Rihanna Wants Megan Fox to be Her Girlfriend — in a Movie!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RihannaRAUNCHY Rihanna has girl crush on Megan Fox.

The Umbrella hitmaker says she’d like the Transformers beauty to play her lesbian lover in a movie.

Asked if she’s trying to break into film, Rihanna said, “Hopefully — we are working on that idea right now.

“I’d love to be an assassin. Either that or a lesbian. Maybe both! Hey, a gay assassin, there’s nothing hotter than that.

“Megan Fox would play my girlfriend — hands down. She’s yummy. She’s hot.

“All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”

Rihanna, 21, recently revealed that her pool boy has seen her naked.



  • Ivana

    u’r so hot rihanna…!i like it..

  • hereitisagain

    No, all humans are NOT born to be gay or half gay. People choose to be like that, and it’s gross. And it’s not cool.

  • http://bri-angel-shigure.deviantart.com/ Brittany

    hereitisagain, you’re an idiot.
    It’s called “bisexual”, by the way.
    I didn’t choose to be a lesbian anymore than you chose to be straight.
    I’m attracted to women, you’re attracted to the opposite sex.
    There’s nothing you can do or say to change either of those.
    And it’s not gross, it’s sexy. ^.~

  • *******

    i am a streight lad and i love lesbians thay are hot

  • Missy22

    All humans DON’T have the ability to be with both sexes.It’s a choice.I’m straight,and i could NEVER see myself in that KIND of chosen THING..ugh!She should choose her words more carefully.(or she’s going to end up like Megan Fox,not well liked by the people she’s worked with!)

  • keyla31

    Uhmm…well i consider myself straight but lately i’ve felt attracted to girls! i don’t know why is that, but i’m seriously thinking i could be bisexual and believe me i don’t think it’s a choice, ’cause otherwise i would like to be 100% straight.
    I do think every person can be attracted to both sexes, but there are people who are extremely scared of what people would think about them and they tend to close their mind about this subject.

  • http://veronicavickers@yahoo.com Dalihia

    Well my eye’s not closed to anything.I’m straight.(just the thought of 2 people of the same sex…eww) Anyway,i think it’s a choice.They want to be that way.That or their told at a young age it’s okay to be that way.(Like the school in Mass.teaching kids in kindergardern (reading heather has 2 mommy’s,SICK.And a fairytale about 2 gay prince)that it’s okay,without a parents permission.(the schools being sued(as they should(and so are 2 other schools in America)Sending them off to hell 1 at a time.

  • Andrew

    I heard about that school thing too.They deserve to have charges pressed.28 parents or pressing charges or suing.12 pulled their kids from the school.In that state their SUPPOSE to give parent 2 weeks notice.1 teacher did it in private school and sent latters after(i would have got her fired)but the parents thought what was done was done.Some people still have morals in this world,and these people don’t even care that they aren’t their children.So glad my wife home schools my son,and daughter(5 yr.old twins).They can already speak Chinese,they think abortion is wrong(they woke up late 1 night and we found them watching EWTN)so we had to explain it,and their on 2 grade math,3 grade spelling,and they can not only read,but understand biblical right from wrong.Like when both ran to me saying that the 2 men,giving each other quick pecks on the lips were odd and wrong(that was their exact words)i burst out laughing.long story short we had a short talk when we got home.Let’s just say i taught them not to hate,(i told them immoral women did it too)but didn’t change their thoughts on the weird,odd,and later gross things those men were doing.

  • john

    Thumbs up to Andrew. But… I’ve been infected by some of the sick thinking and decayed morals of our corrupt society… and, yeah, I think lesbians are HOT!! Especially when we’re talking Rihanna and Megan Fox… or better yet, Megan Fox talked about wanting Olivia Wilde! That’d be super sexy! …but so wrong… yet so right! But still, wrong

  • john

    Rihanna isn’t so hot now with all the stupid weird hair styles though… totally turns me off now. She used to be SO hot. Now she’s nasty, sometimes looks like a dude. How are you supposed to rise to the occasion when she looks like your brother?

  • Genesis

    Don’t lie, that would be one hot couple.
    And I kind of agree about being attracted to the same sex. I’m straight, but I get attracted to other girls too. Megan fox just so happens to be my girl crush.

  • Damien

    That movie…would be such a dream come true.
    I hope Quentin Tarantino hears about this, and actually makes a movie about it!
    Two lesbian assasins. Hot.

  • jennyfer

    I’m straight too, but I still find this to be hot.
    I mean c’mon, Rihanna and Megan fox as lesbian assassins? I can see it now.They’re both gorgeous, and would def. be a very hot couple.
    I agree with Damien, Quentin Tarantino should make this happen :P

  • http://www.myspace.com/barbaraolfers Barbee

    I honestly think Rihanna just admitted that she’s bisexual. I think that’s cool. I mean, Rihanna’s my idol. She rocks. And bisexuals have better chances to date, cause they can choose people of their own sex or of the opposite sex which makes searching for a partner way easier :P! But anyway, there have been rumours around before about Rihanna being bisexual. And I just think she rocks in all ways; Being lesbian, bisexual or straight. It doesnt matter to me, she’ll always be my idol :).

  • http://join.crazyfruits.net sctsman

    rihanna rocks my ccccck!

  • DreadieHeadie

    to all those people who say it’s a choice…so being straight is a choice? you chose that, right? or were you straight from birth? oh you were then? oh okay, well shut up then. honestly. how can someone choose to be gay if you can’t choose to be straight…people can discover things about themselves as the mature. stop being such an idiotic rat. i don’t think rihanna gives a flying fockery about your opnion anyway.

    but i think it would be hot. lol then again i am a lesbian.
    but it would be a great chance for rihanna to step out of the box even more. give megan more ops to have leading roles. because transformers is parp.

  • http://google.com ashley

    r u people lesbians how do u think 2 women likeing each other is cool like com on that is so nasty wat is wrong with u ppl wat the heck is wrondg with u that is so nast

  • tara

    Oh, Rihanna. You’re SUCH a rebel!


    Alright morons, the bisexual thing is getting old already.

  • martika

    ok well u all give really good points there ppl
    but guess what u all killed it

  • Maaria

    Honestly, Rhianna stop with this bullshit.
    Just try to be yourself and stick to THAT.

  • ladyfingers

    rhianna and megan are very attractive ladies, but remember this: they both are just plain ol’ attention whores. sex=money.
    hollywood is full of it.

  • KiRa

    you know what, those that judge people from being attratcted to the same sex is real idiots. I mean its natural to be attracted to anyone no matter who they are or what sex they are. If your straight then thats fine, its no different to be lesbian or bisexual. Oh and if your straight dont judge people that are attracted to the same sex, if you dont like it then just dont worry about it.
    I dont know about rihanna but megan fox WOW hottie! Who doesnt wanna be with her…. She needs more lead roles too.

  • KennedySian

    some people are way too fking opiniated…do you really think been gay, lesbian or bisexual is a choice..? for some people yes it it is but for most it’s not its about who they are attracted to and who they feel for and the reason they dont choose to be like that is because of arse holes like you *its sick and worng* people, that make it like that. You are the sick and wrong people for thinking straight is normal …what the F*** is normal in todays world? whats sick…is people killing people, pedophiles and bullying people, so there you are you sick f***s grow up and learn to appreciate the world you live in !! and for the record Rihanna is out of this world gorgeous and so is megan fox and they would be so hot playing a lesbian couple !! stop judging people its as bad as racism!

  • Anonymus


    Ain’t nothing good comes out from becoming lezzers (lizards). Lesbians can’t reproduce, dildos are worthless & cold, plus Rihanna & Megan Fox are STRAIGHT!

    I have nothing against gays & lesbians, but they lack reproduction

    • Pavii

      Look she didn’t said that she’s full lesbian.From her words I understood that she’s bisexual..And WHAT… Me too…No matter taht’s her’s coice not yours…I’m 14 and I’m bisexual girl and I have no problmes with that..