Clint Eastwood ‘Struggles to Stay Awake on Movie Set’

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clint EastwoodIS it time for Clint Eastwood to retire?

The 79-year-old Hollywood legend — who’s currently shooting new movie Hereafter – apparently struggles to keep his eyes open when he’s at work and is constantly yawning.

According to the National Enquirer, Eastwood’s gaunt appearance has shocked his colleagues — who think he’s trying his best to prove he’s still fit.

“It looks like he tries to prove he’s still fit but he seems to have rings under his eyes. To me, he looks ancient, frail and tired-looking,” a source told the tabloid.

“It’s sad to see him in his later years,” added another onset insider. “I first fell in love with him in Rawhide, when he as so tall and handsome. He’s still a big man, but now the walk seems slower. I guess age catches up with everyone in the end.”

Clint said earlier this year that he’s not too old to be an action man.

“I still enjoy the physical side of it,” he said of acting.

“I enjoy the action part of my movies immensely. And I must say, I still do enough running to keep in decent enough shape that I could still do one or two rooftops.”


  • Bill Miller

    Clint, You're still the man!!

    • GUEST


    • TX GIRL

      You bet he is still the man. He could still kick any of the "new" action people's behind. WE STILL LOVE YA CLINT!!!!!!!

    • john wood

      he is the best. actually, he should have run for president. we could use a kick ass guy in office. and i dont think his age is slowing him down a bit.

      • playerpatsy

        i John I so agree with you i always thought he should be president, He'd straighten the country out, The man is a class act

        Patsy ercoli

    • kim

      I agree, Bill. I would love to see any of these so called critics do half the things Clint does, let alone be in half as good of shape at their present age as he is at 79. I think the man is an icon, and it's not for us to decide when he should retire. Besides, get all the facts before you make a comment about a man who writes, directs produces and acts. I think it's very shameful for someone to make a remark about a man as tallented, who has given so much to our entertainment industry. I think we would be in sad shape, If we all jumped to conclusions so quickly.

    • Pal

      Clint, Go Ahead…Keep Making Our Day! Only if you feel lucky. Well Do Ya Punk.

    • playerpatsy

      Bill I couldn't agree with you more, Clint is the bomb I don't care how old he is , He is the best actor in the world, along being the most handsome man on this earth………..

      Patsy Ercoli

      That's one person I've always wanted to meet, He just seems so interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moss

    I've been a fan of his for more years than I can remember. He has given the world more than enough. It's time for him to bask in the sunset of his glorious life…enjoy retirement and stay away from Hollywood.

    • Clint Eastwood

      …and just wither away? No thanks.


      • Max Harader

        Clint you are my HERO and always will made a great impression upon all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jackie

        Age is only a number! But that is only understood by a person who eventually reaches the "age" and can verify it. Staying fit, good nutrition, staying healthy and being active allows any person the opportunity of longevity. While most people prefer to be sedentary at an earlier and earlier age, some continue to maintain their bodies, challenge their creative minds and nourish their souls. Shame on anyone who thinks that we should quit everything at a certain age.

    • kevin in ohio

      you'll always be the bomb clint !!! Don't ever say " I Quit "

    • shawn

      says who? you? please.

    • Terry

      Yes your right it's time to set back and look back at what he's done in his life. I know my dad who is 80 was alway stronge like Clint and now he has Parkins and still try's to do what he did 20 years or more ago and it's sad to see this in a person. I've been a Clint fan for more than 30 years he's done many great things in his life.

  • leon

    Clint, I enjoy all your movies. Keep up the good work. You still "Bad to the bone!!"

  • Stan

    Mr. Eastwood has given so much entertainment to us as an actor, if he wants to give more in these late years then I am willing to see it. Let him do what ever he wants, he is my favorite actor and I can't get enough of him. Clint Eastwood and John Wayne are on the same level of hollywood greatness.

    • Donny

      Stan, you took the words right outta my mouth. Clint and John were from the same mold.

    • Alice

      You are exactly right Stan, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood r the only real men in movies, I named my first son after Clint, when I went to the Japenese theater in Calif. he is the only one I had my picture taken with I love them both

    • guest

      John Wayne was a pilgrim compared to Eastwood.

  • Dave

    At a Boy Clint. You hang in there and be all you can be. Beside even those you know will wish you well and say retire will still jump to go see your movies. I hope I can do the things you do when I'm in the Golden Years. I don't want my brain saying USMC and the body saying Go Fish. (Not to be rude to those that do fish) So stay busy and give us more.

  • colleen

    maybe he has heart problems and has a blockage somewhere. being tired is one sign of a stroke.

    • Andrew

      he could also be tired. he is nearly 80 and film actors often work 12-hour days.

  • Chuck

    Clint ,Do whatever you want whenever you want.You might have another 20 films , another 20 years.I have enjoyed your films for as long as I can remember.The press can be always fishing for a story.You could have been out with 3 models for a all nighter

  • Lori

    Still the most talented actor/director/producer in Hollywood.

    • Elaine

      absolutely agree…there will never be anyone who can compare

  • Jimmy-San Antonio

    Hey Clint…I hope you're still watching as comments are posted here.
    Moss has no idea the hours an actor, director, writer and all put in to
    bring the script to life on screen…he's an idiot….and the media fools
    who write scam should be shot.

    I've followed you're entire career…including political and public service
    You're a leader in all arenas…you're acting goes outside the box so
    nobody can streotype you…even though Rowdy and Harry are BIG…
    all your works set the bar for any actor, director, writer and politician.

    I'ld be really dissappointed if you stopped pushing the envelope in
    any arena you feel like contributing…keep paving the way and know
    that you have an infinite amount of fans yesterday, today and more
    coming long after we're all gone…

    I believe the world would welcome another Dirty Harry too…

  • Mike Pinell

    Of all the actors in the world,, CLINT EASTWOOD is my favorite.. I'm hoping to meet him and shake his hand before him or I die..I'm a true CLINT EASTWOOD fan.. Love ya Clint…..mike

  • Judy

    Clint still looks great, maybe he has slowed a little but don't we all at some point, keep on truckin.

  • Jim Blasdell

    Clint, you still owe us a movie. Not your last, I hope, but still it must be done soon. "Rawhide!" The one that started it al for you should come in the sunset years. Story line… One last herd and you are the matured Rowdy, guiding the upstart wrangler on how it was when the drive was required. Please add Tom ellick, Anthony Hopkins, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman and a host of your buddies for a "Round the campfire, once in a lifetime ending to such great careers."
    But, it's just a dream… Right?

    • Floyd Brown

      I think your idea for a movie is great.

  • mark

    I think he looks great for 79. I could see him on a horse in a western no problem. Let me rephrase that, I have been waiting and damn sure would like to see him in a western, we need good movies again.

    • Nikolai

      Then rent "Unforginven"! Still, I agree, I would like to see Eastwood in at least one more shoot 'em up western on a scale of "The Outlaw Josey Wales."


    your good, your bad, and your not ugly keep on trucking MR. CLINT

  • Barry in Baton Rouge

    Hey, Hollywood Tabloid Trash writers posing as journalists, you all WISH you could even come halfway close to the greatness of this LEGEND in the business that you guys claim to be "covering"; leave the man alone, he's 79 years old after all, and he probably could/can run circles around your pathetic asses still as it is……………………………

    • Renee

      Barry you are soooo right on. We all hope to be that active at 79. It's like people think you should look perfect at that age. Too many don't even make it that long, much less star in movies.

  • A. C. Green

    Drowsiness in the daytime is also a sign of sleep dysfunction. Some of us just have an inherited tendency to have trouble sleeping. There's at least 6 generations of it in my family. I have it myself. So what? Life goes on. Clint is still one of our greatest actors. Always has been.

    • annonymous

      I get tired at 57 and I don't have sleep apnea..usually boredom makes me sleepy.haha. When you are older you tire out more, plain and simple.

      You keep on entertaining us to the day you die, Mr Eastwood. I wish more older actors will still around giving us pleasure. Unfortunately, Hollywood is the one tha puts them out to pasture. It's all about youth and sexuality these days. I'll take a Clint, Sean Connery, or Michael Caine any day over a Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron.

  • Adan

    Clint, you are among the best actors/producers/directors in the world. It has been a great honor in this lifetime to see people such as yourself bring movies to a whole level. From "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and "Heartbreak Ridge" to "In the Line of Fire" and "Gran Tarino". It has been a great pleasure watching your movies…. although I am only 27, I have watched and enjoyed cllecting all of your films. Whether or not "Hereafter" is your last film or not, you will always be in our hearts…. God bless you and your family and thank you for all the great movies! Congratulations on your award.

    -EO2 (SCW) Caballero, Adan
    Naval MObile Construction Battalion Three.

    • shirley

      The guy can sing to, I like paint your wagon.,I have seen it several times and can't wait to hear clint sing

  • George

    Been a fan of yours for what seems a lifetime. Do what you want to. You'll know when it's time to change. We all do. It's a fact of life. Play some golf, do some acting, whatever fires your gun! You'll always be one of the best! Peace baby!

  • MIchelle

    Uh oh — I am tired and yawn a lot. (I'm 50) I hope there are no reporters from the National Enquirer print a story about me.

  • Albert


    We love you Bro. Don't kill yourself trying to prove yourself. As a 70 year old myself, the body starts to talk loud and clear to use in this territory. So Do what is necessary to hang around for us to enjoy you for many more years to come.

    I suggest gettng out of the rigors or every day acting / producing / directing and start promoting jazz concerts – which we all know you and your son Kyle love so well.

    All the best (Bro)

  • Pam Wallace

    Clint will always be at the top of all the actors list no matter what age…What about Gran Torino? That movie was excellent. News media can be so heartless!!!

  • Albert


    We love you Bro. Don't kill yourself trying to prove yourself. As a 70 year old myself, I know the body starts to talk loud and clear to us at this age. So Do what is necessary to hang around for us to enjoy you for many more years to come.

    I suggest gettng out of the rigors of every day acting / producing / directing and start promoting jazz concerts – which we all know you and your son Kyle love so well.

    All the best (Bro)
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  • David

    You never know people….Clint could be on some sort of medication that causes drowsiness. That and movie sets are probably pretty boring. I need a nap every day too!

  • lee

    its actors like you is why america still has heros,you are my friend forever

  • Scorpio

    Hey Mr. Eastwood, In your reply about retiring, I agree with you 100%! as your character said " A MANS GOTTA KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS" you are the best judge of that. Do as you wish, you've earned it.

  • Judy1Cat

    I'm 67 and struggle to stay awake, too! So what!!! Clint, I loved "Gran Torino".

  • david carney

    Clint Eastwood has been working all his life in movies and behind the camera.He's like Paul Newman.You never hear a bad thing about him.The press only reports bad things,sex scandels etc.Sooo when they see Clint tired from working they jump all over him.Clint will retire when he wants not when they want him too.Keep up the work you are number 1 in my book.

  • dennis sanders

    The next time you wake up startled grab a hand gun and see if those punks feel lucky. Thanks for "Outlaw Wells Josie" Actually have watched it over 100 times. I know all the lines: everyones.

  • Larry Carter

    The National Enquirer is a rag and it's sources are a bunch of ratty bastards .

  • The Blah-ger

    He's tired from being up all night chasing bad guys and skirts

  • madmilker

    Matt Damon couldn't be a hair on Clint's @ss.

  • Kevin

    It must be a slow day for the tabloid trash writers. Come on guys, really? Clint Eastwood is by far the best actor, director, writer and producer as well as composer that I have had the pleasure watching. It is my opinion that if he feels up to doing what he has been so good at for so many years, he should do so. I can only hope that I have half the energy that he does when I'm 79. Keep shootin' Clint. I'm looking foward to seeing a lot more of you and your work in the future. Good luck to you!!!

  • Dave

    Wow what a scoop. A 79 year old getting a little tired on a movie set. Holy crap stop the presses. Seriously, Clint is a film legend and one of my all-time favorite actors, if he wants to sleep on the set he can damn well sleep on the set. They can film when he wakes up.

  • Matt

    Retire, No Way Punk !!!!! Did i make 90 movies or was it 80 ? Go ahead Make Another Movie. Clint , you are one of a kind and you and only you will know when you are ready to relax and sit back and retire. I love all your movies and cant think of anyone doing what you have done. Thank you. Keep on keepin on and enjoy.

  • rick


  • willy52

    These so -called "set insiders" need to stfu and let Clint do whatever he wants on the set.He's paid his dues and can yawn,doze or hum the theme from "Rawhide" if he wants.People that gossip or diss like that are no more than wannabes.

  • Mike Pinell


  • mumum

    Clint you are a legend,

    This story, the person writing it and the media are showing why their profession gets less credible as time goes on… trying to stir up controversy is the lowest form of media and they should feel embarrased (especially the "source" in this article and the writer who had nothing better to do but print this? idiots.

  • Old

    I have trouble staying awake at work after lunch myself….maybe they should retire me….

  • Rogers

    I always remeber all that you have done.With many roles,you portray.From Westerns,to Military movies(Heart break ridge) to Police officer. I salute you. r Alexandre USMC

  • Sticktime

    Clint, I first met you in SF in 70-71 while filming Dirty Harry. I was in the Army and you were gracious to the soldiers when it wasn't popular. In 79 you emceed the 50th birthday of the CHP at the academy and we met again. You did a stellar job. I saw you again in Acton CA during the filming of Blood Work and you are still an imposing figure. You have inspired many and one word that describes you is simply "Class". You could have a huge ego but do not. You don't have to be humble but are. You and the "Duke" are two American heros that will never go away.

  • eddie

    I used to do background acting and I can tell you from a fact, that what Clint does is the most booooooooring thing on the planet. ANYONE would fall asleep! On the set, most of the time you are standing around waiting for the scene (cameras lighting) to get set up. Sometimes, hours, if there are problems. I have fallen asleep(which is a BIG no-no on set) myself just waiting (boredom).

    I'm not a big star like Clint, but they have alot of downtime, waiting for the actual shoot. And they are human like me. They will get frustrated, tired and want to cat nap! A lot of stars do it, not just Clint.

    Gaunt and frail? Hell! I wish I looked that good and I'm 50! The set 'insiders' reporting this, were probably assistants and 2nd AD's, who are basically brain dead people you see, in all those zombie movies. ROCK ON CLINT AND F THE ZOMBIES!

    • Douglas James

      Hi Eddie. I have been a background extra for 37 years now and totally agree with you on 2nd AD's. I have seen some of them come all unglued when filming is on a PUBLIC street and people have their cameras out. Don't these people know about PUBLIC DOMAIN! The crew on the T.V. show 'Trauma' are great though. Have submitted many times and have been called once. I too hope I am as active as Clint when I get to be his age ( I am 58) Why did you give up Background work? Not much going on in the Bay-Area except for 'Trauma' Good Luck to you.

  • Toad

    Clint: Keep it going. Your an amazing man, and should continue to do JUST as you wish ALA, Brett Favre.
    By the way. I yawn too, and I'm old 60.

  • David Melnick

    Eastwood is 79…there is no need (at all) to prove he is a great actor. He has always been that. Scorpio's statement was xcellent.

  • gilli

    Who cares what they think? You're simply the best. Keep doing what you do best for as long as you want

  • Ingrid

    Hats off to you Clint Eastwood. You're still the greatest! Just keep on going, it keeps you young and we love you no matter what age you are.

  • skam

    clint will kick your ass!!

  • Bob Harris

    Mr. Eastwood, my grand-kids told me to watch your movie the Gran Tarino. They told me I would like it. They told me what it was about and I said to myself this doesn't sound good. Then they told me this new actor is in it Clint Eastwood. I said to my grand-kids he has been in movies for years. They told me he is good. I told them, know he is the best. You make a differences in everyone's life. Thank you for all your movies. You made me see the good life I have today, you made my day/life.

  • Everett Faulkner

    i have grown up watching every movie clint eastwood has ever made and have had the opportunity to visit his bar in monterey/carmel (Sadie's) while stationed at Ft Ord, CA during the 70's thru 90's. i just wish i could have the real opportunity physically meet him in person and spend at least hour or so getting to know the real man behind the character. Sincerely, Everett Faulkner, Woodland, CA

  • Gail

    I am wondering why so many fans are male as opposed to female. My thought is that the women of today don't go so much for the strong, silent type, like him and John Wayne. I always liked Clint, but I'm almost as old as he is.

  • Cheryl

    He's still great to me. Who cares what the National Enquirer says they will write anything to sell there magazine.

  • rodney

    clint eastwood will still kick you newspaper weenies ass.

  • Jules

    He's having trouble staying awake because he's up late partying. I used to struggle to stay awake in college classes…..BIG DEAL!

  • Victor Hintz

    We are the same age. We both lived in oakland Ca. I have always wanted to meet you personally. Not that i am an outstanding person but a pleasure to have met you personly. it would have been an honer.

  • Spa31rky

    Clint…………….Do what you want………You have earned it well………..never worry about those that never have and all they can do is put things in the paper to try to make you seem less. You have forgotten more than they will ever attempt to do…….Thank you for your time of entertaining the world and giving such impressions for us to remember.



  • Joseph

    I have been a fan since I was born in Africa. You are a gift from God Mr. Eastwood, and I am happy that you are even live at this age. Keep on going until the Lord say's it's time to come home. God bless you and your family for making us happy with so many of your talent's.You sir, are one in a million.






  • Chuck

    Clint , you remind me of my dad. He's 81, although he's on dialisis three days a week.


  • Dave

    What a piece of shit of an article. Another spewing from some worthless blogger that has no facts to back anything up. The National Enquirer as a source? Pffft! Clint Eastwood could kick most mens asses half is age. He should have kicked Spike Lee's sorry racist ass.

  • Bob LeHane

    Clint Eastwood is more than just an actor, is more than just a man!. Through the many years we have watch him entertain us one thing can be said about him, Clint Eastwood is a presents! and that puts him up there on the top of the list with other legendary actors such as Charlton Heston, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda and so on. I know that these actors are from another time but actors like them did not just play a part in a movie, They actually became the part !. It was an essence with in them and that what makes them so legendary ! Mr. Eastwood only you know when to stop. As you have said in many of your movies " A Mans got to know his limitations "

  • Christine

    Clint, keep on as long as you can, we never tire of you asleep or awake. We love you!

  • edwn

    To the Main Man,
    Your one of my greatest inspirations.
    Thats why i will compete till the end. So dont you ever stop!!!
    Your ultimate fan.

    Master Edwin Castro
    (50 Years old baby!!!!)

  • Mark Stone

    You are the man, nobody will be as good as you !

  • Hank

    love all his movies

  • Dru

    Evaluate diet.. Blood sugar. Little more rest, good sleep. A cat nap during the day.
    Good physical . Don't be scared. Allergies? Gain five pounds. Little less caffeine. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big change. Some fun, recreation. Money is good, but you cannot take it with you.
    What's happening with the Lord, might give you an energy boost there. .. look into some
    vitamins. Smoker, may have beginning emphysema, make sleepy. Stop, will give more energy.

  • David B

    Do what you love to do! Hell with some writer that sits on is ass all day and has never done anything to and to keep happiness in his life.

  • Delfort

    I hope he make another Dirty Harry movie before time gets near but this time Dirty Harry gets shot and they give him a going away it would be out of sight if hollywood could pull that off but Mr. Eastwood I own a 44 mag and I call all 44 mag now Eastwood name after you cause you made great movies and thank you wish I could be in a movie with you it would be a honor sir.


  • Delfort

    I hope he make another Dirty Harry movie before time gets near but this time Dirty Harry gets shot and they give him a going away it would be out of sight if hollywood could pull that off but Mr. Eastwood I own a 44 mag and I call all 44 mag now Eastwood name after you cause you made great movies and thank you wish I could be in a movie with you it would be a honor sir.

  • Gary in Orlando

    Clint Eastwood with his eyes closed can out act, direct and produce better movies than 95% of Hollywood. Maybe I'm greedy but I want to see more of his long as he wants to continue. He is the best! Thanks Clint!

  • zeke1312

    "I guess age catches up with everyone in the end". No shit Sherlock. A comment made to some "Tabloid". Wait and see for yourself (if you are lucky to live that long). Hey, of Clint wants to continue the more power to him. You never yawned at work?

  • Daemyon

    At 79, after 60 years in the business and countless successes and fan bases…he's entitled to yawn, fart, snooze or drool if he so feels! My God; do these paparazzi have nothing better to do than to denigrade even the best of the public figures when they're vulnerable?!

  • Darlene

    Mr. Eastwood–because of u we still believe in film-sometimes with all the crap its hard to-my favorite of all times–Bridges of Madison County–have seen it at home 10 or more times and 10 more is still not enough-i believe in your acting and what you do in film–do what you have to do–onllly you know what that is–we love you man–just look at all the comments–hugs–happy holidays

  • Dru

    Clint Eastwood. You may not feel your age, mentally you are functioning about age 50 probably, and __that is great, even forty. By that I mean you are not losing your mental abilities. You must not let your brain kill your body, your drive. Your brain wants to live forever, your body doesn't always want to cooperate .If you abuse it with cigarettes, caffeine, not enough rest, not enough vitamins, not a good diet, not proper nutrition. Eval diet, check blood sugar, get a catnap (those people who have been the
    brains have taken catnaps) quality sleep, gain five pounds if underweight. Maybe not. Try the other first., . cut down on the caffeine, cigarettes,
    watch the sugar refined food. Diet. is very important ..refined stuff, flour, cornsyrup, all those problems. As you get older
    food intolerances and allergies get worse, BS goes up at times. Lung function? By all means get a physical. Maybe just had a night doing trivia or studying algebra or music. Get a hobby. You cannot
    take this money with you. Recreation is important. I said a lot of that but it didn't show up. Sorry if I am repeating myself. I needed to add something.

  • Karen e

    He looks good for 79…….once you stop doing what you love you die

  • Michael McCormick

    When Clint Eastwood hits the pearly gates, he will say to St. Peter, " You feelin' lucky punk? "

  • Raj

    even if he is only awake for a part of the filming, hes still one of the best out there.

  • LOU


  • Nancy

    Stay with me friend. You are appreciated by us (70+) all the way down to the youngsters. Take a nap when you need to, Eienstein and Seth confirmed that taking the intelligence out of the physical body about every 4 to 6 hours was best for both.

    Keep sharing.

  • kuglup

    what a treasure! keep goin' there, Clint…you're one of the few worth watching anymore! kuglup

  • Bud Clark

    Clints da man. His movies are the best ever. And he is the best Director or our time. Let him decide when to retire. I have seen so many men and women retire and then just seem to slowly fade away into the sunset. By the way if some of out national airline pilots take catnaps (while flying) what's wrong with Clint closing his eyes occasionally while he is on his own set?

  • Donna Lee Copman

    I am proud to say I have a been a CLINT EASTWOOD fan since I was 9 years old – and I am now 57! That's a long time. Discovered him on Rawhide and never looked back. Knew he'd be the BEST: actor/producer/director…all around iconic, handsome, sexy and fascinating actor and man. He is NOT so old! They take the photos out of context! Everyone yawns, for God's sake. And better he should be too thin than too heavy (heart attack fat!) He has always been tall & lanky. That's his nature. Everyone gets tired. My dad lived to be 94. 79 is different in these times! Clint; keep going & going! He has a young wife and young chldren & grandchildren to keep him going and happy. Also he is constantly full of new and wonderful ideas. I agree that he should do a Rawhide movie as the older Rowdy Yates. HOw cool would that be!! Anything he does is great. Always has been, will be. ROCK ON CLINT! I wish I could meet you someday. Chances are slim but one can hope!! Love, your eternal fan, Donna Lee Copman

  • Dan

    Mr Eastwood I have enjoyed your movies for years and i agree keep doing what you do best . and i like the idea of anouther western how about a final salute to Rawhide it was a great show a long with many others. Your work is very hard and i Salute you Sir. Iam currently serving in the Army and I know you can still Give them Hell. Your last movie made me cheer you on(again) and laugh at the Punks. Take care and God Bliss you and your family . Dan US. Army

  • Richard

    What the hey. So Clint is a little tired. Hell he is 79 years old. He is making a freakin movie. So mabey he needs a power nap or something. Nothing wrong with that. He is a legemd and a talent. If we are lucky we grow old in style. If we are lucky we grow old without too many health issues. Some are lucky just to grow old. Here is Clint getting tired and sleepy and people are ready to retire him. Clint kicks ass!!

  • Dale Carr

    You are still my man Clint!!!!

  • Leonard

    No better actors than Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Jack Palance and too many others to mention. Clint, we viewers of your many movies all think the news media needs to keep quiet. They get on a subject and won't or refuse to give up until they think they have ripped it to pieces. You are the MAN and no one can take that away. Haven't we all at one point in our life yawned or closed our eyes when attending an event? I think so because I personnally am guilty. I say "A man has to do, what a man has to do." YOU are that MAN and keep doing what you have to do. We love you Clint.

  • Leonard

    No better actors than Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Jack Palance and too many others to mention. Clint, we viewers of your many movies all think the news media needs to keep quiet. They get on a subject and won't or refuse to give up until they think they have ripped it to pieces. You are the MAN and no one can take that away. Haven't we all at one point in our life yawned or closed our eyes when attending an event? I think so because I personnally am guilty. I say "A man has to do, what a man has to do." YOU are that MAN and keep doing what you have to do. We love you Clint.

  • dave

    reporter adam couldnt even lick Clints boot bottoms, what a loser

  • alma

    Everyone needs to leave this man alone. If he can get up, get dressed and report for duty at his age he's still got it going on.

  • stevie


  • David Del Toro

    I am a man, and I am not gay, but I will cry when this icon that represented men as MEN dies. After him, who will keep the old school masculinity alive in Hollywood?

  • don

    As CLINT would say make my day.Or do u feel lucky…..

  • sadie

    Wish I could be like him when I'm 79!

  • Fan man

    Mr Eastwood is not only an actor of superb skill, but has become one of the truly great directors. Every film he makes has such depth and nuance he makes other directors look like trainees. ( Look out for his latest about Nelson Mandela!). And as for looking his age – great for him! He has not had face tucks like Redford, Newman and so many others who then look terrible as if they have been in a fire. Clint carries his age with grace, and is authentic . We should praise every line which measures his experience and life rather than plastic hollywood. He will go on for years and make great movies. As for being tired now and again – man I get tired just working a day job, so given what he does at 79 WOW!

  • TonyScott

    I don't know who your insider is, but he wishes he looked this good at 79! Maybe he's tired because the material he's working with is innocuous, who knows. I just hope I'm in the shape he is at 79!

  • Joe

    Clint's the best of the good, the bad and not ugly! "Go ahead, make my day" Clint!

  • Estaeeban

    Matt Damon, the next Eastwood? Surely you joke? First of all he is a little fellow. Secondly he don' t have the acting chops. Thirdly, he is a poo director. Fourthly he is too short….Fifthly he is tooo short….He also look like a little baby boi.

  • Robert E Keay

    Mr Eastwood : Your movies are all so Great , and have given Me so much pleasure ! Sincere Best Wishes , and God Bless !

  • Ollie

    Leave Mr. Eastwood be!. He's still the man, and will always be. Rock on with you bad self, Clint.

  • Bob

    Lighten up, Adam. The man is still working and producing great stuff… hats off to him. I hope I am doing as well at that age.

  • Ceelle

    Hardly even close to the truth! First, none of his crew or actors would say such a thing about him. ALL love him to bits. Also, when he accepted the award from the French, he was not gaunt, and that was just last week!!! Sounds to me that the Oscar competition is spreading lies.

  • Peggy

    Clint Eastwood will always be here

  • Gary

    Clint is THE MAN a little tired today so what so am I and I am 30 years younger, love you Clint.


    Clint Eastwood is awesome, by far my favorite actor of all time!

  • Douglas James

    Clint , you are the best. I always was hoping I would meet you at the Hogs Breath Inn in Carmel. . I still enjoy watching 'Paint your Wagon'. I really liked 'Grand Torino' That one line applies to my place 'GET OFF MY LAWN'. Love it! You have a beautiful wife and a beautiful place you call home (still Carmel?) Regis Philbin is 75 and Jack LaLane is 95 and both are going strong. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Live Long and Prosper!

  • phillip

    Hey clint, i have watched most all of your movies at least fifty times, I never get tired of them, just wish we could all stay young and just keep on making these great movies and enjoy them,you are the best at what you do and no one can take that from you, and thanks for all of those western movies that i so enjoy, wish i could have a beer with you someday and talk about life and times, later on my friend.

  • junior dennison

    hey clint keep up the good work you might just need to slow down on all those pretty babes for a little while lol

  • Bob

    I was in college in 1973 when I saw Dirty Harry. I became a cop in 1976 and will be retiring next year. Thanks for the lifetime of inspiration to do what's right, as opposed to what's politically correct.

  • Gary Jones

    Hell… school kids get sleepy while setting in class, so what! What can be said about Clint Eastwood is, "The greatest living flim actor on the planet." Clint's flims are part of my life from going to the Drive Inn back in the late 60's and 70's to theaters, to today's DVD's etc.. The enjoyment I have received from his flims, PRICELESS. Thanks Mr. Eastwood..

  • Kent

    As a kid growing up in Sweden and working as a projectionist at the local movie theater, although we only showed movies on sundays most were American movies and many were Clint Eastwood films, he was always my favorite and I guess in some ways a rolemodel.
    Clint keep on doing what you do for as long as you want to we need you, actors of your caliber are unfortunatly scarce in movies these days. By the way I'm 49 and I yawn too.

  • guest

    Good Heavens, this great star is 79 years old! How many of you sweet 20-somethings, who are crying OMG! about a 79 year old man nodding off, will even be able to get your panty hose on straight at 79.

    Give the guy a break! If you have done better than he has in your life, then go for it and shred the guy. Otherwise put your effort into shredding one of your peers for her poor choice of a dress or something. OMG! Say it again, OMG!

  • Denny

    What a stupid joke to point out Eastwood yawns on the set. Movie making is long hours. Helllloooo. Who wouldn't yawn. I've acted in 29 films and worked four days for Clint in "Flags of Our Fathers." He is a total professional and his energy was impressive. It's very common to get tired during a long shoot – at any age. Here again, the media stick there nose in by INVENTING news stories so we can get fed more news entertainment.. These people are pathetic and damaging.

    So stupid. Nobody is going to tell this guy to retire. He is an icon and a living legend in the film business. He is to be admired and respected.

  • james neally

    keep up the great work Clint if you retired today or keep going another twenty you will always be the man forever a fan of yours j.neally.

  • Scorpio Woman

    Clint…I love you and you can put your slippers under my bed anytime!!!

  • Marlene

    Mr. Eastwood,
    I am 71 and I feel great. I am not an actor so people do not expect great things of me in the same way as you. This country is so youth orient that they believe that after a certain age, you should stop what you love to do. I believe that as long as you can still act, write, direct, and star in movies…continue. Your fans have been up close and personal watching you get older and grayer. They love you and want what is best for you. I say, keep up the good work until the good Lord says otherwise. Take care and keep on filming.

  • NikkiCFran

    Clint, you are the best! Young, middle aged or older. You still are a hero to me in my heart and I am sure in a lot of Americans…you do what you do best…call it like you see it! All my admiration forever, Nikki

  • John Baylis

    Good, Bad and DIrty Harry…u da man…no one has your tyalent and expertise..I like the comment above of someone wanting u to do a rawhide film,,,,kinda like a hybrid "cowboys"

    go for it,

  • Richard Ochsner

    I've always admired you!! I've seen every movie ;watched Rawhide when I was just a kid. You will always be my favorite actor.

  • Jamee

    Hey Mr. and Ms. Assholes who seem they know it all..what about kids in school that have a lack of sleep and attention awareness, hmm??? I guess they are old too? Can't wait to see these critics reach near 80 and talk shit. This man has been my idol for years and is still going strong. Mr Eastwood you and all the great actors have a place in this world and no one will ever come close to you all. I am in my 50s and I wish I had your stemina. God Bless you..You have made me smile watching your movies.. MAKE MY DAY..GO AHEAD..all you punks who think you are better then this man. You don't deserve his sweat if you were thursty. ASSHOLES

  • Jamee

    Hey Adam…get a life..You don't know what you are talking about.

  • Robert M. Boggs

    the media needs to shut it down. They always look to the negative. Clint Eastwood is and icon. Accept it media and stop trying to put This great actor down. You dont have anything to write about. Oh hell! Shut up! Robert M. Boggs

  • fan

    For crying out loud. He's got Oscars, money, status. And old age. Stay home, enjoy your kid and call it a day….

  • Ralph

    Clint as far as I'm concerned there isn't another actor in your league, you are a very genuine person, We meet at Camp Pendleton during the filming of Heartbreak Ridge, I was in charge of all the Armory at the time, You invited me to eat lunch with you alone with many others, and took the time to talk and take pictures and talk with each Marine that approached you, Again you are a very genuine person and will always be my favorite, keep up the great work..

  • tarzanley

    Matt Damon Wants to be The Next Clint Eastwood? He couldn't even be Clint Eastwood's left NUT!

  • lucy

    i thought he should have a rest,since he has devote his life to the movice

  • MEMA

    I think Mr. Eastwood have made history, and have left a legacy to carry on. so if he's tired, that's cool. He's a fighter, and that's good, be blessed, and always encouraged, your fans…….MEMA



  • MARK


  • marlene roque

    Mr. Clint Eastwood I have been your fan since i was young. I admire your talent in every role, but also your music and directing, you have it all, you are the complete package. I'm also a vegetarian, thank you for being a great actor, a great director, a great musician but most of all being a wonderful human being, and a great husband and father. God bless you and your family. thank you for bringing happiness into our lives.

  • Thomas

    he's 80 years old…. wtf he's he suppose to look like. I HOPE I LOOK HALF as good as him when i'm his age. Besides he has more experience in his older age and his talent and experience should be welcomed. Dont listen to these stupid morons Clint. I love his last movie…AWESOME!!!

  • NikkiCFran

    To those of you who are judging on someone else's life…shame on you…i am sure Clint will do what he wants to do…media coverage and all…let us all be blessed and prized by his charcters, role models and ideas that are encaptured on film to be ENTERAINED by all…least of all judged…let the Man do what he beholdens…Fan always Clint, Nikki

  • russ

    "To me, he looks ancient, frail and tired-looking,” a source told the tabloid.

    “It’s sad to see him in his later years,”

    Two moronic statements from two complete morons. He's fricken' 79. WTF.

    Here's a hint. If you don't have an article, don't try to make one up based on completely ridiculous statements made by complete and utter losers.

    • NikkiCFran

      This is entertainment Russ…take it easy…Nikki

  • josey wales

    Hey Clint make my day….you have and will always be my hero!!

  • songman

    I think Clint and Burt Reynolds should team up again for one more movie …I know Burts up their in also ..they should show these young guys how real men make movies.

  • djbwgp1

    I've never done this, never imagined I ever would, just not my style. I have been a fan of Clint Eastwood all my life. The characters Clint played and then Clint himself have been a major influence on who I am. Growing up a poor kid in rural Texas, often, good influences were far and few between. The world has changed so much from what it was in the 60s and 70s it's difficult now to even imagine. I am forever grateful for all of the ways Clint has contributed to the positive. At 79, I believe one should be granted a moment to rest your eyes whenever you please. Whether it takes 2 hours or 2 days, the finished product will no dought reflect two things otherwise seriuosly lacking in todays world- personal integrity and pride in workmanship.

  • Megg

    Seriously…hes f*cking almost 80 yrs old. people expect him to be bench pressing 500 and spry like he was 40 again? He's CLINT EASTWOOD. Leave him the hell alone. He yawns a lot? So what. People are retarded….

  • wow

    Eastwood has more energy then me at 40 keep going

  • Brittney

    Clint Eastwood– I am 19 years old, and I think you're amazing. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly is still my opinion of the greatest movie of all time. The movies you directed are beautiful and moving.

    Keep making more so I can show them all to my children some day like my father did to me! ;)

  • guest

    I fell in love with Clint when he was Rowdy Yates on Rawhide.
    I still love him.
    People should really cut Clint some slack.
    At 79 no one's body is the same as it was 50 years ago, for crying out loud.
    Clint's still The Man, as far as I am concerned.
    You go, Clint! We love you.

  • Edgar Moore.

    Hello to all the people who are in contact and have access to this page and specially to the Legendary Clint Eastwood, I have enjoyed and still enjoy any of your movies, and I remember a phrase in one of your " Dirty Harry" Films that read " A man got to know his limitations" and I think that this phrase goes perfect with you at your age. I think that you have been a great Actor & Director and you don't have to prove nothing more to no one, not even yourself. All the people that know you and you work, will agree that you have been one of the Best Actors, Director & Producer and still is, that has passed through the doors of "Hollywood" You are a living Legend. Let it remain so.

  • Cactuspeteaz

    My wife once said, "I don't like anyone who doesn't like Rod Stewart". I laughed. I say, 'I don't like anyone who doesn't like Clint Eastwood". Too many great memories; hopefully a lot more to come as they find roles to fit his age and demeanor.

  • rob

    clint eastwood is a great actor and above all one of the best director that the hollywood ever produce. and beyond this he's tall! i love to watch his western movies on amc tv channel and boy he's good lookin' too. age really change him a lot. even his voice. ( i think)

  • horsefly

    There's two type of people, those with shovels, those who don't, now dig !!

  • julia

    The Man can park his BOOTS under my bed anytime ….I love U Clint… :)

  • Jerry Guest

    Mr. Eastwood, I have seen every movie that you have ever starred in, written or produced, You were one of the young "stars" that I grew up with on TV (Rawhide). No one knows aetter than you, what you should or should not do. People are always saying "why don't you take it easy" , "enjoy your twilight years,or "its time for you to retire". If your real enjoyment is acting, writing, directing or producing moves, then go for it as long as you can, as long as you enjoy it. That is what keeps one young (even if the youth is at Heart only). Youkeep making them, writimg them, directing them, and I will keep watching them! I am a true Eastwood Fan.

  • Denise

    Clint is incredible and has what it takes to make you laugh, cry or even get excited when he plays an action part. As far as I'm concerned your one of the few good guys left.

  • missymissy888

    Growing older is something we all do everyday, So whats the big deal? He has managed to do it while keeping his respect. You never hear about him being in drug rehab. He seems to be a good father. Can you think of many actors his age that can say the same? I can't!!

  • Dacosta

    Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors. I enjoy those bad western and action movies. You look great for 79. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next movie.

  • xwhiskey pete

    He can do whatever he wants, and if you don't like it, 'then go ahead, and make his day.'

  • Stephen Lofaro

    I think that people should leave Clint alone…He does nt have anything to prove to anybody !!!

  • twodog

    He probably needs a bypass if he's falling asleep all the time.

  • Pete

    Do you people really take seriously what this schlockmeister has to report?

  • JanDial

    We're getting into stuff that is so not our business. Clint Eastwood makes a movie — good, great, bad, or mediocre. We choose whether to see it. Beyond that, what a career of quallty film-making on both sides of the camera. He doesn't have ANYTHING left to prove. Thank for your contribution to the arts, your movies which have taken me out of myself and away from my own life — and don't listen to any of the detritus. Thanks so much.

  • Christine Marks

    Clint, I love you! Don't let what that idiot wrote about you get to you! You are in great shape. Your fans are standing with you.

  • jeffable

    It does not matter if he falls asleep for a week.No-one comes close to his record of providing great entertainment for so long. He is the last of the great old movie heroes.

  • Steve

    Comon Clint, your last movie "Grand Torino" was OUTSTANDING!!! Your the Man~

  • Leelee

    Clint-you stil rock my world.I myself yawn alot and I am quite a bit younger than Mr.Eastwood ! That's life!I wonder who these "sources" are ?? SHOW YOURSELVES COWARDS !!! Until then shuddup and let the real stars shine !

  • ron

    yo clint you a b.a.m.f. thnx for tons of great flicks

  • donotis

    When you have a job that is great and pays millions,you want to work as long as you can!! We who have to work our balls off and for little pay want to quit as soon as possible. I would work till I dropped dead if I had a job like Eastwood too. I know some or most of us have to work like a mad man or woman to get by. God bless those who don,t

  • Diego Firestone

    American screen icon clint Eastwood still remains my all time top 5 western Icons,

    got to meet him in carmel country club,

    at his age, this is normal for him to feel tires, I have just the thing he needs , Try RESVERATROL !

  • Zenon

    Have seen him working on his set in london few days ago. here is one from that day

  • The Therapist

    It's that young wife keeping him up at night, takes some vitamins Clint and wear her ass out. You're the Man.

  • LB

    Not only was he good in western and police movies, The Bridges of Madison County was excellent.





  • linda

    Hey Clint you are truly my hero. Whatever it is you’re doing I think you should go ahead and keep it up. My dad always says…”You stop and thats when things get bad, keep movin’, it keep you healthy and alive”. By the way people have said he looks a lot like you and I agree. He is one of your biggest fans (not because he looks like you) he has admired your talent for many years. He is 4yrs younger than you, so he has been there thru it all. Happy Birthday big guy….No retiring for you, atleast not yet.

  • Ernie

    The Outlaw Josey Wales ranks as one of the best movies of all time- the development of characters surely the act of directive genius. I can see why Matt Damon has said that he wants to be the next Clint Eastwood, the guy is a unintelligent, self-glorified wuss, to practically be anyone other than himself, is a vast improvement. Keep going Clint., When the day comes that you are in heaven, maybe you can give God some suggestions on directing his plan on earth.

  • http://ShowbizSpy Derek

    Happy Birthday Mr Eastwood, been a fan for years,am close to your age,you are such an inspiration, multi talented, one of my few idols. I am a Jazz lover, so enjoy the scores in your movies too, understand you play a mean piano on top of all the other talents..What a great example you set, a true Renaissance man. When the poeple that talk about being tired, reach our age, they will find out ! the body and mind tire very quickly when in the 70s. Keep on working, maintain your enthusiasm, if you stop making movies, either acting or directing, what will there be left worth seeing. Clint, You are, THE MAN.

  • Brenda

    Clint Eastwood….my favorite always. I look forward to your next endeavor. Whatever you choose…I know the movie and the music (if you write it) for the movie, will be fabulous…as it always is. Thank you for giving us so much pleasure.

  • Tom Blaze

    hey “source”– he’s 80 you moron–of course he walks a little slower! he’s got more talent in one liver spotted hand than you will ever have in you entire life!!! He’s the GREATEST living American actor, writer, director.

  • Nannette Padgett

    Clint…Happy 80th Birthday today. I know you don’t celebrate them, but still had to tell you your the best actor / director I’ve ever seen. We are proud of you and love your movies…always have, always will.

  • Harry

    Die, motherfucker.

  • eber hart

    For those of us who NEVER bought into
    the one-note ‘macho magic’ of ‘daring maverick’
    Clint Eastwood–might we point out —he, like the rest of
    PC franchise slum Red China suck-up Hollywood,
    once again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ the 60th
    Anniversary of the staggeringly relevant
    —indeed, STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR
    —EVEN AS people continue to suffer and die


  • infinityxxi

    thnx for sharing :) cool post

  • natalie buckley

    mr eastwood is great

  • see saw

    —Eastwood’s now been caught fronting
    a whole series of ill-timed, cunningly demoralizing,
    ‘EUGENICS friendly’ POST American pictures (Million
    Dollar Baby, Mystic River, IWO trilogy etc.).

    Surely even his upcoming ‘Star’ retread with
    the toooo young Beyonce’s to be used to further
    program us into the acceptance of the rapidly
    approaching ‘suicide culture’.

    Think we’re exaggerating?

    Remember, this is the man who even buried his
    ever slight connection to the KOREAN WAR
    (drafted but managed to avoid combat)
    by ‘overlooking’ the 30th, 40th, 50th and,
    last year 60th Anniversaries.

    STEER CLEAR of Eastwood, and whispery California
    cowboys and ‘EYE CONS’ generally…

  • carl

    he looks a hell alot better than i do and im 52