Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Branded ‘Complex’

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kellan LutzKellan Lutz insists he won’t be going out on the town with his Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart anytime soon — because they’re too moody!

“They’re just so complex, and I like to laugh and smile,” the hunky star, who plays Emmett Cullen in the vampire franchise, told E! News.

Asked if he knows whether Rob and Kristen are a couple, Lutz said, “I don’t know what’s going on. I have no idea.

“I don’t hang out with Rob or Kristen.”

“They are attractive humans, yes they are,” Kellan adds. “I’m nice with Rob also. I look great with him too. I think I look better with Rob…Rob’s awesome. I love him to death.”

Lutz, 24, recently admitted he hates having to hit the gym.

“I get bored when I’m in the gym,” he said. “I usually can’t just lift weights without music. I get bored easily — I always have to be doing something active.

“I hate to run so for all the runners out there, I hate you. But I love to swim. I’m a fish, I have a pool in my backyard so every morning I will go swimming, even when it’s colder I’ll try to.

“I’ll have my dog swim with me but usually she doesn’t go under the water so we usually play a game… I play with my dog for a workout. It’s great. A lot of times I’m a loner, so I have to play games with myself.”


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  • ali

    The guy seems to have a crush on Rob Pattinson. Dont we all.

  • cindy

    Wowowoww so what if their moody ,maybe they just want to be left alone and if hes a good friend he wouldnt care how their behaving and the steroid thing is so dum , again its his business not anyone elses !!!! and seriously this is getting old , i just want the best for all involved in this venture and the media is destroying the whole mystery of it by putting true or false info out there !!!! i am a fan of the books and the movie and cant wait for the sequels ,that dosent give me the right to judge these poor young people every inch of their existence , their publicists who are supposed to be protecting them need to handle it from a different angle . enjoy the ride and be in love or whatever and i would be hiding from the enemy too meaning the paprazzi ,they are way out of line xo

  • Gueest

    Clap, Clap, Cindy. You are totally right. I agree with you 100%.

  • What?

    Kellan is a Hypocatre. First he says they are complex, than he turns around and says that Rob is awesome and loves him to death. What a hypocatre Lzer.

  • girlEgirl6

    I don’t think theres anything romantic going on with Robert & Kristen off the set. I’ve seen them in interviews and I don’t get that vibe at all, if anything I think Kristen comes off snotty and rude. I recently saw an interview with Taylor, Ashley, Kristen and Robert and everytime Robert would answer a question Kristen would start talking to the others. I don’t know if she thought she was being cute but she wasn’t. She came of immature and inconsiderate. I can stomach her as an actress I guess but I don’t like her.

  • Freddy

    POOR KELLAN, HE DOESN´T GET OR UNDERSTAND A 19-YEARS-OLD TEENAGER. Maybe he just can´t get intelligent people. Poor Kellan, you are patetic

  • Mona

    He doesn’t really get on with Robert. He thinks he says dumb things. He’s always making fun of him, and thinks robert’s skinny frame makes him look all the more muscular. Kristen is always whispering things to Robert to make his face fall during photo opps.

  • sissidelyon

    Great that he doesn’t get on with them… I don’t trust the guy… The rare times he has been around, the paps were there and I’m sure he let them know…
    Nobody knows that guy so he need the publicity… Will probably be forgotten about after the Twilight saga is finished…
    Jealousy is not what reveals the best side of somebody !!!

  • adrienne

    Listening to Kellan Lutz, there’s a lot of I’s on his dialogue. Is he on some ego trip? I really liked him until he opened his ..mouth, now he appears arrogant and catty and all about himself. Actually, I’ve been wondering if some of them swing both ways.There’s one outstanding guy I’ve had my doubts about for a while now.

    • Katie

      Adrienne-The article is about him isn’t it.Not every article can be about KS and RP.Its okay for his happy go lucky personality to not click with those two.You can’t be friends with everyone that you work with.I know what he means about KS.He might say the wrong thing to her and she would throw f-bombs at him and give him the two finger salute.

  • victoria

    Robert can do so much better without Kristen …she just pressures him toooo much … poor guy… but still HOT!!!!