Jermaine Jackson: ‘I’m Not Trying to Cash in on Michael’s Death’

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jermaine JacksonJermaine Jackson has blasted claims he is trying to “cash in” on his brother Michael‘s death by planning a series of tribute concerts.

Jermaine, 54, insists it’s his duty to keep the King of Pop’s music alive.

“That is absurd,” Jermaine said of the cashing in claims. “That is the most ridiculous thing ever. It is not about cashing in on what has happened. It is responsibility on all of our parts as brothers and sisters to keep his legacy alive.

“I would love to see something done in my brother’s honor every year, because he was that well respected around the globe. So for the media to say this is absurd. It is stupid. It is crazy.

“Because we want the world to know we have created this as the Jackson 5 – that was the foundation of Michael’s success, of Janet’s success, of everybody’s. How are we cashing in on something that we created?”

Meanwhile, Michael’s sister LaToya, says the tragic star’s daughter, Paris, blames his This Is It tour for killing him.

“Paris asked me in the hospital, ‘How could this happen? The cardiologist was the best, so how could this happen?’” La Toya, 53, recently told UK TV program The Paul O’Grady Show.

“She said, ‘You know, Auntie La Toya, they worked him too hard. He never got the chance to rest, it was just non-stop work.’ I said, ‘You’re kidding,’ and she said, ‘You don’t understand. They just worked him constantly and daddy didn’t want that.’ ”

Michael had been rehearsing for his London shows — which were expected to be his final tour dates — when he died.

However, before his passing Michael — who also had sons Prince Michael I, 12, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II, known as ‘Blanket’ — told La Toya he feared he would be killed over his huge song catalog, which included tracks by The Beatles and other big name performers.

“I thought that from day one,” she said. “You must understand something Michael always told me. He said, ‘If anything happens to me, if I die, it’s because someone murdered me. They’re trying to kill me’. It wasn’t that he was being delusional, they did this over the catalog.

“He owned The Beatles catalogue. Most entertainers out there, he owned their music. He would say, ‘They’re going to kill me over that catalog. It’s dangerous.’ Look what happened.”



  • Mary

    Ok, get real they are making money off of him and they know it. After, all those years of him supporting them with his money, now he is gone they will still expect him to support them.
    They just don’t get it….They can not and will not replace Michael.
    Please, don’t sing his songs……You are not worthy of them.

    • manuela

      yea I agree with you ! Michael’s brothers are morons who don’t want to work and Jermaine is the worst one who just makes babies and doesn’t support them. I am sure he was the most jelous one of Michael’s popularity and fame , Jermine used to be a singer leader before Michael so everybody knows what had happened after Michael took over the leadership after Jermine. When MIchael was alive nobody paid any attention to them and we didn’t see them much in public but after Michael uneccessary and tragic death because of this stupid pseudo dr who killed our Angel we see them quite often too often. Where were they when Michael need them?? I also think they weren’t that close like they claiming, sometimes they didn’t talk to each other for a couple of years, the oldest one Rebbie once said that she didn’t talk to MIchael for 2 years so something was not RIGHT!! i don’t understand one thing why Michael had to support them? , they are grown up men and should have earned money themself!! shame on you all of you exept his mother Katherine but the rest should move their asses and do something with their lives.enough is enough

  • Mary

    La Toya , You are doing interviews not so much to tell the truth, but to make money. Michael would be ashamed of all of you right now.

    He didn’t like sony and anyone who goes to see that movie is not a true fan of his.

    • tB

      LaToya has not received any money for any interviews she has done in the last year.

    • TRitchie

      Mary, I agree with you, but I went to see the movie because it showed Michael at his best and his vision for his final tour was phenomenal. Michael dedicated his life to his fans and I know that he would have given the movie his blessing if he knew that he would not be able to deliver his genius to his fans in person.

  • http://yahoo Janet

    Jermaine speaks with the mind of a fool. Does he really think that The Jackson 5 “created” Michael? The Jackson 5 might have laid the foundation for MJ’s success, but it was Michael, alone, that excelled to become the GREATEST ENTERTAINER ON EARTH. Michael’s legacy does not need the promotion of Jermaine Jackson and Company to live on in the hearts of his millions of fans around the world.

  • Shaun

    LaToya Jackson is one of the wealthiest members of the Jackson Family. She had more money than Michael upon his passing. Let’s remember, she may not be the big star that Michael and Janet are in the United States, but she does have a fan base around the rest of the world. Also, any money that she has earned since Michael’s passing, she has donated to his favorite charity, AIDS Project L.A. She is ensuring the world knows that her brother was not a drug addict. He was not crazy. She’s actually doing a good thing. Jermaine Jackson… not so much.

  • i love you more michael

    Only latoya and jermain the two who had bashed michael in the past are the ones giving interviews and making money off michael. The other siblings got more dignity the two traitors who bashed michael. Latoya had given several interviews that gave ammo to the media and the haters to bash michael. Jermaine got a song entitled to the bad bashing michael. I love michael but i cannot forgive these two traitors who are all over the net making money off michael after what betraying michael. Just shut up and disappear jermaine and latoya. You are both a disgrace and an embarrassment to the jackson family. No wonder jermaine’s tribute bombed and all his future tribute will bomb because people know that he is a traitor just trying to cash in on michael

    Latoya bashing michael

    jermaine’s song word to the badd

    • TRitchie

      You took the words out of my mouth!

  • i love you more michael

    latoya bashing michael

    latoya is not wealthy, she only made money off michael. She made money bashing michael in the past and now she is making money with her fakeness about giving tribute to michael.

  • i love you more michael

    jermaine betrayed michael like latoya by bashing him with his song to the badd

    jermaine’s song word to the badd

  • latoya is a liar

    latoya is the greedy lying bittchh in the jackson family shaun

    she had given a lot of interviews questioning michael’s vitiligo, his marriage to lisa marie and even insinuating that michael is a pedophile

  • Sophia

    I believe his family above any lawyer or media. If anyone has Michael’s best interest in mind it’s going to be his family. His family wouldn’t have let him die; All these other fat cats around him did. I know they went through much during the years, but who doesn’t have family problems. Let the family get the money. I’d rather them then some greedy lawyers,managers,movie executives or anyone else.

  • http://yahoo Tiff

    No matter what Jermaine nor Latoya says their actions are speaking louder than their words, and the same goes for Michael’s father Joe Jackson…the three of them (Jermaine, Latoya, and Joe) are disgusting!! they just don’t care about anyone but themselves just how they can make money, disregarding the fact that their using someone not only in life but in death. ugh this sickens me horribly!!..It seems as if his own family was doing more dirt to him then the freaking media! smh I won’t support Jermaine because i don’t believe his intentions are good. The first thing Michael’s father talked about was the record label Joe started not the death of Michael 2-3 days after the day Mike passed.. Latoya stories are inconsistent and Jermaine I don’t believe a word he says (he was also one that talked dirt on Michael’s name for money)…Regardless of what Michael did these people are supposed to b his family their suppose to help and be there for him not throw fuel on the fire! Their nothing more than MONEY HUNGRY BITCHES!..Please excuse my…I only support Janet Jackson’s career and that’s it..Rest in peace Michael thank god ur far away from here and don’t have to see what these people are doing! smmfh

  • latoya is a liar

    Only michael’s children should continue on michael’s legacy, not jermaine, latoya and joe. Those 3 are money greedy bunch who betrayed and fed michael to the media with their money whorrring greediness

  • Mary

    Jermaine we will say this again…Michael don’t need you to keep his memory alive. His fans will do that for him. Michael’s talent and body of work go way beyond any ordinary carreer. People are not fools…you are cashing in on your brothers death, how else are you gonna make the money.

    You have some talent too – why don’t you write an awesome song – something from your own effort. Michael Jackson made himself, through his dedication. Jackson 5 started as a platform for all of you, but it was clear early on Michael Jackson made Jackson 5. Wonder why all your carreers die when Michael refuse to be part of the group? Simple…people care only for Michael – w/out him the rest of you boys can’t hold it. You guys were brought up the same – but only Michael made it big time, he honed and made his craft , spend hours and hours of practice to achieve perfection.

    La toya should shut up now – Michael’s death was a sad accident. Maybe she should dust off old tapes, heck go to youtube it is all there and watch herself bashing Michael – he is a pedophile ( she have seen checks made out to victims) the bogus marriage to Lisa Marie with money changing hand…you made me sick! What kind of a sister are you …with a little kaching you can be had???

  • Maria

    Jermaine, it appears when you introduced brother Michael to some of your MURKY friends there was a conspiracy.
    What’s up with this? Clearly you have no talent and no real job until after Michael was murdered.

    We believe you created a job for yourself at any cost. Please ask God for forgiveness and always remember BLOOD is indeed thicker than MONEY, even through JEALOUSY. You are rushing to make money from Michael before his young children come of age. Shame on you, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Dear Michael RIP, your many fans love you. God is watching Jermaine, Joe and LaToya.

  • Liz

    I am sorry to say this but why is it we are always seeing Joe,
    Jermaine or LaToya (after MJ’s death), this is too much. If I was Joe I would let Mrs. Jackson handle all of the affairs dealing with MJ, since Joe abused him in life and Jermaine & LaToya were always throwing Michael under the bus.

    In my opinion all 3 need to take a nice trip to Mars or some far away planet and stay there for the next 999 years and they can take the rest of the Jackson family that are now making money off of MJ’s death, I am sure no one would miss them including me.

  • sophia is an idiot

    MJ family is first and the only culprit of MJ death. Evryone else is just a secondary cause. That mother of his who ruined that brilliant intelligent talented MJ by manipulating him and betraying his trust all the time is the one that disgusts me the most. Uneducated, block headed greedy fanatic, confused about everything but her own greed. Just watch how she manipulates the estate into her family hands so they can squander everything as they are accustomed to. She will keep MJ kids dressed in Target clothes, and use the rest of the funds for her own “kids”. Gee – what hell was MJ born into…

    • manuela

      please stop saying stupid things about Michael’s mother come on!!!You don’t know her at all so come down!What mean by saying she is manipulates the estate??? I believe Michael’s will is forge and the people who took over Michael’s estate are sleazy hungry for money ASSHOLES!!! Michael had fired Branco long time ago and didn’t want anything to do with him so how come his is an exesutor now??Hm…… Personally I don’t believe them and Katherine Jackosn has right to know what is going on with Michael’s money!!These two are SNAKES AND HUNGRY FOR MONEY LEECHES!

  • latoya is a liar

    Michael’s children will find out later on that latoya, jermaine and joe had done so much harm to their dad than anyone else. They are the reason why there are so many michael haters. They should spend their time clearing up michael’s name instead of making money giving interviews. Latoya should admit that she malign michael when she gave all those interviews in the past. She was the reason why me and many other people doubted michael. Jermaine, joe and latoya should make a public apology to michael. I would not trust these three until then. Can’t wait for michael’s 3 children to grow up and move out of the jackson’s greediness.

    I love you more king michael jackson.

  • Elizabeth

    Who can believe in the sincerity of a man who has always been as flaky as Germaine? He did not make it as a star in his youth and now he is trying again by riding on Michael’s legacy. He is not a good singer and he is a worse advocate for Michael. His megalomania know no bounds. He and his dad bring shame to Michael’s legacy. Only Janet seems to speak from the heart. We all know LaToya’s eccentric behaviors. The only one in the family who has earned the right to speak in Michael’s name is his mother whose suffering is so deep, she cannot speak. The others are an embarrassment as they collect paychecks to talk about a generous deceased brother. I hope Michael’s public gets it that a family which was dysfunctional during Michael’s lifetime only continues to be more so in his death. As Michael distanced himself from him during his life, perhaps we should continue to do so after his death. The worst of them all is the arrogant father who is always showcasing himself. What a bore! Michael’s legacy really doesn’t need any of them to carry on as his videos and music will always speak for him. The fact that he left them all out of his will let’s us know hiw Michael felt about his family. When Katherine passes there will be no more handouts for the others unless the children decide to continue to give to them. Enough Michael bashing by his family! May his soul rest in peace.

  • MichiganDeb

    I couldn’t agree with all these statements more…if anyone really wants to know just how bad Jermaine, Latoya, and Joe Jackson treated Michael go read Jackson Family’s all there too. I feel so badly for Michael, and Janet…the three I have mentioned have lived life riding the coat tails of Michael long enough. I just hope when Michaels children are older, they have a way out of that family compound they now live in, as if you read Jackson Family Values, it is not easy to escape that home without conditions. I wish nothing but the best for Michaels children Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket, and I want them to know that we, Michaels fans, will always be there for them as well. Shut up Jermaine, Latoya, and JOE…we don’t need you to keep Michaels Legacy alive..we are doing a good job doing that without you!!! Miss you Michael….wish you were here!! You will always be in our hearts!!

  • morie

    Joe, jermaine and latoya advertized their records even before michael was laid to rest. Says it all how they are using michael for their own greed of fame. I hope these 3 read comments from people and just disappear. No one wants to see or hear them. Why do you think jermaine’s tribute bombed. Latoya is a basket case of greed and fame whorring. Joe should have been locked up for child abuse

  • lisa

    Latoya, jermaine and joe are dishonoring michael’s legacy whenver they open their mouth and appear on interviews. They just feed michael to the haters whenever they come out because everyone remembers how they treated michael in the past.

  • http://yahoo Janet

    Check out”Jermaine’s Bogus Charity” on YouTube. You can get a taste of how manipulative Jermaine Jackson is. If it wasn’t for the generousity of Michael Jackson to his family, they would probably be homeless on the streets of Encino. Poor, sweet Michael was in debt, and he was still handling all of his mom’s financial obligations while his dad was living it up in “Sin City”!!!

  • Clarice

    You guys have said most of what I wanted to say. Actions speaks harder than words do. but Jermaine Jackson(or his Arabic name..he changed his name) said Michael got Muslim and pushed him to it. He tried to make him like he is..Michael wasn’t fool.. You will find Michael speaking(leaked conversation) with his friend Diane on YouTube and HE SAYS in clear voice about the family. LATEST NEWS!:Jermaine get to be a judge on BBC channel. a show about Michael’s dance. Excuse me? Michael NEVER HAD ANY of his family members on stage as solo artist. HE created his own dance what does Jermain has to do with Michael’s career? and as one of you said, he was smart enough to just leave money to his kids. He was a child of the God he believed in. Love is the only thing he believed in and he scrambled it on the mirror in his bedroom a day before he died. It’s all for Love. Jermaine and La Toya and anyone speaking on Michael’s behalf. He never liked interferenves of HIS career. If he saw all this Hullabolo he would be mad. because it is not made out of love to him.. Completely the opposite.. disgrace! Joe Jackson was busted out of Beer Festival in Germany by the owner because the owner was mad.. and said Joe should mourn Mike’s death instead. yes. Actions do talk louder than words. I hope more will see this

  • latoya,joe and jeermaine should just go away

    latoya is all over the internet again with all her lies. Why did she give those damaging interviews in the past if she really love michael. Why the crocodile tears now that michael is dead. Jermaine, latoya and joe should just disappear, i am sick and tired of those three. Dont they know that most fans hate them and the media make fun of them. Total disgrace to michael’s legacy. I remember latoya’s betrayal in her interviews with geraldo everytime she comes up with her fake interviews these days. Jermaine’s word to the badd is always playing in my ears whenever he announce his bogus charities. And I visualize joe forcing little michael to practice when he is only 5 years old whenever joe’s ugly mug face comes up. Will these 3 people read comments and just disappear

  • Derek

    Michael became Michael because he LEFT the Jackson 5. They rode his coattail through that whole era. When he left, they were nothing. He couldn’t stand being in the group and couldn’t wait to break free from them! I didn’t see Michael trying to reunite the group and keep it alive. He did a tour with them because he was sick of buying everything himself and wanted them to earn some money of their own!!!

  • Derek

    I love Michael, Kathrine, Janet and the kids, the rest of the family is an embarassment and a disgrace.

  • Elias Jacksom

    jackson 5 created mj? hahah mj created the jackson 5, and mj is the reason a snake like jermaine has a livelyhood. Jermaine introduced that creepy guy dr tomhe tomhe or whatever hes name is and mj made it clear he frightened him and did not like or trust him. Jermaine can go to hell, the loser, and he can take his sister la toya with him

    • manuela

      AMEN i couldn’t have agreed better with you! His brothers an especially Jermine are hungry for money leeche like the rest people who were around Michael’s life. Michael knew that without him they were nothing and that’s what had happened when he left them. Michael always kept saying , when he was a young boy he never had any supported from them he was on his own all the time.Jermine kept saying that the family were close so how come Michael distanced himself from them????Hm…..Yes the 3 of them should go to hell and stay there so we won’t see their faces again. We miss you Michael very much.

  • Liz

    We all know that the Jackson brothers as well as La Toya and Joe need money and will do anything to get it as long as they do not have to honesty work for it, so they will continue to get money off of Michael’s name. Now in Jermaine’s (it has been reported) that he has not paid any type of support for his (2) sons and ex-wife (Alejandra Jackson) by stating that he can not afford to make payments so, Mrs. Jackson (Michael’s mother) has been using the money she receives from Michael to give money to Jermaine’s ex-wife and sons.

    Now this explains why Michael did not want to do any more concerts/tours with is family because they all waited for him to being the money in so they would be able to live like a king. Poor Michael, he kept all of this to himself and some people called him strange, no he was a great human being who was misunderstand because people (in general) were to blind to see and understand the real truth.

    Michael died with no real family love (parents, brothers, sisters, etc.) this statement is not including Janet and his children and he was loved by his fans. He was in so much pain both physically and mentally and now he is at peace (it is sad that it had to take his death).

    Love you Michael. RIP.

  • Liz

    This is a great idea since everyone of the Jackson brothers and Joe are trying to make money off of Michael and his children why don’t the brothers use their sons/daughter(s) in the reality show and or make a group The Jackson 8+ or The Jackson 15 (well they can call the group whatever but you get the idea)!!! Just leave Michael’s children and their money alone, which would include Mrs. Jackson to stop giving out the money when they ask for it…We can only hope they will take this idea and run with it!!!!

  • Marian

    Jermaine and Joe Jackson have no shame at all, conspiring to, continue making their living off of Michael, even in death, they will do anything to get all they can from their own mothers. Though the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    Jermaine is still manipulating his mother into making more money for Joe and himself by putting Michael’s children on a reality show. He has seven children of his own (that we know of) why doesn’t he doesn’t he put his own kids on his reality show? They all need to work for a living and start supporting their own families. Michael trusted his kids to Katherine only. La Toya and all of the brothers (except Michael) have no talent what-so-ever.

    Jermaine, you should be questioned by the LAPD in regards to a conspiracy in Michael’s death. You introduced him to Tohme Tohme, for a financial advisor even to the contact you have in Bahrain.

    It is said some other kinks you advised also. Ask for forgiveness. And start paying child support. This is not Michael’s obligation. God likes at you and Joe. All that you, Joe & La Toya are pilfering belong to Michael’s (3) children. Shame, shame on you.

  • Marian

    Sorry meant to say God is looking at you & Joe…

  • bobby

    you all need to get a life and stop your negative comments about
    the jacksons. At least they are moving towards something positive.

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