Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want to be Like Angelina Jolie

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kristen StewartKRISTEN Stewart loves being an actress — but she hates being famous.

Kristen — who shot to fame in the Twilight movie series — says doesn’t want to reach the superstar heights of Angelina Jolie.

“I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie,” Kristen, 19, told Britain’s Fabulous magazine. “Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive.”

Kristen then went on to compare Robert Pattinson‘s character Edward Cullen to the concept of celebrity.

“Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame,” she said. “As a vampire he has a sad, desolate life — fame is the same.”

Kristen recently revealed that she regrets signing up to star in Twilight.

“I had no idea it would turn out like this when I signed up for the movie,” she said. “And I am glad I didn’t because it would’ve tripped me out.”



  • nora

    hey adam , she never said she regrets signing up for twilight. i can’t understand do you always exagarate like that. i believe that the only thing you want is that people hate her. WHY?

  • Paris

    BUT Angelina is a good actor who plays in good movies…. Remember, Changeling,Alexander , Gia and the other movie in which she played alongside Winona Ryder and got the OScar!! I mean this girl really needs some advice from someone in the industry… She should not point out anyone in the industry, she may end up playing alongside Angelina Jolie one day… She is not smart at all.. These are not smart moves!!!! I mean i would have understood is she said JLO or Paris Hilton. She should at least learn when to shut up… It does not do any good if you are this honest in Hollywood, show your honesty in some other things ….She should know that if you become a good actor and get tons of awards which i am sure she wants that to happen to her in the future, if she doesn’t , it means she is not serious at all-you get famous helplessly and get photographed and written about… And if you happen to fall for another actor , the hype gets bigger. It is unevitable… It is a take it or leave it situation… You cannot love the rose without enduring the thorns…


    i dont like u too…kristen stewart!

  • jiji

    i don’t like you too….. tweet

  • Maha

    Well i like KRISTEN and no i’m not a Twilight fan so let me get this strait if she don’t want to reach Angie status she should know better not to mention her name coz any thing attached to Angie’s name that mean big buzz well i don’t think her statement have any thing against Angie but the tab. will make it big and ugly.

  • twinutter

    ANOTHER piece of gossip simply called TRASH. it’s for media people like you why this girl doesn’t want to be as big as jolie. enough trashing things for her, stop misquoting and take things out of context. we feel the real deal here so you can’t mess with us kstew fans. by this point, she is the most down to earth celebrity we could ever have in hollywood. better be happy by that!

  • Paris

    I agree with Nora … There is something going on here…Either these guys are making these stories up for the people to hate her or she is really stupid. Angelina Jolie is a good actress, she just happened to fall in love with the -one time- most coveted guy in Hollywood and became a tabloid material.. That is not her fault, you cannot simply choose who to fall in love with in life. Other than this, she is a humanitarian and philantropist and UN goodwill ambassador. Plus i believe she is a very good and caring mother… She acted in so many good movies and won an Academy Award… So by looking at Angelina’s career and life Kristen only sees the paparazzi and tabloid aspect of it and disregards the awards and nominations she has gotten , the good reviews she has earned over the years and the enourmous amount of donations she has made throughout her life. Plus, she is very very young.. In my opinion Angelina has a career which can set an example for young hollywood stars. It is hard to find an actress with that sex appeal and beauty who cares about the orphans all around the world and travels to Iraq for refugees and prisoners of war…. She has a political side too. She is a smart and brave woman… She does not care about money and fame at all… I am telling you if these tabloids make these stories up , and manipulate her own words she should sue them or at least have her rep. publicly stat that she was misunderstood. If she is really saying these words, her career will not even last enough to even reach Angelina’s celebrity status, so she shouldn’t worry… I really hope that Kristen is not that DUMB and uncultured…

  • Daisy

    Exactly.. Either the magazines want people to hate her or she is really stupid. Angelina Jolie has a very successfull career, she played in so many good movies and won many awards including an Oscar. She has earned so many nominations. Plus, she is a very good and caring mother. She has made so many donations for orphans and children of the third world countries. She has traveled to many war zones such as Iraq and Cambodia.. to adopt and donate..She is very brave and generous both with her time and money.. Have you seen any other celeb with that sex appeal and beauty who travels all around the world to help people and stay there in very bad conditions ? She has done all of that at a very young age. She is the UN goodwill ambassador.. She just happened to fall in love with the- one time- most coveted man in Hollywood and became a tabloid icon. So by looking at her career Kristen only sees her celebrity persona and disregards the whole humanitarian and philantropist sides. I think she tries to look cool by underestimating and despising celebrities.. I really am not sure if she even follows hollywood news, if she knows what exactly people do.. I mean she despises and Angelina and idolizes Joan Jett !!! WOWWWW, a very good choice.. I am surprised she did not mention Courtney Love and Nancy Spungen amongst her role models..Oh no, Actually i won’t be surprised by anything which would come out her mouth anymore…

  • sophia

    this blog is so beatiful for sure.