Rosie O’Donnell & Partner Haven’t Lived Together For Two Years

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rosie O'DonnellROSIE O’Donnell and her partner Kelli Carpenter haven’t been living together for the past two years, the former View co-host has revealed.

O’Donnell made the revelation on her Sirius Satellite radio show Friday when quizzed by a psychic about her long-haired chihuahua.

“Where did you get her from Rosie? Because she says she came from somewhere. And she said she’s happier with you,” pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick said of O’Donnell’s dog Misty. “She’s so spoiled and she loves to burrow.”

“She does!” O’Donnell confirmed. “She burrows in the bed right next to me.”

And, when asked who “sometimes looks after her,” O’Donnell explained her four children all fight over caring for the pup, which she got three days after Carpenter left. “What happened [was] when Kelli moved out two years ago, I got the dog. Because I wanted another child or something to love. And I got the dog.”

O’Donnell recently insisted she and Carpenter are “working through” the issues in their relationship.

In an October interview with shock jock Howard Stern, the former chat show host said she split from Carpenter because they have “different living styles”.

“I think we’re working through what is best for us. … It’s all okay,” she said of their split. “Kelli and I have a very strong connection. … I love her very much.”

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    Sounds like a need to protect her ego to me. nonetheless…it is always sad when couples w/kids split. I feel sad for Rosie, given that she has a deep, deep void in her life that she tries to fill with numerous efforts, none of which are viable. It is difficult when celebrities are so visable and they are in pain and just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over their head. With all those kiddos that is not an option.

    She needs to rebuild her low self esteem. Tragic to observe knowing she has great attributes like making others laugh ( during her talk show .) I feel sorry she is a great deal of pain. Everyone does not grow up in a wonderful, loving environment. I just hope her kids get to do that. She seems volatile.

    I have no idea why I took the time to make this entry as Rosie is not my fav celeb, but something moved me to post this. I will pray for her to find peace…she seems lost and afraid, despite her money and past fame. Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it :)


    • The Therapist

      I don't know why you took the time to comment either, because NOTHING you have written was worth reading. Listen Dummy, Rosie is RICH AND FAMOUS and there is NOTHING you can do about it. I'm willing ti bet that her life is a helleva lot more exciting than yours. So, don't feel sorry for Rosie, YOU'RE THE ONE NO ONE CARES ABOUT. JUST SAYIN'

  • chris daigneault

    Rosie is nothing more than a loud mouth who's getting everything she deserves!!! She needs to shut her flapping gums and realize she's a has been who had wayyy tooo long in the spot light! with everything going on in this country right now is this what we find "news" worthy? some one needs to tell Rosie to go laydown somewhere and rest her jaws.

    • The Therapist

      chris daigneault, you sound like a JEALOUS loser, Rosie didn't make you a NOBODY, YOU DID. You have the nerve to call Rosie a has been, well how does it feel to be a NEVER WAS. Go away and NEVER COME BACK. If you don't like Rosie you DOUCHEBAG, don't READ ARTICLES about her. Crawl back in your HOLE you SLIME BALL, and keep your worthless opinion to your NO GOOD SELF.

      • chris daigneault

        You seem to be defending the fact that she's RICH and FAMOUS "The Therapist" more than whether or not she's a viable news worthy subject? could it be your the one JEALOUS of her fame? maybe you should crawl back into your hole? Do you feel better about yourself when you type with the caps lock on?
        Let me guess..your gay? not that there is anything wrong with that..but you could not possibly be defending her for her acting,comic or talk show host abilities.
        Your part of her problem…stop telling her she's good at anything other than eating and sleeping. Im just saying!!

      • The Therapist

        Listen, I saw Rosie O'donnell many times before she became the Rosie O'donnell you know. I saw Rosie when she was working the Potluck Night Circuit in LA in the late 70's and Early 80's. She and Comedian Gerri Jewel used work places like The Backlot, The Rose Tattoo, Osco's. Then she started getting noticed and began to move up to playing The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and finally TV and then she became the Rosie YOU know. Acting and Talk Show Host are just side jobs. Rosie O'donnell is a Stand-Up Comedian first, and one that comes with a lot of experience. If she is ever appearing IN CONCERT any where near you, I suggest you RUN not walk to buy a ticket. P.S. that's only if you are capable of having a good time. Just Sayin'

      • chris daigneault

        And you was doing so well, you almost sounded normal but you couldnt resist one last insult…it must make you feel better about yourself I guess? She was a horrible stand up comedian as well..the woman (and i use that term loosely) has no talent, she's a hack at everything she does or did. Just Sayin'

      • chris daigneault

        P.S. I would rather wipe my ass with the money than buy a ticket for anything she's associated with, all that would do is give her the impression she was good and continue to do it!! Just Sayin'

      • The Therapist

        It's hard to believe that I almost gave you the benefit of the doubt (my bad). But I decided to go back and read your original post about Rosie, and it reminded me of the story of the "Woman and the Snake". I know you're familar with it, so I changed my mine and took the shot at the end. I've met Rosie a few times and she's a sweetheart in person. When ever I hear people talking bad about her I think of the Rosie I met, and I know the person that's bad mouthing her has never met her. I can tell by your comments that you have never been to see Rosie in Concert. You've only seen her on television and in the movies, that's like the Werewolf howling at the Moon. He sees the Moon but it's far far away. Let me know when your TV SHOW airs, I'll be sure to watch. Since you know so much about talent, your Guest List should be dynamite. Back in your hole Punxsutawney Phil we'll see you in February. Whoops! I did it again, because I can't trust you to be normal. HEY ROSIE, WAIT UP. Just Saaaaayin'

  • duwayne connor

    She should head down to the nearest pig farm and find a mate more suited to her. That bulldog in the picture is to good for Rosie the swine.

    • The Therapist

      Rosie is "RICH" and FAMOUS and you're NOT. Just Sayin'

  • friday

    She is just sad and pitiful. The crap she does is coming back on her. I'll pray for you girlfriend because you are highly decieved. Life according to rosie ain't about crap.

    • The Therapist

      Rosie – SOMEBODY

      Friday – NOBODY

      Just Sayin'

      • guest

        Shut the F*CK UP. Knowone cares about this fat cow, or you The Therapist. I'm pretty sure the only way you'd get someone to pay you for therapy is if you promised that you'd shut up.

      • The Therapist

        Listen Uneducated, it's not KNOWONE, it's NO ONE. You can't even spell who you are. Just Sayin'

  • alan

    kelli is a true person/lesbian……leave her alone…plain and simple.

    • The Therapist

      Hey! I'm sticking with Rosie she's the one with the money, you can have BROKE A$$ Kelli. She can mooch off of you now. Rosie and I will be in PARIS. Just Sayin'

  • EE2

    Rosie is just a rolling trainwreck. WTF cares what happens to that dumpster?? She bombs on everybody but queers. If you ain't queer, you're in Rosie's! F… her!

    • The Therapist

      I hope like hell that you are not Queer, because you BELONG in someone's SH…..House.

  • Deacon

    Rosie is just an overweight broad who could not get a man, so now she is pretending to be a lesbian. In this manner, she gets to wear the pants in the family.

    • The Therapist

      Oh! You forgot something, SHE'S RICH AND FAMOUS and you're a NOBODY. I can see how you would feel the way you do. Just Sayin'

      • The Therapist

        Listen, when you're Rich and Famous, you can always get a man, or woman, man and woman at the same if you wish. I'm very surprise you didn't know that. Just Sayin'

  • Licketysplit

    Poo Wittle Wosie! Her all upsetted!
    Someone should take those children away from this gelatinous mass of mouth.

    • The Therapist

      "Lick This" Rosie is RICH and you're NOT. Ummmm, I'll give you one guess as to who WINS. Just Sayin'

  • gerrilyn


    Rosie sure brings out the best in people doesn't she.


  • Alice

    I would like to see Kelli crawl around the floor in diapers and dirty them,just so I can change her.

  • Madcapfeline

    It’s a shame, more so for her children than anyone else, that being “Rich and Famous” can’t stop one from being complete trash.

  • http://yahoo Ron Osgood

    Rosie’s O’ makes me sick to my stomach
    1-She’s got a big fat mouth,
    2-She’s probly smells like a dead carp,
    3-She’s a liberal losing democrat.
    4-The fat blimp has no right raising kids,I can see it now when they get older and have friends over and one asks, who’s your father and they point to the pig with jaws like a hippo, right then they’ll think you don’t need a man to make kids.