Jennifer Aniston Wants to Make Babies With Gerard Butler

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston wants to have babies with Gerard Butler.

The former Friends star apparently told Scottish hunk Butler — who she’s reportedly dating after the pair hit it off while filming their new movie The Bounty — that she’d like him to father her children.

“Gerard’s already passed Jen’s daddy test with flying colors,” a source told America’s Star magazine. “She joked to him that they’d make beautiful babies!”

Aniston and Butler were spotted getting cozy on a dinner date at the romantic Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, Calif., on Sept. 9.

“Everyone in the restaurant was watching Gerard and Jennifer,” said the restaurant’s manager, Pierre Cassanova. “The two of them seemed to get along really well together.”

Jennifer, 40, recently told Parade magazine that she hates the fact the media focuses on her private life.

“I feel like it’s no one’s business,” she said. “I don’t know about your life. I don’t want to, truthfully. It’s not my business.

“It’s a very strange thing. But somehow it’s like there was some clause somewhere that said, ‘Well, you’re a public person so we get to go into your house and search through your drawers.’

“I don’t know who came up with it because I wouldn’t have signed on. I don’t think anybody would have.”



  • Erika Destler

    Let me just say for the CHEAP SEATS…

    THERE IS NO ROMANCE! How many times do you have to be told???

  • celebsville

    This is all a publicity stunt that Butler and Aniston are keen to keep going it seems. Everyone knows that stars/actors are followed around so they knew what they were getting into when they went into the business

  • MJ

    Jennifer Aniston wants a child with every guy that she starts a relationship with. She’s made her round ’round hollywood/LA. Gerard Butler deserves someone better and more beautiful.

  • Melissa

    why is it that people who comment on stories on the internet are always complete and utter idiots. Have you never heard the phrase ‘if you havent got anything nice to say dont say anything at all’. you obviously are not fans of jen so why look or read things about her???? its just beyond sad! anyway good luck to jen and gerard they would make beautiful babies haha!!!

  • Sele

    She urges this little stupid being a mother, urged him to have sex with her, which already has 40 and she’s getting old and wrinkled, that disgusting!

    is very different in women than in men, besides gerry is beautiful with 39 or 60 years old

  • Celine

    I think they look cute together and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they end up as a couple. They are both single, no baggages whatsoever, both easy-going, successful, fun, good looking and can’t wait to see kids from both movie stars – again, if they end up together. : )

  • anoni

    The “make believe” with Cooper didn’t work out, so let’s keep them guessing about a guy who repeatedly denies being with her. It’s gotten to be more than sad. Wish she could just make a good film, or have a good performance in a film, and stop with needing this “poor, lonely heart” image. Her fans are rabid, they’ll see her movies even if they no longer feel sorry for her.

  • whitney

    who cares if they are together or not its none of your busness as jen said she doesnt no your life and doesnt want to so why get in there busness (so rude) good job guys .

  • Fontenel

    I agree with celebsville remember Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. How the press pumped up their relationship for that movie Gigli the movie flopped then they’re so called romance flopped too. It’s all scams believe me folks just pumping up the romance for the movie The Bounty. Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are two great actors they can sell this movie without all the B.S.

  • david


  • anonymous

    I don’t think Jenifer Aniston can have kids that is why Brad pitt left her. As far as Gerard Butler is concerned he will want kids with a beautiful woman,not Jenifer.He wants to have a nice looking kid.