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Robert Pattinson: ‘Men Have Started to Approach me!’

Posted by Adam

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson insists it isn’t only women who ask for his autograph — men do, too!

The British actor — who shot to fame playing vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight – says that more and more male fans have started to approach him.

“There’s a few male Twilight fans… more and more guys ask me for autographs in fact,” Pattinson said. “Unless they’re only doing it to sell them on eBay!”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Rob — who is in Vancouver, Canada, to film Eclipse — the third Twi flick — has become a “prisoner” of the paparazzi.

“Every time anyone from the cast emerges from the hotel they’re swarmed by paparazzi,” revealed a Twilight insider.

“He’s a prisoner of the paparazzi. It’s a nightmare. He almost never leaves the hotel except to go to the set. And when he does, the crew has to go great lengths to find ways to transport him from one location to another undetected.

“Because of the paparazzi, Rob has been unable to interact with his many fans.”


  • sharg

    If anyone from the paparazzi is reading this….PLEASE LEAVE ROB AND THE OTHER TWILIGHT STARS ALONE!!!!! For goodness sake, they are all just trying to make a movie for you to enjoy! Leave them alone! Thank you!

    I hope and pray that you don’t get bugged to much by the stinkin reporters who think they have the right to invade your private and professional life. You have the right to have your privacy and the reporters should take that into consideration. Although, they probably won’t. I hope you have great success in everything you do. Thanks for entertaining us, the fans.

    God bless,

  • http://Rob&Kristen saf

    give them little bit of space!!!
    Hey Rob & Kristen


    How is that NOT considered “stalking”? Especially when you alter a persons freedom and endanger their welfare!

  • tomx

    Well I think he should start considering a security hardware.