Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Dreading New Moon Promo Duties’

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will travel the world in November to promote Twilight sequel New Moon – and they’re dreading it!

The couple — currently filming the third Twi flick, Eclipse, in Vancouver, Canada — are apparently not looking forward to being quizzed about their romance.

“Rob and Kristen love the acting; but they hate everything else — the publicity and hype — that goes with the Twilight franchise,” a source told a tabloid.

“They’re dreading giving interviews because they know people will try and ask them about their relationship.”

New Moon hits theaters on November 20.

Meanwhile, insiders have insisted there is “no truth” to rumors Rob and Kristen are heading Down Under for a tour of Australia.


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  • ariagirl

    Before KS & RP get to the interviews, the press will be “prepped” on what they can and cannot ask. I would wager to say that after that one faux pas made by the reporter at Comic Con and KS’s reaction to it, one would hope that the rest of the world media would be savvy enough not to ask that question. If you notice, no one in the media is even asking that question anymore because they all assume that they are together. Even if they’re not, just the thought of it is a hype for the masses out there for publicity for the franchise. Don’t think Summitt doesn’t use that as a selling point either…because they do. It’s all about the bottom line!

  • http://google terry

    They are a mature couple ,they have had over a year to figure out there relationship,f–k you would think they’d be ready now ,i don’t get it ,they have know idea the fan support they have.It takes so much energy to hide what everyone knows, why not just enjoy each other,it would make it so much easier.

  • michaela

    don’t always trust the news….

  • Tina

    I feel sorry for them, but than again I don’t for they should have known that weither you make it in the world or not, you will be known as that character and nothing else!

  • http://google kelly


  • Lyn Gold

    I don’t get it. If these two would come out and say, “Yes, we are a couple, get over it all ready” all the speculation and stalking might stop. Also, I’m getting bored of hearing about how horrible their lives are now and seeing that repulsive scowl on Kristen’s face. Your livelihood and careers depend on the fans liking you kiddos….better buck up and enjoy the ride. Oh, and if you want to see true suffering, why don’t you arrange for a tour of the cancer wing of the local hospital.
    Spoiled celebrities make me sick…..

  • lame

    rags 100% lies.

  • Bevin

    I really feel sorry for Rob and Kristen. I’m not an actress but I love drama and acting and I understand their ‘dreading the publicity stuff’. They are a great couple (if they are going out) and I’m sure that everything will work out for them the way they want it to.

  • Sharon

    I believe Kristen once said they were definitely not in a relationship but people still don’t believe it. So now they are just not saying anything. I’m sure Summit and their managers are telling them to encourage the rumors because it’s great advertising for them and the movie.

  • Woody88

    This kind of article just says what everyone is already thinking who is interested, so it is impossible to know whether it represents “truth” or “imagination” on the part of the author. To me, if they want Rob and Kristen to do this promotional tour together then they should give an interview with People Magazine around November 1 and lay it all out. If they want to keep it under wraps without being uncomfortable for all concerned (including the fans watching them lie) then they should be split up and not make “inteview” style appearances together at all.

  • pan

    ewww. look at rob’s face. YUCKY!

  • Cherry Currie

    O.k., so both of these people have repeatedly said that no, they are not in a relationship. The masses, including the press, refuse to believe. What more is there to say? Why shouldn’t they refuse to discuss the issue when the fans and media have taken the posiiton that there is only one right answer? If I tell you something 10 times and you still don’t believe me, we’re done talking. I fully understand.

  • Emma

    I love robert he is so amazing and his music is incredible xx

  • Destinee

    OMG Robert is so HOT I love him BITE ME!LOL

  • Claurissa

    Edward/robert is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo H O T HOT peace out robert lol laugh out loud siarsly

  • adrianna

    OMG its robert i love u enyway hey im adrianna and i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove robert/edward i want every poster of him ROBERT or EDWARD I LOVE U bye now PEACE SOCER

  • adrianna

    OMG ITS ROBERT /EDWARD i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much eward ilooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u soooooooooooooooo much edwar can you call me bye now PEACE OUT SOCER bye edward/ robert

  • TGL

    In response to Cherry Currie’s comment…they USED to deny they had a relationship. It was probably the truth at the time, especially because Ms. Stewart was in a relationship with another actor. But when was the last time they denied it? They don’t anymore. They either don’t comment or freak out (like Ms. Stewart did at Comic Con) when a press member brings it up. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other. I know some are rooting for a real-life relationship and some are wishing they weren’t. It’s unlikely that either scenario would make it so we all don’t want to see the movie.

    I hate to sound cynical, but I think Summit is loving that they’re not commenting. As for Ms. Stewart, she says she doesn’t comment on her personal life. Except that she did when she said they weren’t dating. Now all the sudden it’s no comment. She needs a better advisor on how to handle her fame. She’s so young but she already comes off as irritated and whiney a bit. You can be an actor and not be famous. It’s called local theatre. With all her magazine covers, it’s a little disingenous of her to say she doesn’t like the attention. Fame isn’t something you can control 100%. Take the good with the bad. I think Mr. Pattinson could teach her a thing or two about handling it with a little more grace.

  • actual kristen stweat

    hey guys he is right i do not like talking about my personal things so back off

  • Dee

    Maybe they shouldn’t sign up for this kind of stuff. If they hate they hype so much then they shouldn’t act. I know its something they love to do but please, chose one or the other people.

  • luana

    E’ vero che lei ha detto più volte che tra loro non c’e niente, ma perchè continua a strusciarsi su di lui? E perchè continua a guardarlo come volesse saltargli adosso? Lei con lui si comporta diversamente rispetto a quando è con Taylor. Devono rendersi conto che quando finiranno il promo per New Moon e Eclipse, entrambi gireranno altri film e l’interesse per loro diminuirà poco a poco e così potranno tornare ad una vita normale. Attenzione Rob tu hai detto che una mattina ti sei svegliato ed eri una stella, può anche succedere il contrario.

  • Mickey

    Hang in there Rob and Kristen, life will get better once you age out of the Tween era. As the fans get older they become more respectful. Let’s just hope the relationship between the two of you doesn’t end up another Hollywood statistic. Please keep your heads about you and enjoy life.

  • Rey

    That hair cut really makes her look fat.

  • Karen

    I think their relationship is their business and the world needs to stay out of it. Besides they are too young for a permanent relationship so I wish them the best when it no longer works. They need to come up with a joint answer for the tour regarding their relationship, without actually lying, and stick to it.

  • Danielle

    Um, Why do we care? I cannot stand Kristen’s attitude. She really has a bee in her bonnet! She plays the whole ‘I’m suffering because I’m an actor’ thing way too far. Think about it for a min. Who was she before tons of pre-teens watched Twilight? She can’t act- she stutters all the freaking time, acts like she is on drugs, Plus, BOTH she and Rob NEED to take a shower ’cause they look gross! I tried to like her, but every time she opens her mouth, it’s nothing but vile, silly nothings from a little teenager who thinks waaay too much of herself! Rob & Kristen; Please feel free to fall off the face of the earth to get your “freedom”…again, WHO CARES?!

  • adrienne

    I kind of feel the same as a few other people do, if it’s so painful to be hauling in millions of dollars for a stupid inane teenage movie and you can’t take the heat, quit show business. Remember, Kristen, when this all blows over with the Twilight Saga, you’ll be over, too. Its mostly about Edward, not Rob. These kids have it confused right now, but when they get a chance to see him in some of his other “movies” they’ll get over it, too. I think Kristen is a little full of herself and I do not think she can act, I’ve seen some of her movies, and they are pretty much all the same character, Kristen. I hope he improves with time, but he sounds like a wuss to me, always wimpering, I can’t go out. Rent a few acres and a farm house and go hide out there with your gal pal. Rob sounds like a very fragile type of guy.

  • foobs

    Publicity is a necessary evil to promote the movie….but I do feel for
    Rob and Kristen as it’s torture for them when they are in public…
    Let’s hope the press listen when they are told not to ask questions about their private life…I mean, the publicity is to promote the movie..not their private life!!

  • Chloe

    Will the press and public just leave them be? Okay they’re probably grateful they are more well known now after Twilight, but c’mon it’s become too much. All these rumours and whatever stuff has been in tabloids? I’d understand if they’re dreading doing promo duties anyway because people just won’t stop bugging them about if they’re together or not! It’s got to be hard having to deal with all these fans who are in love with the characters, cameras, rumours. I like the twilight saga books, and think they’re good but it’s just gotten out of hand now.

  • http://google bree

    hey there actual kristen stewart,I think your fans shud back off if they took the time to read the books theyd find that you yourself arnt whinny its your charcter you are a great actress and you shud go blonde it makes you look soooo much older and more mature,plus imagine how much fun youd have blonde,and hell gurl were all jus jelouse u nabed such a great guy haha.

  • Lina

    i agree with all you actually. To be honest, i do not like when the celebrities are mean to paparazzi,and then are tired of the fans and stuff. First of all, the paparazzi are doing their job, ethical or unethical this is what it is. I mean it is a take it or leave it situation. You get to be famous all around the world , get offered tons and tons of new projects and lots of money. You live an extraordinary lifestyle. You travel all around the world and people always say they love you, the employees everywhere try to assist and accomodate you as much as possible. You get to stay in the most luxurious places and star treatment. And yet you complain about being photographed or chased on the streets for autographs. I mean what is so difficult about giving away autographs or photographed? All you need to do is try to be polite and careful about what you’re saying and then you can complain if the fans and the paparazzi threaten your life( as they did for Princess Diana). I don’t think that is the issue here. They can be careful about their relationships and attitude. And if they stop running away from the media , the media frenzy will slow down i am sure. They should be grateful and thankful to every single one of their fans and even to the paparazzi for having them made famous and rich.They get spoiled so easily that they start making the annoying faces and begin to reluctant and aloof to everyone.Especially Kristen, she has got bad behavior and attitude. Yet she is a bad actress in my opinion and intellectually disabled and she thinks she is smart. She can’t even talk in complete sentences , she can hardly express herself. She can’t even explain her movie characters in interviews. She is just lucky she should know that. Besides a good and a serious actress would never play around with guys as she did between mike and Rob. If she admires Jodie Foster she should have a better look at her career..

  • Lyn Gold

    I’m amazed that their agents, handlers, MOTHERS aren’t coaching them better. Kristen in particular is coming across as a snarly, unfeminine whiner who has taken one too many bong hits. Someone who cares about her ought to enlighten her that trying to chanel Joan Jett isn’t working. If she’s so into her “craft” and such a serious thespian, why not look at the classy examples of Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett. Being 19 is no excuse….class it up Kristen. And wipe that obnoxious scowl off your face. Life isn’t that tough when you’re collecting $10 million per picture….

  • Vee Stroessner

    wht they just can say : “yes! we’re dating! so?”, c’mom! it is not the firts time that a couple formed on set! get over it “robsten” ..! this is absolutely marketing! they film is already to premiere so everyone have to talk about it, so when the movies comes out, nones notes that it’s tooooo much “adaptation” and almoust CERO BOOK. jajajajajajajajaja.. i mean, i like the movie and everything else, but, exist a lot of details should been of screen. ok. that’s it. marketing. bla, bla, bla, bla.

  • Tina

    I agree with both Lina and Lyn Gold. If the news are true, these two are really in the wrong way. Their careers just took off and they complain about the media frenzy and the fans. Ok, i have seen the fans and they look crazy ,however, they are smart girls who read books and understand them. They are not crazy people. I do not think that they have any intention whatsoever to hurt these guys. Besides, they are not even jealous of Kristen who everyone thinks is dating Rob. They simply want them to be together. Usually an actor’s fans hate his girlfriend and do everything they can to take her down. Since these girls know that they do not have any chance to date Rob, they just want him to be happy and i think that is just awesome. These two are having the time of their lives and yet they complain. I have just watched the latest Pinky’s steakhouse date video on youtube. They’ve got their agents and publicist accompanying them , i mean it doesn’t look like an actual date night, yet Kristen sprints to the hotel and rebukes Rob at the lobby. Ehat happens if you get photographed?What happens if you are asked an autograph? Will it hurt? I have a suggestion, why didn’t Kristen drop out of Eclipse and New Moon if she hated the media frenzy this much? She has the Twilight fanbase , she could have just said no is she didn’t think she would handle it. She tries to look too mature for her age,she could easily foresee this. Why don’t the paparazzi follow Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep ? Why don’t we read about the love lives of actual oscar winning top actresses? They seem to handle everything well, and they look very polite.They run from the paparazzi , and they don’t chase after them right? Kristen admires Jodie Foster , however, Jodie Foster never played with the media in this way. She was always distant and gave everyone the impression that all she cared was her career and even the paparazzi respected her.If Kristen was a good observant, she could have learned form Jodie back then.If these two complain about anything at all , they will lose it all.

  • Claudia

    Why don’t the paparazzitry to follow Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett , the actual oscar winning actresses? I am sure that they can find something interesting in their lives too. The thing is if you give impression to the media that what you actually care is your career and that you stop running and hiding from paparazzi. If you are straight about your personal life and don’t play around, they stop writing stories about you, they even stop taking photos of you. But the game is that you want to get photographed and to be gossiped about. The only thing to achieve that is to play hide and seek with the media as if you are a 10 year old. But if you are a bad actress and make a blockbuster movie which is nothing but a teen movie, the media frenzy will fade away in a few years. And the only thing you can do is to play the game good in that period of time..

  • lydia

    Why don’t the paparazzitry to follow Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett , the actual oscar winning actresses? I am sure that they can find something interesting in their lives too. The thing is if you give impression to the media that what you actually care is your career and that you stop running and hiding from paparazzi. If you are straight about your personal life and don’t play around, they stop writing stories about you, they even stop taking photos of you. But the game is that you want to get photographed and to be gossiped about. The only thing to achieve that is to play hide and seek with the media as if you are a 10 year old. But if you are a bad actress and make a blockbuster movie which is nothing but a teen movie, the media frenzy will fade away in a few years. And the only thing you can do is to play the game good in that period of time..

  • Mya baca

    I don’t blame them, if I was famous I wouldn’t like my personal life all over magazines, give them a break they are people just like you.

  • julsa

    Please… the paparazzi and fans follow these guys like hardly anyone else on the planet. What use is all that money and fame when they can’t even leave their rooms? Let say they go to Paris… Do they get to walk around? See the sites? No… they are stuck in hotels doing interviews and then wisked away with bodyguards to the next destination… It would drive anyone crazy. They can’t go ANYWHERE without people gawking and snapping pictures. Of course it’s tiresome.

    And no, nobody could have predicted the success of the movie. Even summit didn’t, or they would’ve commited to three movies right away. instead they had the first one on a modest budget to see where it will take them. So, honestly, I don’t think they knew what they were signing up for. That level of fame is only experience by a few people — even if they knew it will make them famous, how could they have expected all this?

  • Trish

    So they are worried about the press asking questions on their relationship. So, they can be like Beyonce & Jay-Z and not give them any detail whatsoever. I dont see where the big problem is on that.

  • KStew Krew

    Do you people hear yourselves? God, get a life and back off Kristen especially and Rob too. I would dread all you freakin’ lame ass fans too. Screaming and acting like two year olds. Maybe your moms should give you all lessons on how to act and “class it up a bit”. Kristen….don’t change a thing about yourself…you are perfect just the way you are.

  • KStew Krew

    Oh yeah and as for Meryl Streep and Blanchett comments above…. to each his own but I think these two are stereotypical Hollywood actresses made out of the same BORING molds…dull, dull, dull. Don’t want to see their movies…I can sleep at home thank you. Give me Kristen anyday. YEAH!!!

  • no heart

    Mya Baca…nice, simple and real comment. I just could not imagine having paparazzi up my you-know-what for doing something I might just really like. Just because actors and musicians provide entertainment to me doesn’t mean they have to be denied their own real lives! So much fun to watch people get all worked up over this stuff! Shoot, it would be a blast to hang with those two and the rest of the crew in the back yard with drinks and whatever else happened. Keep it real, people. Life is too short for stressing the things we have no control over! :)

  • Amy

    I don’t care how tough Hollywood is, these people are downright spoiled. They have no idea what true suffering is. I am BEYOND [so] much worse off than they are, and I do not complain nearly as much. They need to shut the hell up, and enjoy it. Because, be realistic, Twilight will NOT be a phonemenon forever, and people will get over it, and this will all go away eventually so why not enjoy it all while it’s still hot? Suck it up for a few more years and then you can go back to acting in your little indie films. Just please, both of you, for the love of all that is holy, shut your mouth!

  • KStew Krew

    Hey Amy…sorry to hear you are “suffering”. But, please don’t say that Rob nor Kristen know what “suffering” truly is. You have NO IDEA what goes on in their personal lives…period. And excuse me…I don’t hear either of them “complaining” about anything except people trying to invade their private lives. They are human and have every right to their private lives, just like you and me. So, maybe you need to “shut the hell up”. Not trying to be rude…but you need a reality check here yourself. Has anyone hugged you today because you seriously sound like you need one…so here…..XOXO…peace – out.

  • P

    And I care about this because????

  • twilight lover

    lyke wtf happened to kristens hair???
    she luks awefull

  • twilight lover xoxo

    4get kristen stewart lemme play bella LOL i wanna kiss edward and Jacob… I LOVE JACOB AND EDWARD…..i wanna marry jacob LOL
    cant wait for NEW MOON 11.20.09 babeyyyy

  • tammy21

    i dont really care about kristen or rob i just wanna see taylor!! plus who really cares if they r dating pple just need 2 mind their own business and let them live their life.

  • Mya baca

    No heart,
    Thanks Im glad someone agrees with me not being abel to be me would get to me sooner or latter yeah sure I think about life being famous who doesn’t but they have lives
    I know I wouldn’t like mine taken away from me

  • Mya baca

    Bree kristen can’t act but that is my opinion and have you read the books b
    FYI bella is not whiny

  • Sarabear

    TO THIS WEBSITE: DO NOT E-MAIL ABOUT THIS OR ANY OTHER ARTICLES!! Now to Rob Pattinson: Dude, keep up the good work!! Haunted Airman chilled me to the bone!! I read another article in this sequence. You’re mom can e-mail me if she truly believes everything she’s reading in the tabloids. I certainly hope that one wasn’t true. Unless, does she have a dry sense of humor? You really did put a great deal of thought into your performance as Edward! You’re so funny on the commentary w/ Kristen & Catherine H. on the DVD. You’re multi-talented! There’s nothing wrong w/ that. I’m happy 2 of your songs were in the movie. They did fit into the scenes they were put into. I was disappointed that “Let Me Sign” didn’t make it on the original soundtrack. The resaurant scene w/ “Never Think” you said you left the premier @ that point because you couldn’t take it anymore. It seemed as if from that point on you were watching & commenting on the DVD as if you hadn’t seen those portions before. Looking forward to seeing “Remember Me,” “How to Be,” “Little Ashes” & the rest of the Twi-series. I hope your female fans get a grip on themselves soon. I’m embarrassed for them. They make quite a spectical of themselves. I’m attempting to teach my children, yes, I have children (the name used in this comment was given to me by a friend of my son–apparently he thinks I’m a cool mom), that what is being done to you & other cast members from Twi-series by the public is wrong! Actors are doing a job as anyone else is & shouldn’t be hounded by pappz, press, fans, etc. By the way, tell your reps. before you go on interviews for New Moon, interviewers CANNOT ask you questions about your personal relationships!!! The reps. must pass that on to all interviewers. Then when an interviewer steps over that invisible line during an interview, your response, “No comment.” You’ll do fine! In so many ways you’re years ahead of your chronological age, however, you haven’t lost that 23 yr. old charm of a young man.

  • DJ

    My first post EVER on anything of this nature. Lurking in the shadows and reading other’s comments has been a guilty pleasure for a while now and I find it thoroughly entertaining. Truly. It amazes me to no end the energy wasted on 2 people. It amuses me that the very people who continually come to their defense are the very people who both Rob and Kristen have stated over and over again; they want to leave them alone. Seriously. I wonder how no one understands how ungrateful they are. I suppose each of you believe they are speaking about everyone BUT you, however; I can assure you, they mean you too. The whole “Robsten” phenomenon is nothing but a cash cow for the industry at the moment and it seems you are all only too eager to buy into it. The only thing funnier would be seeing their fan base grant their wishes and leave them alone. I don’t see either of them stepping away from the very thing that made them both so famous. Although, I have to say the best thing ever was Kristen’s New Moon interview with Dennis Hopper when she stated she was tired of everyone asking her about Twilight and she wanted to tell them all to “shut the ‘F’ up already”. I laughed out loud. Essentially, given that he was interviewing her about the series, she was telling him to shut the ‘F’ up. Isn’t that nice? From an 18 year old girl! I don’t think there is any excuse for her foul mouth – I don’t care how young she is. It’s just vulgar, and she should know better. If not, then at least one of the multitudes of people surrounding her to keep her from being photographed (poor thing) should mention proper public speech etiquette. Especially when she is such a role model for the ‘tween’ generation – and YES, that does make her more responsible for her behavior. Where is her mother in all of this? It would be nice to see her grow up and get over herself. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. Too bad the success has to be wasted on someone who claims she doesn’t want it.



  • DJ

    LOL@ Maria. Educated at birth. Too funny. Thanks, I needed a chuckle. In all seriousness, I’m really not about judging others, believe me, I have plenty of issues of my own! I’m just so over her constant complaining. Heck, wouldn’t we all love to get off from work and have scores of people waiting in the parking lot cheering, telling us how wonderful we are at our job and how much they love us? I think that would be kind of cool, but hey that’s just me. I know for certain that I wouldn’t walk around bitching about it.

  • DJ

    Educated at birth? LOL! Thanks for the chuckle, Maria! Don’t get me wrong; I’m really not the judgmental type. Believe me, I have plenty of issues of my own however; wouldn’t it be nice to be cheered and adored for the job we all do. To walk out of the office and have scores of people telling you how wonderful you are and how much they love you? Personally, I think it would be pretty cool. I certainly wouldn’t walk around complaining about it. Seems Kristen wants her “couldn’t care less about anything” attitude to be viewed as wise and mature, but it’s just rude. Since when does rudeness equate to acumen? How much energy does it really take to just smile and be gracious? Most of us act accordingly every day. No formal education necessary, just common decency, really. I struggle to find the pity necessary when I think of how awful it is going to be for her to answer questions about a relationship with Rob. Spare me, please.

  • El

    All these two do is whine about the publicity and attention they get. Learn to dodge the personal questions gracefully like a mature actor/actress and move on. If they hate it so much, do something else related but behind the scenes. I would rather have a couple of young thespians that appreciate this or at least take their actor skills off the screen and act like they like it. Geez… I wonder what Stephenie Meyer thinks of their attitudes after their paychecks, wish she pushed for her own cast of these movies. These two need to get a grip.

  • Christopher

    Look! Twilight New Moon is a movie – portraying actors in a story created by a mother, housewife, and a Mormon! She is managed on her first time out to take an old genre and recreate it as a beautiful world where a LOT of people want to go! Minus the fangs, coffins, and bursting into flames in the sunlight, vampires are now cool, beautiful, and alluring. The story of Bella and Edward represents what the world wants, the young world that is! A world of beauty, dedication, and a soul-mate love relationship that transcends the most difficult of human and non-human challenge – minus the current world cynicism, sloth, and gansta culture that permeates the youth of today. They are lost and searching – and, they have found Twilight! Give us all a break and just enjoy the story. It is beautiful!

  • steve

    I love Emma Watson, I think she is really hot!