Taylor Swift: ‘Love is Unpredictable’

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has “no idea” what love is.

The country music star — who has previously dated Jonas Brothers star Joe Jonas — says she is still trying to figure out how relationships work and treats each man differently.

“I think the reason I write about love so much is because I have no idea what is going on with love. It’s unpredictable and I haven’t figured it out yet,” she said.

“Every love story is different and I like to approach every person I meet like they’re a separate book, rather than a chapter in a whole book. I don’t have one general theory for how to date a person.”

Taylor, 19, also admits she’s not very good at forming relationships because she gets shy when she meets a guy she likes.

“I would probably run in the opposite direction if I saw someone I had a crush on… and then write a song about it! Shows why I haven’t had successful relationships,” she said.


  • http://elewelling@yahoo.com i think that taylor should leave joe jonas alone