Hugh Grant Likes to Shop With Girls

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hugh GrantHUGH Grant sure knows the way to a woman’s heart!

The British actor says he likes buying shoes for the ladies in his life.

“I like to shop with girls,” Grant told the USA Today newspaper. “Buying them shoes, being spoiled by the girls in Chanel when they try things on — I love it.”

Hugh, 49, recently admitted he’s dreading turning 50.

“It’s not a good number 50 and we all have age terrors sometimes in the middle of the night,” said the star, who hits the big 5-0 in September next year.

“I think I might have made a sort of pact with the devil in which I think I can have fun now and sort everything later. But then he comes back and says, ‘Times up and I’m taking you to hell as you’re going to be a lonely, sad old man.’”

And although the Bridget Jones’s Diary star worries he won’t ever become a father, Grant believes he would be a great dad if he did.

“I have no doubt that I’d be a marvellous father,” he said. “Maybe not when they’re tiny but when they’re a little bit older I think I’d be rather good.

“I’ve noticed I’ve become good with my nephews and nieces and cousins, so I don’t have that doubt. “