Elin Nordegren ‘Battered Tiger Woods With Golf Club’

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tiger WoodsTIGER Woods‘ wife Elin Nordgren battered him with a golf club — leaving the star needing reconstructive surgery, it has been claimed.

According to Furman Bisher – one of America’s most respected sports journalists — Elin smashed Tiger’s cheek bone and his two front teeth were almost knocked out.

Bisher also claimed the injuries are the real reason Tiger, 33, has not been seen in public since his mysterious car smash early on November 27.

Bisher says Woods spent Thanksgiving exchanging texts with mistress Rachel Uchitel.

He then went out to play poker with friends but left his mobile phone behind — and Elin read one of the messages.

“Tiger sat in a chair in the living room,” Bisher wrote on his blog.

“Elin sat across from him, urging Tiger to just come clean. Tiger stayed to his guns and denied everything.

“At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV and, as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a nine iron.

“She put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose, causing his nose to bruise some, virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out and breaking the bone on the upper right side.

“Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house, with Elin swinging the golf club, through the hallway to the garage.”

Bisher said the golfer took a private jet to Phoenix, Arizona, to see a plastic surgeon and cosmetic dentist for “intense” reconstructive procedures.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Woods — who is said to have cheated on Elin with more than 10 different women — has checked into rehab.

Tiger is said to have entered a private, upscale rehabilitation facility in Arizona.

“He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program,” a source said.

“They feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him.

“Tiger wants to get back on top.

“He agreed to put golfing on hold so he could show the world how badly he feels about what he’s done and to prove that he wants to correct the problems that led to his infidelity.”



  • http://facebook eleanor sawitsky

    it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.what a moron- he should have taken cheating lessons- a 15 yr. old kid gets away with more action than he did-its the best story of the year-just goes to show-the bigger they are- the harder they fall

  • AnnAnarch

    While I can understand her motivation, violence is never ever the answer, whether it originates from a man or a woman. I hear Tiger is in counseling, and if so, that’s good. He desperately needs it. However, she needs anger management counseling if this story is true.

    There’s nothing worse than hitting a man where it hurts him most…the wallet…when you’ve been wronged. Smacking him upside the head with a heavy, potentially lethal object isn’t warranted, unless you’re defending yourself from a similar attack.

  • Barb

    LOL, LOL, LOL You go girl, whack him again!!

  • http://www.showbizspy.com/article/196998/elin-nordegren-battered-tiger-woods-with-golf-club.html#postcomment D.C.

    To respond to AnnAnarch:
    She needs anger management???? Are you kidding??? After Tiger cheated on her with that many women and that many years, behind her back?? She WAS defending herself from his attack…he attacked her physically, emotionally and spiritually!! He took her heart out, stomped on it, hammered it and threw it out in the cold!!!
    I agree with Barb’s comment: LOL, YOU GO GIRL, WHACK HIM AGAIN!! WHACK HIS HEAD OFF!!!!

  • lairdog

    Tiger’s still playing the same game!! Keep ly’in Tiger. You need alot more than this sympathetic ‘recovery program’. Why can’t Cheatah just come clean, tell everyone he’s just a plain ol A…Ho!!! Maybe then the ‘audience’ will then ‘begin’ to forgive. But, what’s he got to lose… Keep ly’in Cheatah…You’ve lost all respect for your fans!!! Go Girl, take half of everything.

  • sherry k.

    My son put it best “I have no time for Tiger Woods He is a disgrace and a whore” At least a young boy knows that is the worst behavior in a Man!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Good work, Elin. I would’ve used his groin for a tee!

  • http://www.golfclubdistance.net golf club distance

    Again that golf club involved criminal, but this just small thing when she got anger and used the thing Tiger used to earn money and bring her good life.. –she should use something else, not golf club :-)

  • Donald

    Apparently whoever wrote this article did not read the report from the Florida Hwy Patrol that said Woods met with them 3 days after the accident, paid his ticket and showed no signed of facial wounds or disfigurement. You guys will write anything to sell a story.

  • http://golfhack.com GolfHack

    It is funny going back and reading some of these older tiger woods blogs and seeing the comments.

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