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Justin Timberlake Dating Rihanna – Exclusive

Posted by Adam

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake is on the verge of dumping girlfriend Jessica Biel — he’s been secretly dating Rihanna!

The SexyBack singer — who worked with the Umbrella hitmaker on her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad — has been hooking up with Rihanna while in New York, insiders say.

“Justin and Rihanna have been seeing each other for the past few weeks,” a source close to Rihanna told Showbiz Spy exclusively.

“He is really into her and it’s only a matter of time before he dumps Jessica.”

And it seems our source may have solved a recent New York Daily News blind item about a female singer giving a male singer a “private” lapdance.

“That blind item about which two pop stars made sweet music together, the girl giving the guy a lapdance is Rihanna and JT!

“It was at 10ak in NYC and they left together. They are seeing each other on the low!”

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  • Trisha

    omg is this true?

    they would make a cute couple

    • nsync

      i think he can do better duh

  • mm

    You people are jackasses. Get a life and stop spreading lies about people.

    • tracey brinson

      i agree with wat mm says because yall aint maken kno sense just like she said yall up here spreading rumors about these people dat yall dnt kno nuthen about these are just all damn lies dat you all putting on these famous people??????????????????????

  • hahahha

    omg! is this true>>>? omg

  • Maria

    I believe this

  • Danny

    Anyone who even thinks this is a little true is 100% nuts. Timberlake is working on a song with her and thats it! Why do you people have nothing else to write about? Why make things up? So you can get people to your site? So you can make the news as idiots of the year? Stop messing with people and get real jobs. You might fool the mindless children who buy into 40% of what you say, but the most of us know your all full of crap and deserve to have YOUR life and YOUR family exploited

  • MK

    so that blind item was true?

    well it idd sound like them and danny, please get off this site. if you dont like it , then stop coming here.

    Gossip is Gossip. take it like it is.

  • wikig

    Really MK gossip is really made up B…S…!

  • MK

    ok and your point? if it’s made up B.S then why other commenting on the made up BS?

    not all Gossip is false. Personaly , it’s funny to me.

    but this gossip for instance, sounds very true.

  • MK

    i you dont like gossip, then why are you commenting on BS gossip? if it’s so fake then why bother coming on this site?

    that’s the point of this site. and that’s the point of many other gossip sites

  • andy

    He was only in nyc for a week, so how were they hooking up for three weeks? Justin was in LA and seen with Jessica before coming to NYC several days ago.
    Do I think the f*cked? Sure. Not dating though.

  • Crystal

    im hoping this is true.

    i like rihanna more than jessica biel.

  • paris

    this is old news. they been messed around with each other

  • paris

    he looks kinda hot in that pic

  • Minxxy

    ok that guy with his long paragraph needs to relax, he’s getting all mad over people that don’t give a damn about him… what if it’s true that would be GREAT!!!!! hot couple

  • Minxxy

    FYI my comment was about Danny…

  • igigi

    hope this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://facebook philly

      omg i lov JT i wish i was Rihanna

  • igigi

    omg please let this be true

  • Jim

    Jessica Biel is so much hotter than Rhianna.

  • Carmen

    such nice couple!! Rihanna is my fav pop icon after britney!! They are both so DAMN HOT!! i’m married..but i would leave my husband in a minute for one night with JT!!
    But hes not crazy enough to leave jessica for rihanna!! Jessica is every guys fantasy!! EVERYBODY wants a piece of her!!

  • ana

    i cant belive it!!!!!!!!im so so so happy to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love them both very much and will be coute couple!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • igigi

    jessica biel is not hotter than rihanna

  • peasoup I cant say this isnt just gossip ..BUT i can say that yes they may have spent so much hours together but it could have went STRICTLY to business not too much personal. BUTT with that said seeing someone alone in hours of the day if the persons heart isnt fully commited to their gf/bf, then YES something could develope! It happens everyday to ppl have been married for even 20 yrs.

  • Isabela

    WOW! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!!
    But it´s sad to know that this guy is not man enough to finish what he started with dignity!
    A little respect for the lady! After all, three years are not three days!
    And c’mon!! Did he realized that he going from the “top” to the “bottom”????
    Miss Rihanna, darling, U have NO CLASS!!! Go find another Chris Brown for you! Maybe you deserve someone like him…

  • chocoberry

    rihanna needs to chill out..she’s jus tryna get attention..

  • jasmine

    if this is true or isnt he’s so wrong if it’s a PR stunt because a PR stunt for a new album (rihanna) is disgusting and if they are together who’s cheating now? justin and britney split because of what???……….. exactly and if it’s true he’s a big hypocrite

  • danutza ro

    what is wrong with you..suceava rules

  • Mj

    yall are all hella dumb haha.

    yall act like u know justin n rihanna personally.

    they could be, they could not be. its nobody’s business. haha

    yall who r like “they are not its a lie!” what makes you so sure? and what do u even really care? lol

    haha trippin

  • Mj

    people break up and hook up all the time.

    its got nothing to do with respect, shit happens, people fall out,

    it may hurt at the time but you dont think people ever get over it?

    they are grown ass people, n people fall for new people all the time


    grow up yall

  • barbara parker

    You people are rediculous, If you believe that jessicca has class, and Rhianna does not, then you are confused,not only is she beautiful without makeup and implants, but she is talented and , she did not have to sleep with anyone to get to where she is .I feel bad for J.B., however, may the best woman win the prize.Oh, and many,years ago, the presidents of the US,had Beautiful Black Women to keep them interested in life and love, so,no matter what your issues are the truth remain. Ebony Queens Rule

  • barbara p

    Isabella,You need help, You are on the bottom and you think that it is the top.

  • barbara p

    Jasmine, chocoberry and,carmen, where do you guys live? Idaho,Kansas,Nebraska or West Virgina? Welllllllll, that would explain it

  • barbara p

    Chocoberry, Rhianna Has The ATTENTION THANK YOU

  • bertha


  • shawna


  • Shea Hanson

    They’d be great together. I hope its true!

  • Anonymous1991

    You guys are such loosers… you are here debating on whether Rihanna and Justin Timberlake are dating. I got three words for you. WHO GIVES A FLIP????? My answer to those of you who think that Jessica B is hotter than Rihanna? think again. let’s take the make up of Jessica B and Rihanna. Now tell me who is hot?? That’s what I thought. Rihanna is a natural beauty. now go back to doing something productive and stop wasting everybody’s time…..LOOSERS!!!

  • Anja

    am I the only one who is sad that he isn’t with Cameron Diaz??? I <3 Camerian diaz! she was great for JT! Biel is boring and Rihanna is just to much! WORD!

  • Anja

    anonymous1991- Biel is hotter than Rihanna! she is the natural beaty and not Rihanna! Rihanna is the one with god knows how much makeup on! your calling everyone a loser who is commenting on JT and Rihanna dating, but you did it yourself- so what does that make you!!!

  • tamara -17 oct

    No I think that Rihanna and Drake make a better couple because they made out 2gether and they both wean’t 2 the same club and they both been in bad relianship and they look so cute together and it’s better with Drake than Justin because Justin and Jessica is ment 2 be just like Drake and Rihanna is ment 2 be and i think that’s who rihanna should date.

  • Twigs

    If it is true, he’s a bastard. If it’s not, the media are twats. Nobody wins.

  • evelyn ivy

    i think rihanna and chris brown make a better lover then she and Jestin. oh well if rihanna and jestin really dating then that good because rihanna need to be happy if that would make rihanna happy then i’m happy because rihanna is my girl for life rihanna don’t known me but i love her like my big sis

  • http://google lainy

    Can you people get a life. If this news is true(which I seriously doubt). People fall in and out of love all the time. If JT is no longer in love with Jess, he should move on. weather he’ll find happiness with ri ri (whom by the way is beautiful) or someone else, is his buisness NO ONE ELSE’S, afterall, he’s the one that as to live with that person, NOT US and because a couple look’s cute in public doesn,t mean they are cute behind close doors. DOES IT? Come on people! let the celebs get on with their lives aferall they are not that different to us.

  • http://google lainy

    By the way Miss Isabela, no women deserve a man like chris Brown. You obviously come from an enviorment where the likes of chris Brown’s are the norm. Perhaps if you had a litte CLASS you would realize that no women, is ever fist worthy. Go away and learn the values of been a decent women.

  • http://google lainy

    By the way Miss Isabela, to sugest ri ri should have a women beater is futile. NO women deserves a man like Chris Brown. It is obvious that you come from an enviroment where the likes of chris Browns is the norm. If you had any CLASS and and knew the value of been a women you would realise no women is fist worthy. Perhaps your opinion stems from yourself worth.

  • Swaffy’s Babii

    people really need tuh quit gossiping..i mean really do they have nothin better tuh do..maybe they together an maybe they not..nobody knows for sure so the B.S. has gotta stop!!

  • Swaffy’s Babii

    people really need tuh stop gossiping..maybe they are maybe they not..but thats their business not whoevers gossiping!

  • vanessa

    Justin Timberlake is so ugly.

  • dating

    is this true?

  • http://myspace samatha

    make up your mind are you guys dating or not please tell us and rihanna you need to make up your mind too okay justin do you love or like or want to marry rihanna answer okay bye baby pick now totles

  • love lord


  • Moe

    Really people, do you really care that much??

  • Moe

    No disrespect to anyone that´s commenting here. but… do you guys
    realize that you are arguing and getting upset over someone else´s
    life?? think about it!!!

  • jan

    Moe, your right that they need to get a life.. but maybe that is their life, doing things for the others.

  • martika

    heeyyyyy JT i absolutely love your music lol
    ur such an awesome performer
    id loved to go c one of ur shows
    ur music is the best nd ur hottt!!!! as
    hahaha i dare you to send me an email saying hi lolz
    u r so good at wat u do i admire u alot
    nd u are really neat and can dance

    xxxx hmb plz

    • tinny

      Thanks for sharing such a nice post…

  • sheenaevans

    hay justin how have u been well by the way my name is sheena and im 15teen years old and i really like how u sing i like neally all of your songs like my love and your pretty too and mad can u make sure u write back plz bye and send me a pic of u hay…….lol

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    Okay I’m not too sure if people know that Justin never comes to this site to read this. If ou wanna leave him a comment go to his myspace. But, really stop leaving comments to him here,. HE DOES NOT COME ON THIS SITE.

  • sheena

    excuse me who do u think u are tellin us wat to do this is the first time we have been on this site so mine your own busines right

  • chadLhak

    bu iş olmaz…

  • chadLhak

    bu iş oLmaz arKaDaş…Justin’in geriye bir tek onunla çıkmadığı kalmıştı,o da oldu,daha hiç bir şeye şaşırmayacağım.

  • sexy babe

    pple mnd your own fucken bzns

  • sisanda

    im out of here

  • http://google shash

    ya’ll pple r commntd on diz r bastards jus leave the two enjoy what they prmisd ich ada… daman.

  • http://facebook philly

    i would ma boyfy 4 jt not even 4 ngt bt only 4 a touch

  • sara

    nice i agree

  • christine

    They are both celebrity so maybe it’s just a friendly date…that’s showbiz….so, both of you goodluck and have a nice day.
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