Sandra Bullock: ‘The Proposal Crew Saw my Vagina’

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sandra BullockSANDRA Bullock has revealed how she accidentally exposed her vagina while filming her recent flick The Proposal.

The actress was shooting a steamy scene with her hunky costar Ryan Reynolds when the tape covering her lady garden fell off.

“There are things stuck to you where you generally don’t have things stuck,” she said.

“Then you’d get unstuck and, oddly, not care because you’re so tired. Director Anne Fletcher was like, ‘Your vagina is hanging out. Cover it up,’ and I’d go: ‘Sorry, sorry!’”

Bullock, 45, has previously insisted that the nude scenes in The Proposal made the film a success.

“We had all the right people, the right elements in the right place,” she said in November. “But if I’m honest I think nudity had a great deal to do with it. People liked it.”

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