Leona Lewis Being Primed For Hollywood?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leona LewisLEONA Lewis has made “quite an impression in Hollywood” and is being primed by Hollywood heavyweight James Cameron as a film star, according to reports.

The British singer recorded the theme song for Cameron’s current epic Avatar – and the director is keen to make Leona a big star in the movie business.

“James is well known for casting strong females in his films and he sees that quality in Leona,” revealed a Hollywood insider.

“She has made quite an impression in Hollywood and James is one of a number of people interested in developing her performance skills for film.”

Leona has previously revealed she’d love to work in the movie industry — but behind the scenes.

“I love movies but I’m more into scriptwriting and the actual story and behind the scenes,” she said.

“But I wouldn’t say no if it was the right thing.”



  • Sam

    I love her! And hope 2010 she will be even bigger

  • santosha johnson

    Lele is a beautiful black woman and I wish her much happiness. Although, every singer is not an actor.

  • sunny

    i love leona
    she is the best in my heart