Nicole Kidman Waxwork Unveiled!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Actually, it’s not a waxwork. It’s a real person!

Nicole Kidman

A very tight-faced, wrinkle-free Nicole Kidman was at an OMEGA store in New York City Wednesday where she donated her OMEGA Constellation timepiece to the “Ambassador Collection Series” of autographed watches.

Kidman — who is married to country music star Keith Urban and is divorced from Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise — has previously been criticized for her heavy (and evident) use of Botox.

Veteran actress Britt Ekland last year accused the Moulin Rouge star of compromising her career by using cosmetic treatments in a bid to look more youthful.

“It’s fatal when actresses use Botox,” she said. “I remember seeing Cold Mountain, and it really looked to me like Nicole Kidman had been using it.

“Her face was neither sad nor glad – nor anything, she was just like a painted doll. I thought: ‘Why would she do that?’ ”

[Pic: Janet Mayer]

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  • Margot

    I hoped to not read pathetic articles like this one anymore, but I still do. Have rispect for an arist like nicole kidman. she’s a true talent and a beautiful lady. Always the same boring story of the botox, everytime you see a pic of her. Leave her alone my godness. I wonder why only her is attacked for this “use”, still to prooved because I don’t know what is your qualification and other people qualifications to assume she surely “uses botox”; are you plastic surgeon? I don’t think so. You write in a blog and you abuse of your position to play at this stupid massacre joke of nicole kidman imagine. but she escaped from scientology, don’t you really think gossip will destroy her?! fool.

    and who fu.cking is britt eckland?! enough with these uknown people that attack the real celebrities to have their 15 minutes of glory. they’re sad.

  • gloria

    I agree with Margot!! Please stop this stupid reporting of Nicole and Botox….who cares??? I’ve seen the woman in person and no makeup and she is not full of botox. I saw wrinkles on her face and lines. She just has a great makeup artist. The woman is truly gorgeous even without makeup. So please get over yourself and report real news instead of this absurd kind of reporting. Who doesn’t use botox? Tell this Eckland woman to go try some herself…it might keep her from criticizing someone she knows nothing about!

  • Christina

    I agree with the above post. Kidman is notorious for her pale complexion and for staying clear of the sun. She’s a woman who quite obviously takes good care of herself. Healthy habits produce good skin. Besides, Nicole has a few smile lines around her eyes. She’s a natural beauty and I don’t think she uses botox at all.

  • Carl

    Margot, I agree with you. Even if this rumor is true I don’t see the point to attack her like she’s the only one to use it. A lot of people in Hollywood use botox, I wonder why only Nicole Kidman is demonized.
    And she looks stunning in these pics, but the wax effected is produced by the light and croydon facelift.

    People shoud be more concentrated in her talent and in her movies but obviously their ignorance don’t let them to do it.

  • Gomez

    “but she escaped from scientology, don’t you really think gossip will destroy her?! fool.”
    This made me laugh, but it’s true.

    Kidman is a A-List celebrity. Gossip is nothing against her position. Probably gossippers are devasted by this: after years and years of bashing, Kidman is still there and making movies. Life fair.

  • Jessica

    You people are delusional! It’s obvious Nicole has had work done. She just looks odd & strange now. I used to love her, but now I’ve lost all respect for her. Her acting isn’t all that either, I’m baffled that she still gets paid as much as she does! I want the old Kidman back not this degenerate!

    And her maniac fans like martacruise (OP) plague the earth in denial that she’s just not all that.