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John Travolta ‘Suffers Emotional Collapse’

Posted by Adam

John Travolta and Kelly PrestonJohn Travolta suffered an emotional collapse as he prepared to testify in the extortion over his son Jett’s death.

The Hollywood star was apparently panic-stricken by idea of returning to the Bahamas and recalling the agony of the unsuccessful fight to save the life of his 16-year-old autistic son.

“The worry over giving evidence had been eating away at John for months,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Just the thought of going back to the country where he and Kelly lost Jett and having to live through that nightmare again became too much for him.

“He was truly panicked by the idea of having to go on the witness stand and recall the battle for Jett’s life.”

Meanwhile, Travolta has been ordered to give more evidence in the trial — after reportedly flying out of the Bahamas and returning home to Florida.

He was informed by the judge at Nassau Supreme Court that he will have to give further evidence when more witnesses have been heard.

Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are believed to have returned to the family home in Ocala, but are likely to fly back and face fresh anguish in the witness stand next week.

Paramedic Tarino Lightbourn and his attorney, former Bahamian Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater, are accused of conspiring to extort $25 million from Travolta for a document relating to Jett’s treatment. The pair have pleaded not guilty and are out on bond.


  • Tracy

    My thoughts and prayers to John and his family. This is just so heart breaking. I always admire how much love and pride John showed for his son. I hope they hang these monsters . Bless his heart not only does he still need to grieve but to have to go thru this is just beyond unbearable. We are all proud of you John …you are a true hero. God Bless and angels watch over you and your family. Jett would be proud ..I’m sure.

  • Robin

    John, my heart breaks for you. It is horrible that you have spent 9 months trying to come to terms with your loss only to have the wound reopened by such unscrupulous people. Please be strong. Just remember, you’re speaking for Jett since he couldn’t do it himself. Ignore all the idiots who wish to blame you and Scientology. Those of us who know better, stand strong and firmly behind you. You and your family are loved and we grieve with you.

  • Charlene

    John and Kelli,
    My heart goes out to both of you. You can see how much love you and Jett shared just by the few photos I have seen. I am grieving also, so I know it’s a long hard road to go. Keep the faith and you will get through this, although at times you may think this nightmare may never end as I do. In the meantime you are in many people’s prayers.

  • June Cryer

    John and Kelli,

    I am so sorry to see you going through the grieving process of losing a child!!! I also lost my 24 year old daughter to a drunk driver and I have never fully recoved. It is a very hard pain to bear to have to bury your precious child!!! My daughter Kari just loved you John! God be with you and Kelli as turning to something much larger than ourselves is the only way through this horrible time in your lives!!! Be strong together, as Jet would be heart broken if you didn’t!!!!

    With all my love and compassion,


  • http://yahoo Bonnie

    I just want to say that John and Kelli are great parents and it’s just redickuless that money can make people do the dumbist things. money is the root of all evil and this is a case that couldn’t prove it to be more true. You almost want to say a prayer for these stupid people who have nothing better to do than hurt other people. They have no feelings for anyone else but their selfish selves, I really have to feel sorry for them, that their lives are so boring that they can’t use their brains for anything constructive. Money can’t by u everything and if this is the only way for you to make it, I do feel very, very sorry for you, just remember “what comes around, goes around” and God will take care of little rest. Just know that he’ll be waiting for the time to get those low-lifers, just when they least expect it!!! May Jett rest in peace and John and Kelli, your in our thoughts and prayers, God be with you today and forever.
    Best Wishes John, Kelli and family