Katherine Heigl ‘Trying to Upstage Ellen Pompeo’

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl has been accused of trying to “upstage” her Grey’s Anatomy costar Ellen Pompeo — because she made public her adoption of a 10-month-old Korean daughter, Naleigh, on the the same day that Pompeo gave birth to a daughter of her own.

Pompeo gave birth to her first child, a girl, on September 15 in Los Angeles.

“It was very curious timing for her to drop that,” a source who knows both women told the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column. “It was an adopted kid — she could have chosen any other day to make it public. Why compete?”

Pompeo didn’t confirm to the press the birth of her own little girl until Wednesday, which was the same day Heigl and her daughter appeared on the cover of People magazine.

“It looks like they were trying to one-up one another,” said the source.

Reps for both Heigl and Pompeo declined to comment, according to the Post.



  • angry

    Oh please what a ridiculous story to even suggest it. There was no competition involved – and disgraceful to even go there. Can’t people be happy for both ladies. Besides Heigl went on Ellen on September 11th to speak about her child. Moreover both ladies are good friends. Just the tabloids trying to stir up dirt where there is none.

  • Marty

    yeah they’re tight buds, Katherine had Ellens baby shower at her place. And exactly the day Katherines baby arrived, Ellen was there to see her and congratulate them.

    It’s funny, if it was planned, they did on purpose for laughs.

    but Ellen announced her baby born on day before season 6 prem as a publicity stunt for Grey’s. two birds with one rock. Plus to give herself and her hubby and new daughter some papz free private time.

    Love that about ELLEN. She’s gorgeous I love her. and I can’t wait to see her baby. :)

  • elaine

    seriously, guys. this is no issue. they’re buds. nobody is trying to outdo anybody. hello?! i think it was just coincidental.

  • http://theaccessorylady.blogspot.com TheAL

    It seems coincidental.

  • Loren

    Babies are born every second of every day folks, there are only 365 days in the year, and yet it doesn’t seem like these true friends mind sharing. Why does everybody else have such a problem with it? How uncool to both new first time moms to reduce the most important moment in their lives as nothing more than competition! Moreover to suggest that ‘an adopted kid’ should just what… Wait her turn?? Idiot, a new baby’s a new baby, and a new baby’s just too cool to keep to yourself. Looks like the only thing these ladies need to watch their backs for is obsessed fans who stalk them & report opinions to the Post’s page 6!!

  • k2

    Please! You can’t time these issues! So what? I am so sick of the entertainment media grasping at straws to print something.

    Congratulations to both.

  • Banana

    It takes a long time to adopt a child so katherine was working on this quietly for a long time before the public even knew ellen was pregnant. ellen and kate are close friends and this article is stupid…SERIOUSLY!

  • Mom of two

    I have two children, both of whom were adopted from Korea. The requirement for Korean adoption is that the couple must be married at least three years. Katherine Heigl has not been married even two. Why was that requirement waived for her? She claims that her adoption was expedited because it was a “special needs” adoption. All adoptions from Korea are considered to be “special needs” so that the children can be adopted internationally. As a mother of two Korean children, I’m happy that she wants to adopt and put the spotlight out there on a wonderful way to make a family. I’m not so happy, however, that it seems as if rules were bent so that her adoption could be expedited.

  • Nett

    Katherine’s adopted baby does qualify as a ‘special needs’ baby, it was said in some interview that the baby had a heart defect

  • Mom of two

    My daughter, adopted from Korea, had a heart defect also. One that we were told was so severe that it would require open heart surgery upon arrival. We STILL had to wait until we were married for three years before we could adopt. As a mother with two children adopted from Korea, I am very familiar with the requirements of Korean adoption. “Special needs” or not, the requirement if to be married a minimum of three years. Again–why do these requirments seem to have been waived for Katherine Heigl?

  • Ziva del…

    I think that Ellen waited some days to anounce her baby’s birth and Catherine waited a while as well. I think that the two would’ve realised the dates would be around the same time when the pregnancy/adoption thingy began. They dont seem to mind so why is everybody else really bothered? If they were trying to upstage one-another they wouldn’t seem so close still. They’re happy for each other why cant everybody else be?

  • Fabia

    It’s so wonderful that Ellen Pompeo; a woman in the midst of her rapidly advancing years, who played the part of a TV character while in real life was too old to credibly begin a residency at any U.S. hospital, was able; without the help of invitro fertilisation, etc., to successfully conceive and give birth to a healthy child.
    She’ll practically be digging into her Social Security by the time her child graduates from High School.

  • Liam

    Ellen visiting Katherine on September 11th to see her daughter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnIRI9hmWQw

    Should put all the crap to rest