Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ‘To Try For Another Baby in 2010′

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesTOM Cruise and Katie Holmes will reportedly try for another baby in the New Year.

According to OK! magazine, the Hollywood super-couple — who have been married for three years — are keen to give their adorable daughter Suri a little brother or sister.

“She no longer feels like she’s just Mrs. Cruise,” a source said. “She’s her own person again. She and Tom have their disagreements, but deep down they love each other very much. That’s what is important.”

In October, it was reported that Cruise and Holmes had been arguing over whether to have another child.

“They are arguing a lot because Tom feels he is getting on in age and he thinks Katie owes it to him and Suri to get pregnant,” a source said at the time.

“He says he would be in his 60s while the child was young and that’s still just about OK to share in the child’s life.

“Katie feels Tom is more wound up about this than he’s ever been and relations between them are at a really tricky stage.

“She’s only 30 and she’s not sure about having another baby right now. But then she feels guilty about Suri being an only child, especially as she grew up in a big family herself.”

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  • nancyw

    Well let me just say this, Suri is such a spoiled child that I think having another child will send her over the edge!! She is the apple of their eye right now, but when another child comes along who will need Mom & Dads attention she will be the brat from hell!! I don’t think she will be willing to share her parents attention at all!! I don’t think it will be wise on their part to ever leave Suri alone with a new baby, she just might try to suffocate the new baby!

  • http://MSN TRACI P

    i know nicole and tom went there seperate way’s but they adopted two children and since they have both remarried and had biological children nothing is really mentioned about the children they adopted and were raising why????