Dennis Hopper Has Prostate Cancer

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dennis HopperHOLLYWOOD veteran Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Easy Rider actor has now canceled all his travel plans as he focuses on getting treatment through a “special program” at the University of Southern California.

“We’re hoping for the best,” said Hopper’s manager Sam Maydew.

The 73-year-old star had to cancel an appearance at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image, where a collection of his artwork and photography — ‘Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood’ — is being shown.

Last month, Dennis was released from a New York hospital after being treated for dehydration.

It was initially reported the 73-year-old star was suffering from flu-like symptoms, but further details of his illness were not been released.

Dennis fell ill in New York while promoting his new TV series ‘Crash’, which is based on the 2004 Oscar-winning movie about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles of the same name. He plays music producer Ben Cendars.


  • Cadillac Colin Cody

    I have lost two friends recently to cancer. About a week after my friend, Steve Louden, passed away with bladder cancer, I ran across a health expert on TV who was interviewing an Italian oncologist telling about his extremely effective cancer cure protocol. Apparently, the treatment is quite inexpensive, side-effect free, permanent and works for all types of cancer (90% cure rate) other than that of the bones. He spoke of using hyperthermia at certain clinics in Germany for bone cancer patients. Dr. Simoncini’s clinic is in Rome and he has been curing cancer quite successfully with his technique for over 30 years. Had I known about him sooner, I would have put my friend on a jet for Rome and gotten him back in great health after about 48 days.

    I hope Dennis has validated his passport to heaven (Luke 9:23f) because, unless he sees Dr. Simoncini, he will probably be desperately in need of it soon. Over 500,000 people die yearly using conventional therapy–poison, cut and burn.

  • Arthur Rideout

    Dennis, you can whip this, I may have. I was diagnosed three years ago, treated with radiation and hormones. The side effects are horrible, but I need to stay around to care for my wife who has MS. Surely there’s someone you ned to care for.

  • Jeff Quatkemeyer

    Dennis: I’m terminal with Lung Cancer, but have passed my expiration date by 362 days. I feel lousey most of the time but I’m still on the right side of the dirt. Knowing intimately what you currently feel, I can say that it’s not over til it’s over. Fight on brother! We love you and need you! One day at a time. If you are enjoying Nulasta for your bone therapy, bomb out on the pain meds those days. No living thing should ever feel that undrugged… We’ll send all good kharma your way. Love you brother. Ride On and thanks for your contribution to my life! Jeff Q. Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • http://yahoo Shirley Polvadore

    Dennis we will misses you greatley,but ya know there is
    always a ray of hope and if it is not your time to go
    and if so we will miss you deeply,My sister died 8 years
    ago with brain cancer and I know what your going through.
    God Bless you and be with you

    comment by Shirley Polvadore