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Fergie Promises Not to Wet Herself Again

Posted by Adam

Fergie and JoshFERGIE insists she’ll be having no more embarrassing leakages while she’s on stage.

The Black Eyed Peas singer — who stars in the upcoming musical movie Nine – was left red-faced when she was caught short during a solo performance, leaving her with a tell-tale wet patch.

“That won’t happen again,” Fergie said. “I make a point now of visiting the bathroom at least once before I go on stage.

“It sounds obvious but sometimes it’s the simple things you forget to do.”

Fergie — real name Stacy Ferguson — has previously said the incident was the “most embarrassing moment of my life”.

“I think everyone has seen the pictures on the Internet when I didn’t use the bathroom before I went on stage,” she said in May this year. “We were doing Let’s Get It Started and I was jumping all over.. Yeah, I should have used the toilet before I went on stage.

“That was and always will be the most embarrassing moment of my life. I can never live it down.”


  • webcamim

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