Anna Faris Attacked For Not Going Nude

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna FarisAnna Faris is getting attacked for keeping her clothes on.

The actress, 32, previously appeared in a spread for Playboy magazine, leading many readers to believe she would appear inside naked.

Even now Anna’s reluctance to get her boobies out is a sore point with many of her fans.

“I was only on the cover of Playboy — with my clothes on — to promote my movie, House Bunny,” says the Scary Movie star.

“Then I was in New York and passing this construction site and the workers were all shouting, “Hey Anna, you kept your clothes on. We want our money back’.”

Faris recently married boyfriend Chirs Pratt.

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  • gasermmmop

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    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy…

  • Mark

    I guess im among the bunch of Annas fans who are a little disappointed in Anna for keeping her clothes on shes such a beautiful litle fox why hide it i say if you got it (A fine sexy little bod flaunt it) Why hide it but thats just my humble opinion good luck out there BABY

  • Loraine Marusarz

    on thats boobs i’ll put my dick in between that