Nicole Kidman Puts Family First, Career Second

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nicole KidmanNICOLE Kidman insists she’ll always put her family first.

The Aussie actress — who has a daughter, Sunday Rose, with her country music star husband Keith Urban as well as two adopted children Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16, from her marriage to Tom Cruise – says her career comes second to her role as a wife and mother.

“Now my priority is my family — my baby and my husband — that’s non-negotiable,” the actress told Britain’s SHE magazine. “I’m not going on location unless we all go together. I’ve worked hard enough — and it’s now all about resting and enjoying.”

Asked what her two older children think of Sunday, Kidman said, “Well, she’s their second baby sister [Cruise has a three-year-old daughter Suri] and they’re 16 and 14 and only interested in their friends, but they are good with her. Connor wants a boy — maybe I will try again.”

Kidman’s plans for the future? “Nothing!” she said. “Christmas. Country living. I’m growing vegetables, driving our very cool 1950s pick-up truck… We have hay! We have deer and skunks!

“And we have bobcats on our 40 acres, as well as four alpacas — as pets. Not for their wool — I’m not knitting, but because I love their eyelashes!”


  • Puddin Pie

    First of all, it should be GOD first, FAMILY second, CAREER third. Priorities are something that seem difficult for celebrities to grasp. As for the two previously ADOPTED children with Tom Cruise, they seem to belong to TOM, not Nicole Kidman.

    She was kicked to the curb by her former husband and until she learns what being a wife and mother is, she will continue to fail at both prospects. Just an opinion and hardly worth the time to write it.

    • Babs

      I agree 100%. The woman is the biggest fame seeker ever. She has said all of this crap before. Yes we know, Nicole. You are a saint. Saint Nicole. Everyone comes before you. She just may have to learn to put them first, because her movie career is in the toilet.

  • Ally Freeman

    Why don’t we hear her age its a real mess i mean we need to now

    Ally Freeman

  • Ally Freeman

    She also is a women who dare i mean she did make womens rights