Angelina Jolie ‘Wasting Away’

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAngelina Jolie‘s unraveling relationship with Brad Pitt is taking its toll on the actress’ health — she’s wasting away, sources say.

Jolie — who is 5-foot-7 — is apparently so stressed out, her weight is getting close to a meager 100 pounds.

“Angelina is so skinny that you can see the bones. She needs to get help before she wastes away,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Friends have noticed sadness in her recently as she struggles to keep her relationship with Brad together.

“She hardly eats anything.

“It seems as if they fight all the time.

“Brad has walked out a number of times, and they were even sleeping in separate beds for a while.

“It’s like the more Brad pulls away from her, the more weight she loses.”


  • Anak

    Pitt-potty-head, the cheater, and SATAN-gelina-homewrecker are getting back all they did. All this HAPPINESS in their life is killing them!

  • Tina

    I just hate that she sets such a poor example for young girls who look up to her, and who already struggle with body issues. What it says is that if you want to be the one who gets and keeps the hot guy you have to starve yourself until your bones stick out – in between having his kids out of wedlock, of course.

  • Karen

    Happy women don’t starve themselves.
    Happy man aren’t alcoholic pot heads.
    These two are miserable and deserve every bit of it.

  • Anak

    Here you do, here you pay. They are paying.

  • me

    This story is bullshit. The only one young girls should KEEP AWAY FROM is that tranny Meggy Fox, who has verbal diarrhea of the mouth and thinks smoking pot should be legalized, she disgusts me.

  • Ginger

    This news is from the National Enquirer? Who the hell believes any crap from that tabloid? Only idiots to believe it…

  • Andrew

    Since when National Enquirer has an insider. They invent and write lies 24/7.

  • anoni

    It’s the gerbils. NE imbeded a mike in one of them, and a camera in another.

  • rav

    Uh, people, I doubt she’s losing weight to be skinny and “more attractive, ” she probably just doesn’t have an appetite.

    I stop eating when I’m depressed, but I have no desire to be skinnier (in fact I’d like to gain weight).

  • Tina

    Pictures don’t lie. She looks like a cancer victim – and this is what is held up for young girls to admire on magazine covers with titles like “World’s Most Beautiful”. Luckily at the rate she’s aging she won’t be around much longer.

  • anonymous

    Exactly – they do not look happy together at all – Pitt wasn’t Jolie’s from the start to steal, now she sees that what isn’t yours you can’t make yours. Not just that he was married – but he belonged with Jen they were soulmates and looked so happy, before she messed everything up. And what a poor argument to say “if he was so happy with Jen why he left” – of course if you try really hard on a boneless easily led guy like Pitt with all your wh*/charity/guns tricks – they guy can get all confused, the wife can get frustrated and cold – and this is a good moment for sympathising friend Jolie to jump into and console him with her teary false eyes so full of understnading. Now things begin to all clear up. Badly done Jolie!!

  • jennifer

    what a psycho whore!!
    Im so sick of her!! COME ON BRAD!! You can do MUCH better than this bag of bones!

  • anonymous

    She looks like a witch – don’t you see it – especially on this picture? The inside always will show on the outside – sooner or later.

  • Estelle

    I don’t see why everybody still gets so excited and talks about karma and Brangelina getting what they deserved.
    Maybe both Angie and Brad hooked up because they were looking at the same time for a new experiance in life. If a man doesn’t want to be snatched away from his wife than he won’t. I don’t believe that Jolie’s powers are larger than life. He wanted this and so did she. Jennifer could have put up a bigger fight for her marriage, but maybe decided that her career was more important? I don’t see her as a victim. Maybe Jen and Brad were happy toghether at one time, but not growing as much as he wanted. He always said he wanted children. Obviously they wanted different things. this is what happens when you take eachother for granted, you have to keep working on your relationship and find common goals and interests.
    It’s unfair that everybody’s still all over them and just waiting for Brangelina to fall apart so they can fill their tabloids and smug people can say that she or he had it coming.
    The truth is that it never got a fair chance since any normal relationship would break under this kind of pressure. It must be unbearable for them and their children.
    As if Jennifer was ever really able to find somebody new and move on, since the media branded her “the lonely girl”.
    It’s very arrogant to judge these people when you have absolutely no idea what they are going through and how their decisions were made.
    Maybe they will work it out, maybe not, but at least they tried and they will learn from it like anybody else.
    It’s so strange that we still think that celebrities live their lives for us, in the movies and in their personal life. Like they have to make up for our faults and shortcoming and the things we feel are missing. We don’t own these people.


    This woman’s life is all about publicity and fame. If it was not, she wouldn’t bring photographers, both video and still, with her as part of her entourage EVERYWHERE she goes. Who do you think snaps the perfectly framed pics of her surrounded by admiring refugees at every stop she makes? Passing strangers? Hell no, these trips are for publicity purposes and she make sure she gets it. Which means the public she fights so hard to get and stay in front of is perfectly free to react to, and comment on, her actions and her pics as they so choose. If it’s not as she would choose, or if people choose to read different things into them, them’s the breaks. It’s the chance she took when she paid the photographer.

  • Nadi

    I agree with both comments made above. It’s true that a lot she does is for publicity, for the good cause and/or for herself. She is known to control almost every single aspect of her public and private life and I think this is where she lost. Eventhough she’s a favourite of the paparazzi and gossip magazines, she’s unable to control the media. It really seems like it is starting to take its toll on both of them and they kind of built their own prison and I fear it will break sooner or later.