Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Hate The Paparazzi’

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rarely get to leave their hotel room when they’re not working — and they hate it!

The couple — currently in Vancouver, Canada, filming the third Twilight movie, Eclipse — are so desperate to avoid the paparazzi when they’re not shooting scenes, they lock themselves away in their hotel suite.

“Rob and Kristen hate not being able to leave their hotel when they’re not filming,” a source said. “But they can’t stomach being photographed all the time.

“Whenever Rob tries to leave the hotel, he’s swarmed by photographers. It’s the same for Kristen. They’re fed up with it.”

The source adds that Pattinson, 23, and Stewart, 19, are keen to explore Vancouver, “but all the attention — from the fans and paparazzi — is getting a bit too much.”

Reports earlier this week said  Pattinson had become a “prisoner” of the paparazzi.

“Every time anyone from the cast emerges from the hotel they’re swarmed by paparazzi,” revealed a Twilight insider.

“He’s a prisoner of the paparazzi. It’s a nightmare. He almost never leaves the hotel except to go to the set. And when he does, the crew has to go great lengths to find ways to transport him from one location to another undetected.

“Because of the paparazzi, Rob has been unable to interact with his many fans.”

And in a recent interview with a French magazine, Rob revealed that because of the media, he can never let his guard down.

“I haven’t found one place in the world yet where I could disappear,” he said. “Even the most remote places I can imagine someone will ask me for a picture with them or an autograph. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would be recognized so easily.”



  • samantha

    that does suck that they cant eat out, go shopping, or go to events without having a strobe of lights outside from cameras. or having so many people show up to get a glimpse of you. that would suck to just be stuck in a hotel room. but on the good side at least now the friends/love birds/engaged/husband wife/ friends with benefits/whatever they are to each other can stay coped up in their hotel room together.

  • jan

    Paparazzi are like the creep you have to share your cubicle with at a great company. You love the company and the perks, but not the creep. Problem is the company has this weird love/hate relationship with the creep, and the creep is not going away, but you gotta be stubborn enough to not let the creep control your life.


    Aren’t the papparazzi 1 level below a stalker on the food chain. Somewhere between a leech and a cockroach.

  • http://heya twilighter xxx

    it really is a shame…
    to start with lots of people would of loved to have been one of the cast, but looking at this side of it…who would?
    they cant do any think, and any think they do is logged, i feel sorry for them!

    team edward (robsten)
    75 days until new moon!


  • Sissidelyon

    I guess it sucks when you cannot got for a walk as you like. Choose hours were the fans are sleeping… school the next day, no ?
    And if you choose a place where you are sure you will only meet adults, a place which is not the last fashionable place in town, you should be able to have a nice evening or just a nice day…
    A pic-nic in a park… a walk in the woods… Something great with nobody there to take a photo…

  • laughing

    cry me a river, he needs to grow some and deal with it.

  • Lynn

    Easier said than done. Until you’re in their shoes I don’t think you can put down Kris & Rob for not growing up and dealing with it.

  • Brie

    Boo hoo! I agree with “laughing”… if you don’t want to deal with the pap then don’t become an actor/actress. A person is signing on the dotted line to be noticed & recognized when they want to star in movies. Honestly, some people are such tools!



  • Saphire1231

    When “Twilight” was first set on film… nobody knew how big the franchise would become… the actors who signed on had no idea. The fans have made it what it has become and whilst the box office returns are amazingly wonderful from the point of view of Summit and the actors invovled… Nobody expected the whirlwind of fame and stardom that has arrisen from it. Take a chill pill all you nay sayers and give them all a break… as for the Paparazzi… well I guess they are a little like cockroaches… but they are part of the circle of life… without them we fans would not get the fix we need… but they are a bit like and infestation for the poor stars… Perhaps Summit should give some more effort into finding some freedom and privacy for its stars… With todays makeup and getups I am sure they could find a suitable disguise to allow the actors to move about a little less dectectable. My feelings are on the side of the actors… they gave you a great franchise… in return they get to be prisoners!!! is that fair??????

  • amy

    wtf who cares about kristen ok she’s an ok actor but robert is a sex symbol why would she hide they dont want her just to know whats she’s doing with him lol it’s just an excuse to shack up in the hotel with him and as for him being bessoted with her dream on

  • adrienne

    I realize these two would like to have some freedom, but thats part of the deal with all the sexy photos and big money. Can’t have your cake and eat it , too. Might as well suck it up and be “Friends” with benefits.Careful for what you wish for…If they can both stick out the entire Twilight saga for the next year or so, I think both their problems will be over and I don’t think either one of them will be chased around anymore. Twilght made them . They both seem very disdainful at all these award affairs as though it was some big joke or chore they had to endure.The joke is, he’s not going anywhere , cute or not, moody pose or not, because the guy has been given the crappiest roles and he’s not a very good actor. Kristen is doing everything thrown at her, sleazy, rated x roles, and she’s still kRISTEN on screen, not too good, either.So they should welcome all this attention for now.I’m getting a little tired of all this repetitive , old pictures, hype that the media is throwing out there.It’s getting cheesy. I once was a very big fan of all this but now I think its getting old.

  • iluvmyself

    Hey amy i had to crack up at your comment, esp with Robert being a “sex symbol”….yeah right!!! It sounds like you want him for yourself right!?!….maybe you should be the one to dream on!

  • http://showbizspy Naomi

    I do feel bad for them. I am glad I am not a movie star. However, they have to make a living and they are good at what they do. **wish there was a way that all the stars could get together and get a law passed that gives them more privacy and room to move around.** I do think that the two do make a cute pair. Hopefully they will be able to get through all this drama and have a great friendship relationship together. The best spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend should be your best friend.

  • julie

    Well I can understand the frustration of the papparazzi, But I’m guessing they should have realized that when the movie came out and was an instant hit it would only be normal to have all this attention… I realize they may not like it but then again there are alot of other stars who get the same…. Sorry you are all being mobbed by the papparazzi but maybe they will back off some and give you time to breathe…..

  • Solange

    Quit moaning. All they ever do is moan! Why did you become actors then??? What did you expect?? Fame is a double edged sword so suck it up!!!

  • tuxedo

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  • Gaypenis

    Haha the irony 'Showbizspy'! I wonder who the papazzari are?