Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron ‘On Verge of Split’

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zac Efron and Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are on the verge of a split, it has been claimed.

Friends of the couple say the former High School Musical costars are not seeing eye-to-eye of late.

“The pressures of fame and the fact they are not working together any more has really taken its toll,” reveals a source close to Zac and Vanessa. “They are both so busy with their individual projects and Zac finds it hard to cope with all the attention Vanessa gets from guys when he’s not around.

“They’re trying to make more time to see each other to work things out but right now it’s not going well.”

Efron recently denied reports he and Hudgens had gotten engaged.

Vanessa, 20, recently revealed that she’s confident about her appearance.

“I don’t look in the mirror and think: ‘Yeah! Looking good!’ But I am confident,” she said.

“I love chocolate, but I try to avoid sugar and simple carbs like white bread. I go cycling regularly and I also do Pilates. And I’ve been working out with a personal trainer to get into shape.”



  • Amy

    Yeh this is probably just people trying to stir up crap about there relationship as per usual. Get a life.

  • ana


  • Eba

    Finally.. its happing…. am so happy zac will get away from that girl and he wiil be free and fine

  • tina

    They have been seen on dates in Vancover where they are both working now. Pure lies to get attention for you site

  • DCG

    What a load of crap!!!! Zac and Vanessa are both working in Vancouver and have been for months. So Zac is around all the time so the other guys crap is really B.S. just like the rest of this article

    This past Labor Day weekend (yeah yesterday fools) They were together Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.

    Get your fact straight losers!

  • surabhi

    it’s fantabluos that ZAC is going 2 be free now

  • lilly

    Why try to cause trouble, got nothing better to do have we. As has been mentioned, Zac and Van are both in VanCity and have been spotted together at various times this weekend. VanCity is very small, and they are even in the same hotel reportedly, so I would say you should get your facts straight before posting crap.

  • leslie

    I might have believed this if you hadn’t put the part about Zac finding it hard to cope with the attention that V gets from other guys. It would have been more believable if you had V worrying about the girls being all over Zac. I mean, c’mon. He’s Zac Efin Efron, for goodness sake!! He can have any girl he wants. He knows Vanessa isn’t going anywhere.

  • Jenna

    I kind of agree with Leslie’s post except for the part about Vanessa isn’t going anywhere. I love Zac Efron. He is HOT, no doubt, but Vanessa is a cute girl too. I think they are both adorable couple and make a cute couple, but I don’t think that one has anything over the other one. Zac definitely has nothing to be jealous of unless he is totally in love with her and she isn’t in love with him and that would be sad. The chemistry they have on screen is dynamic and I hope it has spilled over into real life.

  • Trina

    “Friends of the couple” say this? Is that the same as “inside source,” meaning YOU MADE THIS UP?

    Zac and Vanessa are both in Vancouver–staying . . . in the same place while they work on separate movies. They are still together after both completing TWO movies without each other. Just because they do separate movies, does not mean they are on the verge of splitting up. Are you people 10 yr old kids? Were they on the verge of splitting up after he did “17 Again” and she did “Bandslam?” Or after he did “MAOW” and she did “Beastly?” “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” and “Sucker Punch” will be THREE movies they have done without each other being in them. And they seem closer than ever.

    They are seen out and about at concerts, lunch, dinner, shopping, etc. She’s on set some days watching him film. I don’t think event the little girls you are trying to cater to will buy this bunk story. Time to get real here.

    Besides, their relationship is private. That means it is between the two of them. Do you really think they confide in “so called” friends about the other’s dirty socks? I don’t think so.

  • DCG

    Also the facts are wrong. Vanessa was working out 3 days a week for her film and the actually filming starts this week. That’s hardly all the time.

    But what is really funny is that they have been spotted together every weekend since they arrived including in their hotel lobby and V has been onset. They have also been together during the week. Including this weekend being seen walking in te rain and hugging, having dinner, shopping etc.

    Oh and just for the sake of getting facts right.

    The “individual projects” thing is a complete joke. Zac was in London making MAOW while Vanessa was in Austin making Bandslam. Then they had Vanessa in Montreal making Beastly while Zac was in LA. Then of course Zac making 17 Again. Oh let’s not forget when Vanessa was on tour last summer.

    So it seems they’ve had individual projects all along in different locations and they are still together.

    Now they are living in the same place in the same city the easiest time they’ve had regarding their projects. GET REAL!!

  • leslie

    Hey, all of you guys that have mentioned in your comments about them being together this past weekend and staying in the same hotel and stuff like that…. how do you know that? I can’t find any info on that when I google them. I’m not doubting you guys, of course. I’m sure that it’s completely true. I just am jealous because I haven’t been able to find anything on that and I want to read about it. I know that their anniversary was the other day, but I couldn’t find anything with them being out together. Give me some links please!!!!

  • Malia

    Is your “Friends of the couple” source by any chance Perez Hilton? On second thought . . . no, you just made it up. People might have believed you if you’d gotten a few of the facts straight. Obviously, you didn’t even know the two of them are in Vancouver. Or how many projects they’ve already done separately. Duh!!!!

  • Malia

    leslie, there are people “in the know” who post comments on blogs, forums and fan sites.

  • DCG


    The video of them at the KOL concert 2 weeks ago was everywhere even reported yesterday they’re being together in a restaurant over the weekend (Sunday) (and they name it) having dinner with Jena Malone who is in Sucker Punch with Vanessa.

    And a twitter from a girl whose Dad manages a 5 star restaurant who talked to both of them in his restaurant on Saturday night a restaurant they have frequented a number of times in Vancouver. etc.

    Then we have the popular radio DJ in Vancouver who ran into them last weekend shopping in a store.

    There are a lot of examples here is just a few.

  • I don’t like vanessa but I think she loves zac so much.It’s must be difficult for them to be because they are dating since the beginning of high school musical(and it’s a long time).

  • hi

    geee, i guess they must have crappy friends who’d reveal to the whole world about their private life. *rolls eyes*

  • leslie

    Thanks everyone, especially DCG for the info. (Even though you didn’t give me any links – LOL). I did see the KOL concert video. Loved it. They looked so sweet, especially when Zac pulled her close to him.

  • Ashley

    Maybe it is true you guys.
    Do you know them personally?…Thats Right!
    I didn’t think so.
    You don’t know how they feel and you don’t know whats going on in they’re heads.
    If Jess and Nick couldnt do it what makes you think they can?
    Same goes for Reese and Ryan, Jon and Kate, Jesse and Katie, and Justin and Britney.

    Thanks for Reading.
    Peace, Babes.

  • tulip

    well m very happy 2 hear dat. noe zac is free & he can move on in life

  • sammy

    Funny because they are both in Vancouver right now filming separate films. However, there have been numerous sightings of them together – from having dinners together to shopping together and walking in the rain hugging each other. They were even filmed cuddling up to one another during a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver! So it seems unlikely that “they are on the verge of breaking up”! LOL! Does anyone report any truth anymore?

  • Lili

    It’s so stupid, Zac & Vanessa don’t play together all the time, they are separate movies but they are in the same town, and more we know by Twitter that they spend a lot of time together … and more they celebrate theth anniversary of their love few days ago ….

    it’s just an other rumor because we don’t have any pictures of them

  • yets

    it is not true.
    they love each other so much.

  • rachana

    these foolss wantzz all attention …all of these types of rumour just suckss i think da ppl who r spreadin these types of rumour shud keep it for themselves only ………… they r cool and cutest couple on da planet …. i dont get this dat y ppl interfere in ther life…………. y dont these ppl leave them alone in ther own space …….
    zac and vanessa u’ll just rock guysss
    i love u’ll both

  • Finally!

    Finally! Now Vanessa can be with whoever loves her the mostest and Zach can finally be gay with the gayest of all. harharhar

  • njomza

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    i love you
    you and zac are the best


  • KEKE


  • Leah Britton

    Why Are You With Her When You Could Have Me. I Have Pictures Of You All Over My Wall There Are Also Naked Ones.

  • Thahmina


    I’M A NO 1 FAN

  • rhea


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    plese dont split up zac and vanessa your a good couple and you have been toghter for 4 years and you love each other thats got to count for somthing

  • umaira

    ZAC and VANESSA are the best couple i lve them !!!!!!
    in my room there are zac and vanessa photos i want to see them in front of meeee!!!!!!!!

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    hey zac how are you
    you are sooooooooooooo handsome

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    zac i love you
    because you are so handsome
    and you are singing very nice
    i love also your songs

  • jian nasso

    zac do you friend with vanessa still
    because i want to know about vanessa
    you are so good zac
    i love you zac
    see also vanessa yes…….

  • jian nasso

    and i like zac
    my best friend like vanessa yes
    her name is liza yes
    i have more things zac in my room
    my best friend have also vanessa
    we are playing HSM
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    my friend play vanessa…….

  • jian nasso

    zac efron is makeing a new moive now yes
    vanessa also makeing her new moive
    so i will see zac,s moive yes
    happy together with zac efron
    ful name zachary divad alxander efron

  • cuilin

    it’s normal in a relationship to have a misunderstandings sometimes but it’s really up to them to make things work for them to last long. but i just hope that stay together forever coz they are really cute and good looking pair.

  • http://breakthru nicolejohnson

    i love vanesa with all my heart.

  • http://breakthru nicolejohnson

    i love zac