Robert Pattinson ‘Needs Rehab’

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robert PattinsonDOES hunky Robert Pattinson need to check himself into rehab?

Aussie tabloid NW — who earlier this year claimed Rob’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart was pregnant with his baby — says Rob is drinking vast amounts of booze and needs to get help before it’s too late.

A source claims Rob — who is Canada shooting the third Twilight movie Eclipse, “has been tearing it up in Vancouver and living his celebrity lifestyle to the extreme.”

“He loves the dive bar Loose Moose, where fights break out in the middle of the day and the nights are wild,” the source adds.

“On several occasions, when Rob emerges from the club, his clothes have been stained with puke, and his shirt was once buttoned all weird.”

In March this year, Pattinson, 23, apparently got “beyond wasted” at a party in Los Angeles — but still managed to endear Paris Hilton to his table!

“Paris was on a mission — she kept chasing him around like a little puppy,” a source said at the time.

“He was beyond wasted. He couldn’t keep track of who he was talking to and couldn’t have cared less about her.

“No matter how drunk he was, Rob know better than to hook up with Paris.

“It was hilarious! After Paris managed to get Rob alone in a room, he ran off and she couldn’t find him. Paris kept walking around asking people where he went.”

While Rob might like the occasional tipple, we’re doubtful he has an alcohol problem!


  • Chris

    These stories are so ridiculous. I’m now beginning to question every, single celebrity gossip I’ve read over the years. After reading the crazy stories made up about RPattz, I’ll never believe another tabloid report about Brangelina, etc again. Clearly the source of these rumours are out of someone’s arse. Tabloids had better try to get some vague credibility soon or people are going to stop buying them.

  • anna23

    Another tabloid BS from the same source(Kstew being pregnant)…If thats the case, she would not be able to hide her bulging belly!!!…So ridiculous!!! I have seen an old video of Rpatz where he was slightly tipsy..he looks so cute and seem to be in good spirits..But he looks absolutely in control even answering the papz..all in good fun..New Moon is a few days away to be released n these trashy gossip will keep cropping up everyday..Feel sad for Robsten..

  • Laura

    This is another fake story about poor Robert…leave him alone

  • elyse

    um… this is definitely fake. first, what would paris hilton be doing in vancouver. and second, how is he suppose to go out when he can barely make it down the street w/o crazed fans?

  • bettyel

    Claire Pattinson must really love reading these lies about her son. Where do they come up with this bullshit?

  • Trish4Rob

    Leave him alone!
    They are just two young people, Rob and Kristen who want to live a normal life without the paparazzi around them they obviously hate. They just want to be together, like a normal couple, so stop talking badly about him. Rob dosn’t need rehab
    Stop it!!!!!

  • Alyssa Bree

    Why would you even post this bullsh8t? You are no better than thr assh0les who wrote this.

  • tribecca

    Rob & Kristen,

    First of all, if you’re both reading this – so sorry you have to endure this sensationalist crap! To all the self serving rag-mags, how low can you go! You know, it’s not only the celebs you trash on a daily basis that are sick and tired of this but it has also worn thin with us fans. Get a life, leave these people alone. They are extraordinarily talented human beings, but they are also human beings, just like me and just like you. They have feelings, they have a God given right to a normal life. They eat, sleep, laugh, cry and function just like the rest of us. For every sleazy story you publish and every “exclusive photo” you print, you only scrape the bottom of the trash heap more and more. LEAVE THEM BE!!!