John Travolta and Kelly Preston Deny Marriage Woes

Saturday, September 19, 2009

John Travolta and KellyJohn Travolta and Kelly Preston have blasted reports their marriage is on the rocks.

Friends of the couple told American tabloid Globe that John and Kelly are so battered by their son Jett‘s death, they could be headed for divorce.

But a rep for the couple has spoken out to debunk the claims.

“This story is 100 percent false and could not be further from the truth,” the spokesman said. “John and Kelly are very happily married. This is a very hurtful lie, concocted by people who are more interested in making a profit and less interested in telling the truth.”

In August, it was claimed that Travolta’s friends were worried the actor, consumed with grief, was eating himself into an early grave.

“He’s been seeking comfort in food since Jett died, and now he’s s out of shape, his friends and family fear he could be eating himself into an early grave,” a source close to Travolta told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “The heavier he gets, the more strain he puts on his heart, lungs and joints.

“It can lead to deadly high blood pressure — and it could put him at risk for diabetes and all those other ailments obese people can get.

“Kelly’s worried sick about John and the lack of care he’s given himself.

“She’s trying her best to get him outside himself and his own grief.

“The healing process has been incredibly hard for the whole family.

“Kelly’s trying to set an example for John that while their sorrow may never fully fade away, they still have a lot to live for.”