Taylor Swift Passed Bully to Bodyguard

Monday, December 7, 2009

Taylor SwiftTAYLOR Swift passed her phone to her bodyguard when a bully from her high school days tried to contact her.

Swift, 19, said that when the man recently called her out of the blue, she handed her cell phone straight to her minder.

“He calls up my phone and he’s like, ‘Is Taylor there?’ and I just handed it to my bodyguard and I was like, ‘John, give him a talking to’,” Swift said.

“So he’s like, ‘Yo, you don’t ever call this number ever again. I put my fist through your face.’

“It was really great, it was effective.”

The bully has not called again, Swift said.

Taylor, 19, has previously revealed how she was bullied at school.

“A lot of girls thought I was weird,”the Love Story singer said in May this year. “Actually, the word they liked to use was annoying, I’d sit at their lunch table and they’d move to a different one.”


  • Ash

    I think that must have been great for her. I really don’t understand how she could have been bullied, she was and is really pretty. Not to mention that she’s talented.