Megan Fox: ‘I Have Supernatural Sexual Power’

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Megan FoxMegan Fox is scared of her “supernatural” sexual power.

The Transformers star — who is widely regarded as the world’s most beautiful woman — was overwhelmed by how influential her looks and body could be and was unsure how to use her attractive assets to her advantage.

“I think initially it’s sort of overwhelming because little girls are very much exposed to sexuality through the media and the entertainment industry and advertisements,” she said. “So when you realize that you have the same power that you’ve watched women who’ve come before you have, it is frightening and you don’t know what to do with it.

“I don’t think you ever get comfortable with it. It’s a strange, an almost supernatural thing.”

Megan admits she has not always been popular with men.

“I was not ‘the sl*t’ in high school,” she insisted. “I was not an outcast but I didn’t have a ton of friends. I got picked on, and I ate lunch in the bathroom because I was afraid of being picked on in the cafeteria. I was a loner, and I think that’s OK.

“I think it’s perfectly acceptable not to run with cliques.”


  • peter

    megan fox is dumb as a doornail

  • audrey

    Megan Fox is mentally impaired. I’m suprised that she is able to perform simple functions let alone make a living with what she thinks is “acting.” Her comments and quotes are extremely ridiculous. The only reason she gets work is because men want to f*ck her and sex sells. She’s not an actress, she’s a glorified blow up doll, and she is completely pathetic. Hey Megan, men wanting to f*ck you is not a superpower, it’s f*cking human nature. Get over yourself. You are beautiful, but quickly showing the world how stupid and trashy you really are.

  • CTSadler

    So super-natural sexual powers = 2.8 million Friday (aka. epic fail.) Maybe best not to have them.

  • Someone who reads

    OK. It sounds like everyone just read the TITLE of the article with out actually READING the article. It seems as if the commentors on this site are as dumb as doornails. The main focal point of this article? A journalist who wants to sensationalize an actress by making a statement that was CLEARLY not made by Megan Fox herself. Her response, HUMILITY! She finds being a ‘sex’ symbol overwhelming, uncomfortable and strange. She was never the “it” girl in High School. A self proclaimed loner who happily admits “I think it’s perfectly acceptable not to run with cliques.” Don’t any of you “MORONS” read??????

  • Someone who reads

    As for the “Intellectually Challenged” Morons who made negative comments about Megan Fox….Don’t hold your breath for a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism or Literature any time soon. READING WILL BE A REQUIREMENT to garner such an acknowledgment….

  • Jeremy

    In what world is Megan Fox “widely regarded as the world’s most beautiful woman”? She is pretty but she is definitely NOT the most beautiful woman.

  • Francisco

    In what world is she the most beautiful woman? In THIS world, you stupid FUCK! Have you not picked up FHMs 100 World’s Sexiest Women list for the last two years? 2008, MILLIONS of men all over the world voted her number 1, and rightfully so. 2009, number 2 among the men in the UK, but number 1 in the U.S., making her the second girl since Jennifer Lopez to win that list twice (and doing so in back-to-back years). Megan Fox will become the FIRST girl to win that list THREE times (all coming in consecutive years).

    What planet have you been living on — Mercury?

    Fuck ALL Megan Fox haters and naysayers.

  • John

    I think it’s pretty odd how people stand at such polar extremes on their opinion’s of Megan Fox.
    They either worship her or loathe her.
    I mean, yea she’s pretty hot. The hottest chick on earth? Who can say that, I’ve never seen every female on earth, have you?
    But on the other hand to completly bash her talent and intelligence when youve never worked with or held a conversation with the girl is absurd as well.
    In the end, everyones still obsessed with her, whether they love her or hate her…so…eh.

  • Downspin

    I have to admit when I read the title of the article, my first response was, “Wow, what a dumb thing to say.” As it turns out and I’m sure a lot of people had the same reaction I did, read the article and thought, “Wow, what a dumb way to label an article.” The innuendo implies something that wasn’t quite there. If I didn’t see this as a shameless ploy to draw attention to the movie “Jennifer’s Body”, I might even bash the person writing it, if it wasn’t their job to put things in print that are eye catching. As far as Fox’s views, they seem down to earth and fairly astute for someone that’s been voted the most beautiful woman alive. Not sure if I agree with that assessment, to me beauty is something that transcends mere physical appearance

  • Downspin

    Not to mention it’s a pretty lame picture attached to this article.

  • skincarel

    I believe that the 1st time I noticed Megan fox was in Transformers.

  • Megan fox is beautiful

    Megan fox is hot