Blake Lively Banned From Disneyland!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blake LivelyBlake Lively has revealed how she was once banned from Disneyland!

The Gossip Girl star says she was denied entry to the theme park for a whole year after trying to scam free entry into the magic kingdom.

“I grew up going to Disneyland twice a week,” explains Blake. “But I was banned for a year because I went to Disney prison. I was really young so I wasn’t responsible for this — it was all my brother’s fault.

“You get a stamp when you leave the park which if you put hairspray on it you can transfer it to someone else’s hand, so in the parking lot he went up to somebody and said, ‘Hey can we spray hairspray on your hand?’ and we transferred it.

“And then we go in through the turnstile and there’s people there called Fox Fighters or some weird name, They take us aside and I’m like six-years-old and my brother says ‘No matter what they say do not confess’. He was like a professional felon at twelve!”

Lively, 22, recently revealed that she rarely uses the gym.

“I have never worked out, but I know you feel better when you do,” she said, “so I am planning on getting a trainer.”

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