Mariah Carey to Play Vanessa Hudgens’ Mother?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mariah CareyMARIAH Carey is in talks to play Vanessa Hudgens‘ mother in a movie.

The Obsessed singer — who won critical acclaim for her role in Precious — is set to team up with the High School Musical star for a comedy flick based around the popular X-Factor and American Idol TV talent shows.

“Mariah is eager to capitalize on her acclaimed performance in Precious with another movie,” revealed one insider. “There is one project where she would play one half of a mother and daughter singing duo who audition for a TV talent show.

“Vanessa Hudgens has already been approached for the daughter role. The only sticking point seems to be whether Mariah feels comfortable playing mom to a teenager. She’s a little sensitive when it comes to her age.”



  • Renee

    That combination wouldn’t work. Vanessa looks too old and Mariah looks too young.

  • sam

    but they dont really look alike do they?

  • VH defender

    Vanessa looks too young
    and Mariah just look
    like Vanessa’s eldest sister. :]]

  • yves

    yeah,i agree…mariah lookk like vanessa’s elder sister…but then,lets see and try!

  • bryant

    that wouldnt work mariah looks way to young to play a mother (maybe they will do some movie magic like in precious and put bags under her eyes and other crazy stuff to make her look old)

  • tomx

    I think Mariah is to young to be Vanessa’s mom. It’s a great idea though if this pushes through.

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