Eva Green Wanted to Go Further With Lesbian Scene

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Eva GreenEVA Green wishes her lesbian love scene in Cracks had been raunchier.

The Casino Royale actress plays boarding school headmistress Miss G in the film — which sees her develop a fascination with one her teenage pupils, portrayed by Maria Valverde — and has admitted she doesn’t think their romantic liaison was portrayed as graphically as it should have been.

“The love scene is soft — I wanted to go even further,” Eva said. “In the book, she’s more sexual.”

The 29-year-old star said filming the scene for the movie — which is based on Shiela Kohler’s 1999 novel — was easy as she and Maria, 22, had done so much practice.

“Filming the love scene with Maria was fine — we didn’t do many takes,” she said. “We’d rehearsed the day before, we knew exactly, clinically, what we were doing.

“I read the book many times, which was very helpful to understand Miss G’s obsession. She’s completely obsessed in the book. She’s quite manly, she’s wearing overalls and smoking cigars! She’s more sexual.

“In the film, she’s very delicate, sophisticated and feminine –  it’s not the same.”

Eva also spoke about her own school days, admitting they were less than happy.

“I was a very good student, but I was a perfectionist,” she revealed.

“I wanted to be perfect in French, English, maths, everything. It was too much. In my school, there was no real relationship with the teacher, and I was very shy, just eying the walls. You couldn’t bloom as an individual. So I decided to stop school one night, when I was 16.

“I said to my mother, ‘I can’t do this any more; I never go out, and I work all the time, until 10pm!”

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