Michael Jackson’s Son ‘Cries Himself to Sleep’

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jackson FamilyMichael Jackson‘s son Prince Michael II cries himself to sleep every night.

The late pop star’s seven-year-old son — known as ‘Blanket’ — is so distraught about his father’s death on June 25 he constantly asks where his “daddy” is and sobs in his bedroom.

“He cries himself to sleep and keeps asking where his daddy is,” a source said. “His aunt Rebbie spent the first few nights sleeping on a cot bed beside him because he was scared to sleep alone. He acts pretty wild during the day.”

Michael’s three children — 12-year-old son Prince Michael I, 11-year-old daughter Paris and Blanket — have been looked after by their legal guardian and grandmother Katherine since Jacko’s passing.

While the youngest sibling is visibly emotional, Paris is reportedly coping with her grief in quieter ways.

“Paris does a lot of reading and watercolor painting and hair-braiding with her cousins, who visit every day and she speaks regularly to a handful of friends on her mobile phone,” the insider added.

“Katherine makes sure that internet access is monitored and time-limited around the house.”

Meanwhile, Michael’s older sister, La Toya Jackson, is adamant the tragic King of Pop was murdered.

“When I found out he had actually passed, I said, ‘No. I wasn’t an accident. Michael was murdered’,” La Toya, 53, told Barbara Walters.



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    • joyce humphrey

      There are good memories and there are bad, the good out weight the bad. we all fall down but we get up .remember that your father loved you and the=at is so presious than anything. so many kid don’t even know there parents so rest and have sweet dreams. Joyce

  • Alissa Jackson

    Awww that poor beautiful baby. I try to help him as much as i can. I met them and sometime go over and Blanket has called me “Mommy” before. I am 12. I love him so much such a little sweetie i really want to hold him close. His daddy is watching over him though. I want to help him so much. I cry myself to sleep every night too.