Mischa Barton: ‘I’ve Never Been Dumped’

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mischa BartonMISCHA Barton insists she has never been dumped.

The actress — who has been romantically linked to Luke Pritchard, Johnny Borrell and Cisco Adler – says her relationships usually end on good terms.

“I’ve never been dumped,” Mischa said. “One tried to make it quite mutual though so that felt as close to dumping as I’ve got. I kind of lost it and was like, ‘You are not turning this on me. I dumped you first.’

“I felt like my heart was broken at the end of a couple of relationships but it wasn’t really.”

Mischa says she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.

“I’m not even dating,” she said. “I’m just on the prowl I suppose.”

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