Beyonce Knowles’ Mom Likes Reading Gossip About Her Daughter

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tina and Beyonce KnowlesBEYONCE Knowles‘ mother “gets a kick” out of reading gossip about her daughter.

The Sweet Dreams singer has revealed her mother Tina is obsessed with racy tabloid magazines, often buying up to 20 at a time while Beyonce stands next to her “praying” no one will see her.

“You know what? My mother loves to read celeb magazines, especially the racy tabloids!” said the star. “I can’t believe it sometimes. She’ll go to this magazine store in New York and buy 20 magazines while I’m standing next to her.

“I’m just praying nobody recognizes me while my mom is stacking up those magazines! But she loves reading the gossip about celebs and movie stars.

“I tell her a lot of the stuff isn’t true, but she says she gets a kick out of reading all the nonsense that gets printed, even about me!”

Even though Tina — who filed for divorce from Beyonce’s father Matthew this month — likes to laugh about the false stories written about her daughter, Beyonce couldn’t cope without her, particularly when she is on tour.

“My mom and my cousin are the leaders of my entourage,” she said. “They’re with me to help me stay grounded and relax and avoid going out on the town, which is something I rarely do anyway.”

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  • http://showbizspy Jace

    Good. You guys are keeping it real. We all look at those magazines. Great mom and daughter relationship. Stay close through it all!