Anna Nicole Smith Ex Will Stand Trial Over Drugs Claims

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anna Nicole SmithANNA Nicole Smith‘s ex-boyfriend and two of her doctors are set to stand trial over claims they supplied the former Playboy model with drugs.

Howard K. Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and psychiatrist Dr. Khristine Eroshevich will appear in front of a jury after a judge who heard sometimes shocking testimony about the flood of prescription drugs provided to Smith ruled Friday there was sufficient evidence to try the defendants on charges of conspiring to give Smith sedatives and opiates.

Defense lawyers had argued that the trio tried desperately to save the doomed model in her waning years, including a period when she gave birth to a daughter and lost her grown son to a drug overdose.

Anna Nicole was found dead in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida in February 2007.

One of the last pieces of prosecution evidence introduced was a transcript of an investigator’s interview of a Smith friend who said she saw Stern placing pills in her mouth.

“He poured them in her mouth like you would a bird,” Gina Shelley said in the interview.

All three defendants pleaded not guilty, If convicted they each could face more than five years in prison. A Dec. 11 arraignment was set.

Eroshevich was the only defendant to comment after the hearing.

“I understand that I have to go through this process,” she said.


  • http://? BOBBIE EVANS

    I do not think Howard K. Stern should be punished any
    further. Our news media and justice system have given
    him no peace and raked him through the “blame” system
    enough.We are at the tail-end of a long story where we
    were not present and all is left is a lot of hearsay evidence. There are a lot of scenarios that can be made here so it’s now something that can not be proven without a shadow of a doubt. We weren’t there to know how it played out. We are too quick to “blame.” Always “judge.”
    Mr. Stern did any and all he could in HIS POWER to look
    after and care for Anna Nicole according to HER wishes
    and according to his commitment both to himself and to
    her. Let’s let him grieve.

  • Wildfirerebel

    I agree, leave her best friend alone. Where was everyone else when she needed a friend to talk to. You can’t always make someone do what is right but you can be there for them no matter what.
    She is/was a beautiful soul that faded too soon

  • ilaw

    Sad life of lovely Anna Nicole. She was hooked on prescription drugs and like Michael Jackson, those closest who were responsible for her care tried to please and appease her by giving her what she needed. Noboby recommended rehab when they first started their downward spiraling drug life. It just became more intense, ridiculous and out of control and turned into a nightmare.

  • StrangerInMoscow

    All three individuals are MORE than culpable in the death of both Anna Nicole Smith as well as that of her son Daniel Smith.
    The only difference is that the decision to prosecute is taking place here in the U.S. rather than in the Bahamas so they will not be afforded the opportunity to manipulate the legal system in thier favor as they were able to do on Bahamian soil.
    May they all get what they so richly deserve as soon as possible when they are at last held accountable for thier actions,…which can be described as nothing less than predatory and self serving in addition to being completely illegal.
    When did it become NORMAL that if an addict is of celebrity status and is surrounded by dealers who are Physicians and Attornies in thier “day-jobs”,…and see fit to wear the hat of personal Med-Tech. during thier private hours with the end result being that thier friend/client dies as a direct result of thier after hours prescription dispencing,.. to act as if the same laws that apply to all of the rest of us simpley just do not apply to thier case and therefore the law is not applicable to them as they are above such laws which govern the rest of us mere mortals???,…
    If the average individual behaved with such complete and total disregard,…such blatent callousness and lack of reasonable concern toward the health and well being of another,….they would find themselves tried,..convicted,..and serving out thier debt to society quicker than you can say “JACK FLASH”.
    The addict is an addict true,…however these individuals knew that very fact all along and did everything within thier power to make sure that not only did the addiction flourish,…but even went FAR beyond the call of “friendly concern” to supply the addiction by any and all means possible,..even though they were all more than well aware that those means were and are illegal and in this paticular case deadly.
    The sooner they are locked up the better,….even the addicted deserve justice.
    Get dirt bags like these off our streets,….after all, can give a person a white coat and a presciption pad ,…or in the case of H.K.S. a legal degree,….however if they take it upon themselves to both procure and despence various assorted narcotics illegally during thier personal time,…well we call that illegal distribution around these parts.
    A drug dealer is a drug dealer is a drug dealer,….
    The common man that deals drugs for whatever reason must answer for his actions,….so should these three.
    The words ,…”and justice for all.” ,..should hold true for all of us ,….even the addicted,..even if those addicted have achieved position and notoriety and are considered to be of celebrity status.

  • belicoso

    Stern and these doctors are on the hot seat and they deserve to have the book thrown right at them. I cannot imagine a medically sound reason for prescribing the amount of drugs that were being given to Anna, and I can’t imagine that the Court will be persuaded that the doctors were unaware that drugs were being issued to aliases and in Howard’s name all in furtherance of Anna’s addiction. Best case scenario: it was all malpractice and those doctors will never work again…..Worst case scenario: the filthy lot of them are convicted for their alleged crimes and are sentenced to prison. Not a bright future for this group, but then anyone whose plan was to hang on to Anna Nicole’s coat-tails didn’t have a bright future anyway.

  • Jann Yanoff

    I used to write for a web-log just like yours, but then I quit. Definitely keep it up, you’re a great blogger!! :D

  • Katie

    Howard K stern is not directly guilty of prescripting medication to addict but he is quilty by association.If you truely love someone (you will go against their wishes even if you loose them)to try to save them.He was just in it for the money like the other two.For god sakes one of the doctors was a pyschologist.Aren’t they professional trained to recognize a addict and try to prevent them from killing them selves.The other doctor was a medical doctor also so he should have known better about prescibing pain killers right and left to a addict.So much for the hipacratical oath.I think all three of them were in it for the money.

    I think the only one who truely loved her besides her late son was the one who is the father of her daughter Danni Lyn,that photographer.In someways I think her wacko family back in Texas loved her in their sorta wierd way.She was just to drugged out of her mind to realize that before it was too late.

    Hollywood is also partially guilty for her death for kicking her to the curb when she got old and gained weight.She new this.She said even in a episode of her show on tv that hollywood was mean and cruel.

  • Bobbie Evans

    I certainally agree that Howard K. Stern has has enough negative about who he is and I don’t think he should be bothered by the law anymore. If everything is hearsay (which it seems to be)– the people tesifiying2 are only passing along “hearsay.” He’s been thru enough as I’m sure it’s been a nighrmare. Life is too short. He deserves his life back to move forward.
    Hello Team HOWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!