everyone leave them alone to live their lives, they obviously don’t like be chased down the street or having to have a body guard with them whenever they go to places so just let them be… I know rob is a very attractive man and all but who cares leave him alone so he can enjoy life. Half the people that do obsess over him and follow his every move wouldn’t like to what you’re doing to him done to you. So back off a bit and let him be.

  • http://Myspace Keyundra

    If Rob and Kristen are getting married for real then I’m gonna be like so angry then i’ll chill out but i’m still gonna tell all of my friends!

  • Cassandra

    Love the movie twilight but she needs to learn how to act..

    • http://dodo torie

      I think its sweet that they r getting maried they r totaly a perfect match.

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        Torie, I’m sure you are simply getting your little wires crossed, Robsten isn’t true & they’re not together & the only time K-Stew will be putting on a wedding dress is when she films the wedding between her character Isabella (Bella) Marie Swan & RPatz’s character Edward Anthony Masen Cullen in the Twilght Saga: Breaking Dawn. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • taylor sims

    omg i think its so cool ur getting married i think u guys r going 2 last forever awwww how cool i love kristen im glad hes not dating nikke

  • crystal lucas

    hey thats cool that guys are getting married i thx u make a great couple i hope u have a great life lol

  • crystal lucas

    hey thats cool that guys are getting married i thx u make a great couple i hope u have a great life lol

  • http://facebook sineade stafford big fan

    hi my name is sineade and i am a big fan of robert pattinson the the movie twilight he was a grate in the moive and im am happy for him and when a saw you on twilight i fell in love with you

  • JaCoB FaN

    Ok first of all if they are getting married …so what!!! They are old enough to make their own decisions and if they aren’t….so what!! If at any time they do get married I’m sure we will know about it. Having said that grow up girls you will never get Rob Pattison and neither will I. Its fun to have fantasies but thats about all you have.

  • jessica

    hey congrats and i belive this because they make a verrrrry good couple.<3love you kristian and rob

  • mrs.cullen:)

    OMG I hope they are engaged! Personally im a twilight fan and i LOVE rob and kris- they are awesome and look perfect together! But no pressure- it would just be so cute and awesome. You guys like belong together. Good luck you guys- love u!

  • mrs.cullen:)

    WTF ignore the comment made by “Cassandra” about kristen not being a good actress! Kristen, you rock my world, and most likely 10 billion others! Good luck with rob! You’re awesome!

  • nina

    i think they are gr8 to get married thet are both gr8 actors and should do whatthe want but i think they should do it i think they will make the best coulpe well done and good luck guys !!! :)

  • edward cullen rules

    awwwwwwwwwwwww so happy ur perfect cant wait till new moon



  • http://yahoo victoria

    just kiding i wish but i still think there geting mareed …

    • bexx

      Actually, if you read the books properly he does propose in NEW MOON. Page 477, he says “if you want me to be the one — then you’ll just have to meet one condition.” “marry me first.” She says yes in ECLIPSE and they get married in BREAKING DAWN.
      I suggest you think before you write coz otherwise you just come off as stupid.

  • Kristen

    No they’re not getting married.This is just a big rumor.And no for people who just want to see the movie instead of reading the books!HE DOESNT PROPOSE IN NEW MOON!he proposes in ECLIPSE…THEY GET MARRIED IN BREAKING DAWN *by the way its just a coinicedence that my names kristen…:/*

  • Vampire

    I can’t believe its happening now in real life. Its so weird but awesome.

  • http://showbizspy demi

    i dont think there getting married its a bit obvious that they say there getting married just beofre the movie comes out i think its a fake to get the movie more popular but if they are good luck to both of you

  • http://aol J

    If they do get married, Robert and Kristen marriage won’t last.
    Understand? THEIR MARRIAGE WONT LAST.They’ll have kids and then have problems from there. It’s only for publicity.

  • Kristen Stewart

    Gosh………….some of you guys need to get a life. seriously, you think i’m ugly?! take a look in the mirror. haha

  • Jessicah Cullen/Pattinson

    Hey,why can’t you people just lay off they can do and/or say what they wan’t I don’t care if you are being positive about this but all of you that are being this negative you need to shut up because they are mature enough to make their own decisions even if this isn’t real who cares just let the tabloids and paparazzi say what they wan’t because they are just trying to get money from their posts and be world wide stars but when they make fans say and act this stupid you can’t do anything but wonder if it’s true or not but anyone who has posted a comment on this page if you get an autograph from any of Twilight stars ask them because they know more about this than anyone of you!!!!
    Love,Jessicah Cullen/Pattinson,13,Ohio

  • lalalexyxD

    rob is the hottest guy alive and im happy but idt thats its true i mean really!?!?!?!
    but either way r.patt is still HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen Stewart

    Hey can’t you guys just but out if we wanna get married we will none of your buisnes

  • Saf

    Hey Kristen & Rob good for u guys its ur life do what u like!!!
    Happy Christmas!!!!

  • http://yahoo Twilight fan

    rob and kris
    i hope dis is real…well congrats! you 2 are a great couple :))

  • gillean

    WOW you 2 are a great couple i hope this is real rob and kris

    I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley clemmer

    wow u guys r totally slow of course rob and kristen r getting married and its none of ur biz if they r or not its time for u guys to geta life if u like rob cause it wont happen so shut up and kristen u r very mature for ur age im glad u r marrying rob im happy for u guys… and ppl leave the couple alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I love Kristen and Robert so much!! I know that Kristen and Robert is cute couple!! Kristen don’t believe what people said They think kirsten are ugly! But, I think kirsten is beautiful no matter what!! I love help people and i sweet, nice and helpful. Let you know, that i am hard hearing mean that i can hear but i am part of deaf. Please don’t believe what people said!! I love you so much!!!

  • shadeen

    u too r perfect match and i love ur movie

  • Ashley

    Yep!!! I agree too!!! But, when you will marry to kristen stewart??

  • Kristy

    Omg don’t you think Ashley and Taylor no what there tLking about Kirsten and rob arnt getting married (apparently) so just get Over it. And just give them a break and stop making lies unless you know there true.

  • Kristy

    All the girls on twilight are the awsomeness people Kirsten you are so pretty and by you bringing youself down by what everyone else thinks is bring who you are down. Who cares what every one else think, you rock
    ps I’m so confused wheather you and rob are getting married lol

    • Mimzy

      who started this coversation to begin with ? I mean is kinda stupid

  • Kristy

    Everyone Kirsten and robert arnt getting married in real life.
    Who cares if they were it’s none of your buisness. Leave them alone and GET A LIFE!

  • Ashley

    Well…. i am curious and don’t be rude to me!!! I am nice and i don’t believe in the lie!! Okay!!!

  • Kristy

    I wasn’t being rude to you I was trying to stick up for you guys and i’m sorry you thought I was being rude

  • Kristy

    Heyy ashley. Wanna ask you a questions so here it goes…:……. Does it get annoying having paparazzi following you around all the time and if it is, is there any way you can get away from them

  • Ashley

    Yes!!! I don’t like paparazzi follwing me!! Who are you?? I just want know you then you can be my friend!! Then you can give your e-mail!!

  • Kristy

    Ummm my email address is I’m very sorry with the way I worded I’m previous comment It was meant to mean that just to give you guys a break and stay out of you guys’s buissness sorry: ) not to be rude but how do I no you the real Ashley Greene :/

  • Kristy

    If you add me I’ll tell you everything Ova email or msn but not ova this sorry

  • Ashley

    okay!! Sure!! You think i am ashley greene, but i am not ashley greene!!! So……. right you see list name but not last name!! That why i am different person!!

  • kristy

    huh? im confussed

  • alfa

    OMG rob and kristen getting married????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this for real???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alfa

    hey guys… can we hav ea live chat with kristen and rob i’ll have my fingers crossed…!

  • Catherine Baker

    well i think Robert Kristen are Made for each-otherim sooo happy for you Robert! hopefully you’ll be with her Forever and ever more!!
    love guys

  • Ashley

    Really… you confussed??? Why?? Kristy!

  • Kristy

    Because you said you were the real Ashley Greene so you pretty much lied 2 me

  • Ashley

    Really??? I don’t lie!!!!!!!!! I am 13 years old girl!! Not 22 years old!!

  • ashley clemmer

    guys leave them alone god you guys have to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it isnt a lie of kristen and rob getting married ok now shut up

  • Ashley

    Hey!! Don’t said that god or shut up!! That is not very nice u know!! So be nice don’t said nice words okay!

  • jocelyne

    i dont think them two are ment to be together….. first of all (i dont want to be mean but hes ugly).shes to pretty for him… she should be with someone else like nick jonas or that guy whos on wizards of waverly place….hes kinda cute and they make a cute couple!!but ya thats that… well i hope you read this message and make a better choice… bye…:)

  • nicole

    i dont think you guys are going to get married your doing this for publicite

  • Ashley

    okay…. what u talk about?? I think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is cute couple!!

  • bexx

    Firstly, i would just like to say that i love rob and IF the rumours are true then kristen is a really lucky girl.
    Yes they have a few more advantages than the rest of us, like being famous, but you’ve got to remember that they are still human beings and are entitled to the same rights of privacy.
    Who are we to judge them on how they want to live their lives. All you haters need to back off, either be happy for them or resent them quietly, they deserve to be happy too.


  • Robert

    hi im robert,

    (the real one) I would just like to say that well leave us alone we arenot getting married as the producers of teilight have said that it will complicate everything. At the moment with all of this they are thinking about taking me off the script for breaking dawn we are together and not afraid of that but please the tabloids will do anything for a bit of news dont satisfy them by going along with it. I promise that if i propse to kirsten i will go straight to the daily mail but not magazines as it is just lying to everyone.

  • missy

    I am suppose to believe that the above comment came from Robert Pattinson HIMSELF? – when neither he or Kristen will address ANY comment about their relationship to ANY fan or in any interview!!!! They are two consenting adults whatever happens between them is their business NOT anyone else. Or yes Robert has already signed a contract to do BD and of course w/ his intelligence I believe he would NOT misspell TWILIGHT!!!!

  • Robert

    Sorry i was just telling my views as people are believing things myself and kirsten and spelling mistake does not mean im robert ok? you cannot tell me im not myself. They are contemplating whether i should continue or not. You dont have to believe anything but i am not lying and i am simply asking people to leave ue alone.

  • bexx

    If you are the real rob, i’m completely head over heels in love with you x
    As for the rest of you, whether you believe he is who he says he is or not, why can’t you just respect his and kristen’s wishes. Just leave them alone, if they’re happy then it’s nobody’s business but their own. Surely there are more important things for you lot to be doing rather than meddling with something that’s none of your concern. If not then you’re pretty pathetic.

  • bexx

    Also, they will NEVER find anyone remotely good enough to replace you on Breaking Dawn, so don’t let it get to you rob x x x

  • Ashley

    yep!!!! So… would u leave rob and kris alone!! Because, they need time and private!! So… pls i am begging u. Leave kris and rob alone!! if u do thank u!! :)

  • Twilight Diaires Girl

    I’m sure this story is crap as Robsten isn’t true as RPatz isn’t with K-Stew in a “romantic” way they’re simply “good friends” RPatz is with TomStu & has been way before Twilight & so StuPatz (if you can think of another xany name please be my guest) is true. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • People are so gullible these days.

    All I can say is that if you believe that the Robert that commented above is the real one you need to get a life.Its just somebody that is posing as the real one.They think it will be a funny joke because everyone knows that the true diehard RObsten fans are gullible and will believe anything on these boards.He has avoided the relationship question like it is the plaque and now he is suddenly commenting on the biggest taboo question of the century.Anyone that believes this jackass needs to go get their head examined right away.None of these people that have commented as the real Robert are him.He is probably laughing his ass off in Kristens living room at all you morons that you guys would actually believe this punk.If Rob said he chopped off his arm for kristen you idiots would believe it.You guys would probably chop yours off so he could have a new one.The whole cast is laughing at you guys.

  • Ashley

    Why u said bad words?? U should not said that!!! u know bettter!! And plus (s)he is right!! Be careful with Rob and Kris!!

  • Ashley

    just… let u know!! :)

  • bexx

    Look, if ppl want to believe that the real rob made the comment above then it’s not down to u to say otherwise. ppl WANT to think that it’s him responding to them and are happy to go along with it (even if it’s not the real rob) so why ruin it for them?!

  • Ashley

    well…. that is good question!! I think who comment rob is not real!!! i don’t think so!! I don’t believe it!! If he real comment then he have to prove it!

    • bexx

      i’m sorry if u thought i was having a go at u Ashley, my comment was aimed at the idiot who commented b4 u. to be perfectly honest i don’t think it was the real rob either, i’m smart enough to know that, but i still think whoever it was is right, i’m completely obsessed with rob, kristen and the whole twilight saga but i still don’t believe anyone has the right to judge them for the choices they make.

  • bexx

    how would he prove himself? he could say or do anything to convince ppl he’s rob, but that won’t stop some ppl thinking otherwise.

  • Ashley

    right girl…. me too.. i obessed rob and kristen… so he need prove it if, he real…

    • bexx

      i like you, u seem like girl i could have endless hours of twilight convo’s with. you on myspace or facebook?

  • Ashley

    why u like me?? I have facebook.. u can add me if u want!

    • bexx

      don’t worry i don’t like u in a weird way, just coz u r obsessed with twilight like me. what’s your name so i can find u on facebook?

  • Ashley

    Uh hello… Do you all seriously think that was the real Robert??? Christ I really hope not… They weren’t even the least bit convincing!! Anyways I can prove to you that it wasn’t the real Robert. Go to this article:
    Scroll down around comment 96 or so. See the same yellow car next to a poster by the name of BD??? BD & “Robert” are the same commenter. BD can’t be the real Robert because Robert Pattinson was at the BAFTA awards last night while BD was at home wondering what channel they were on. I know, I know! I should be a detective. I get it all the time. :) Hope that helped. Please be careful with these impostors.

  • Lisa

    LMAO AShley you figured out a problem they could not solve since last week. Thanks goodness you came along and they might be here for another month!!!

    • Ashley

      LMAO you know me Lisa… always ready to crack a mystery. Although I must say… this wasn’t a toughy! lol

  • Marina

    Maybe he has an identical twin who was wondering which channel he could watch his twin brother on last night. Have you ever considered that possibility Ashley? A good detective should:) hehehe

    • Ashley

      LMAO but of course Marina! That’s the explanation. Because I mean NO ONE impersonates ANYONE else on this site. *rolls eyes* lol

  • Marina

    yep! :) LOL

  • bexx

    did it not occur to u that there may be more than 1 person who has the same photo of that yellow car? it doesn’t automatically mean it’s the same person, use your brain sherlock.

    • Ashley

      Actually smart ass I’ve read this article before & that picture wasn’t next to “Robert’s” then. It suddenly appeared when Adam gave us instructions for adding a pic. The picture is connected to the persons email. Are you keeping up here??? BD & “Robert” are using the SAME

    • Ashley

      Actually smart ass I’ve read this article before & that picture wasn’t next to “Robert’s” then. It suddenly appeared when Adam gave us instructions for adding a pic. The picture is connected to the persons email. Are you keeping up here??? BD & “Robert” are using the SAME email address!!! Hey I was just trying to save you from looking like a tool but carry on.

      • D

        That’s so like you, Ashley, always trying to help. :) LMAO!!

      • Ashley

        I know right!?!? Ungrateful little brat! OMG D that was totes the real Robert ^^^^. *rolls eyes* I mean really?!?! What an insult!

      • Ashley

        LOL our RoBeRt is more convincing than this joker!

      • D

        Yeah, he is totes the ‘real’Robert! LOL Because the real Robert loves the whole social networking thing! And, to admit on a message board that not only are he and Kristen together….BUT, they are thinking of taking him off Breaking Dawn??? Really? So, will they just remove Edward from the storyline altogether? Or just replace Robert Pattinson, because the fans would LOVE that, I can see them flocking to the theaters now. Not to mention that he has already signed a contract. LMAO.

  • Ashley

    My name is Ashley puckett for bexx.

    • bexx

      thanks ashley x i’ll add u now

  • bexx

    First of all, how dare you call me an “ungrateful little brat”!! all i did was make a comment about how they may not be connected. And secondly, as i have stated in previous comments i’ve made, i DO NOT think that was the real robert, my point was, regardless of whoever it was the REAL rob and kristen obviously just want to be left alone otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep their relationship a secret from the public.

  • bexx

    hey ashley, there are 110 results for ashley puckett, which one are you? if its easier for you to add me, my name is rebecca redshaw.

  • http://robertandkristenengaged tia

    thats so not superstarish kristen i dont realy like you with youre starting problem edward i think youre soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i lllllllllllove you just like achwake we love you like weve never seen enyone before we even love you more than taylor hes a discusting boy so if you whant to marrie kristen just know that youre forgetting youre fans .

  • http://robertandkristenengaged tia

    you are discusting kristene (bella) i hate you

  • http://robertandkristenengaged tinashe

    hate you bela

    • http://robertandkristenengaged tinashe

      thirsty little girl getting marride to a big handsome 22 and a half year old big stupid liar youre beautiful but to small to marrie think we belive that lovers no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ashley

    relax tinashe…. okay bexx.. but u can see me smile with long hair beside tree. it said aero on long sleeves… it pj.. i love it..

  • bexx

    hey ashley, i looked for you but still couldn’t find you.
    if you give me your e-mail address it might make it easier to find you. xxx

  • bexx

    ashley, just ignore that last comment because i found you, just waiting for you to accept my request xxx

  • Ashley


  • me

    i think its all crap

  • Ashley

    what u mean??

  • phaza642

    You guys just leave them alone….Its none of your buissness wheather they get married or not theyre still humans its theyre life let them live it.
    Congrats Rob and Kris wish you the best of like if the proposal is real.

  • Ashley

    i know that….. i keep said that…. u know better…

  • tasi

    haye kristen its great tew here dat your getting married with robert but to be honest i hope its not true because i really wanted you to get married with taylor lautner u guys really look great with each other and i really really really one hundred percent really hope dat one of the twilght movies u might actually be with jacob black (taylor lautner) because he really cares for u but beside dat im hapz foah u and robo . cant wait tew waj u guys .

  • lani

    love u guys hard out

  • Ashley

    no… i don’t think so tasi.. i think Rob and Kris is better couple than with Taylor. so they are cute each together.

  • http://msn sophie

    i love that they are in love but i love him to

  • http://msn sophie

    i love that they are in love but i have a huge crush on him .

  • Ashley

    Really… Which one Robert or Taylor??

  • mckenzie

    i really hope they do get married!that would be so awsome because i love them. (in a noncreepy way)!

  • Mary

    Thts so cool and soo sweet wow

  • elinor

    waaaah! Its not true its march now andnothingshappened

  • Ashley

    what u talk about guys???

  • Robert Pattinson

    I wanted to get married to Taylor, but he ain’t gay :( I’m so desperate… But anyways Kris is gonna get a sex change.

    • Ashley

      :shock: I knew it! LMAO :lol:

  • elisabeth mcclenney

    Dear Robert and Kristen ,
    i dont care if you guys spell words wrong or that you guys are getting engaged i just care that my fav actor and actoress still play Bella and Edward because i love both of you guys on and off stage(not in a weird way) and i cant wait till i get to see you guys for real i mean if i can any ways you guys would be perfect together theres no big deal but i guess you guys can t because in the book in eclispe bella shares a relasionshp with taylor and people have to think it is real. i do have a life kris i am not like the OTHER twilight fans i am calm quiet i have a bubbly auttidue and i do well in school so i have no problem with replying again and again like many other people even if i am sick or board really this is my first time wrighting you guys a message and of corse i dont really like speaking my mind a lot and totally not typing it but this talking (typing) to you guys it is awesome even if you never type back

    your fan -
    elisabeth mcclenney

  • Charlotte

    congrats!!!! u are the perfect couple! but is this real?!?! but anyway i love ya both (not weird way) best couple in the world of twlight!!! good luck to u both! i no u will be just fine but bee good to each other! kk! love ya!!

  • Ashley



    KRISTEN! YOU SUCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CAMCAM

      but then again ure ok. do u lke dogs?

  • rob

    i like dogs


    ITS YOU OMG. WELL WUZZ UP . I LIKE NO LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nn

    its publicity for the twilight movies comming up.
    there are f@cking and thats it.
    The getting engaged and married are the characters in the movie.

  • ashley

    i hope u guys r gettin married!!! ur 2cute 2gather

  • molly miske

    I want to know if the engagement is real and if Kristen really is pregnent or if its just for shits and giggles for the movie?



    • blessings

      thank you i feel the same way

  • Chelsea

    Whateva! U guys need to think about maybe they really do love each other and if they do, LEAVE THEM ALONE ABOUT IT!!! it’s their business! If that really is robert pattinson, hope they don’t replace you! It wouldn’t be the same without you! Hope you and kristen do whateva makes you happy. If you want to get married, then get married! Don’t listen to what other ppl say! go with what you two want! Love you both, Bye! And good luck!!!!!

  • giggles

    i dont want khristen 2 die but i really hate her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubbles

    dear kriristin and robbert
    i think some of the things i have just read are really mean i think kristin you are beatiful and robbert you know your cute but none of these people should be telling you what to do its up 2 u and everyone should but out.
    And i cant wait for breaking dawn!!!!
    And kristin you are beatiful so that girl or girls should love yah like i do. i hope you and robbert do get married you suit each other to the ground from amy d

  • bita

    khak bar saret ahmaghe bishoor.ishallah bad bakht shi.khodam haket gheirate ravani.liaghatet hamoon dokhtareie kareholmanzare.khar

  • http://facebook Tiffanie Smith

    how did u become so famous i always dreamed of becomeing famous i wish that i could be because every one that is my friend does not really like me they are just useing me could u help me become famous i would really enjoy it very much if u can can u send me a plan ticket and if u are getting maried to robert pattison congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandra

    that will be total fuck if robert and kristen are getting married because robert deserves better

  • amanda

    don’t marry kristen

  • andrea

    wow it s wow…………

  • andrea

    wow we allways needed to see this

  • http://yahoo! mal11

    OMG!i just keep on track with kristen and rob every second of the day and i know for a fact that their married.And to make it even better kristen just got pregnant like two months ago so it might really help with breaking dawn

  • White End Tables

    I find it really weird that demonstrants are against the build of the mosque, as the planned building isn’t only a religious building. In fact, it welcomes everyone, and even a basketball playfield is planned to be built inside the mosque. A community center sounds better, and way less frightning.

  • sian

    i think u all should get out of rob n kris business n if this is true congratulation u 2 make agood couple

  • Ani

    It’s OK! magazine. So either it’s true or they will enough money and guts to be ready for the firing end of the canon. Because this is a reputed mag, close to People, not as much, but still, one gets the idea. I simply think this is not true. Just.. not.

    Too young if you ask me. One things celebs should understand: it’s better to break off from a relationship than break off in a marriage and result in a divorce.

    I am Twilight fan, but this is really crap news. And truly, I don’t wanna believe it.

  • fudge and rolo

    rob would never marry such a tramp

    • twilight lover

      me too…i thik theyre so cute together

  • kasey


  • http://facebook franky


    • http://FIREFOX aparna


  • http://FIREFOX aparna

    I LUV U…………………………………..

  • i love t.j.h.r

    rob and kris did get married you stupid ppl! it is the front page of OK magazine. so dont some of u ppl feel stupid.

  • http://facebook rachet

    i think u guys are the best married or going to be married couple just like angelina jolie nd brad pitt i love them 2 but u nd rob look great together!!so congrats!!

  • http://showbizspy christina

    i dont believe it i need some proff of this stuff and next thing you no is that they will have 4 kids and its the end of twilight.

  • http://showbizspy jennifer

    it’ll be so sad that robert get married. Back off, it’s Kristen’s time to shine!

  • kristen stewart

    I hate you rob. i’m calling off the engagement.

  • jose guerrero

    rob, you’re so cuteeee<333

    • Mimzy

      This is so stupid you ppl can’t see these ppl are not kristen and Rob, get over yourselves!

  • http://robertpandKristenstewart kerrianne

    Iknow that you will be giting married in Neall life I is so cool that you are. I love your movies i can’t not wate unitl the Bracking drawn movie.

    • Mimzy

      this is stupid you ppl think Kristen Stewart is really talking to you. why would she agree with a question marriage that is a rumor and lie

  • amy

    i agree with mimzy
    and fuck leave these friggen ppl alone

  • none

    Believe what you want to believe losers.K and R ,I hope you are ok and don’t listen to these70year old women.You are both beautiful and congratulations.

  • deana

    rob and kristen belong to gether if they didn’t no twight
    and i want twight luv yuo rob and kristen good luke with the fans

  • A.R.Kiefer

    Good lord ten minutes of my life ill never get back reading all of that stuff. Anyways. Seriously if ya’ll get married or whatnot. Good for you. If you dont whatever. Hell none of us is involved with what happens in your life. Robert I gotta give you props dude. Your a awesome actor and you are a actress Kristen.

  • Morgan K.

    if its true its kinda easy to belive but i HAVE talked to them on the set and they look+act like a couple so them getting married would’nt suprise me….

  • Destiny

    I think they are getting married even tho they make an ugly couple

    • Destiny

      Very ugly

    • Lily

      I don’t think they’d make a ugly couple

  • Lily

    I think it would be great for them but I don’t believe it’s true

  • http://hotmail shanna

    omg to tell the truth i am a jamaican and this is a really god opportunity.i am twleve i am ur biggestttttttttt fannnnnn #1 do u like black people? i talk about u every day in class me and my friend tasha we cant wait for breaking dawn r u going to have sex in the show that would be coooooollllll have u had sex in real life. best wishes love u both

  • http://google mrs.jones

    This is just plan out stupid dont any of u have anything better to do then get into. someone life dont u have a life to think about beside theres anyhow i love u both rob and kis but all u stupid people out there move on u will anyhow after u watch the next two shiw so come on give them some space befor u are the reason they cant have a normal life and too all the firl twilight fans dont bother because u will never even get to see him up close so just give up there are many fish in the seafind one right for u and move on with your short life u have and make the best out if it ok i put my two cents in goodnight and not make the wrong mistakes alot of people to and be careful on the internet there are sick people out there u might think they are ur friends but most arnt take care and injoy life and make the best of it stupid peole p

  • katilyn

    they would make a good couple they are both are hot but who cares i just think they are just good couple if you don’t think that then text me back

  • katilyn

    if you like them then you are team edward and bella if you don’t you are a b****

  • katilyn

    you are a bitch if you hate them if not you are a angle i am not kidding

  • twilight lover

    i think that both of them are perfect for each other

  • lacey

    i think they make a great couple :)

  • abby

    i hope its true!! they make a great couple!! :)

  • Hines_Shaya

    Omg I’m so happy 4 them and I really hope they have a great life together

  • Laydel_del

    the fictional love story became true ,so this proofs that nothing is impossible especially on twilight world:)

  • Melanibricar

    yes…i’ll waiting you’re….
    i love you robert………..

  • Melanibricar

    i dont know… i can see you…..i like you and miss you so much robert pattison