Sunday, January 3, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got rather tipsy over New Year!

The Twilight costars — who are widely rumored to be dating but have never officially confirmed they’re a couple — spent New Year’s Eve on the Isle of Wight, which is in the UK.

And according to one insider, the pair had a little bit too much to drink!

“Rob and Kristen were boozing all night,” a source said. “They were having a great time and looked very much in love.

“They’re probably still nursing hangovers!”

Pattinson, 23, recently revealed that he auditioned for his role in Twilight because he had a huge crush on 19-year-old Stewart.

“I read the script and I barely knew that they were books too,” he said. “The only reason I went to the audition was to see Kristen, because I’d just seen Into The Wild.

“Of course I had a crush on her but we are just very good friends.”

The hunky Brit was recently snapped walking around with his sister in his hometown, London.



  • Katia

    Rob didn’t say recentely that he was single,
    ‘I read the script and I barely knew that they were books too,” he said. “The only reason I went to the audition was to see Kristen, because I’d just seen Into The Wild.

    “Of course I had a crush on her but we are just very good friends.” IT’S OLD QUOTES
    Rob in the past few month when asked if his single…he never answers.

  • psyche263

    The legal drinking age in UK is 18 so Kristen can drink here, not that I’m suggesting they were drinking excessively. :)

  • EL

    I agree with you Katia wholeheartedly. Alot of these quotes are old and do not apply today. Rob and Kristen have neither said that they are single in the last 6 months. They choose not to confirm anything. Their relationship is their business and they will share with us ONLY if they want to.. Leave them alone and let them enjoy themselves.

  • daisy

    who fucken cares if she drinks!!!! everyone does …. so stop hating dumb asses

  • http://heya twilighter xxx

    yeah! Kristen can drink in the UK, the legal age is 18! And kristen 19 so she can!

    And any way…YES! Finally robsten are together! I have seen other pictures of them! (There having pictures with the fans) so even if it hasnt officialy come out of their lips, there dating then?


  • twilightbaby.

    Argh, why do they have to be together? I hate her. Oh well, its his choice, but hees making a mahoosive mistake! he deserve’s better!

  • Lea

    It’s New Year’s Eve. If Rob and Kristen want to get wasted on NYE that’s their business. Most people do so its not that shocking. Kristen is old enough over there to drink. Big deal. Good for them having fun. They are a cute couple and that story about him being single is false.

  • mp

    they’re a good fit. they both are intelligent, well-read, into music and guitars, both have close families, like animals (at least dogs), have great chemistry on-screen and off, aren’t into the hollywood scene or limelight (rob used to be last year but isn’t really anymore), seem to have each other’s backs and are great friends. it makes sense that they’d be attracted to each other and want to try out dating to see if it works. and twilightbaby you know just hate kristen because you’re jealous of her for dating rob. you wouldn’t care otherwise. admit it and move on now.

  • Anna

    Rob’s not single any longer and I’m not angry at him for leaving it unspoken for so long that he’s with Kristen. She doesn’t want to talk about it either. Neither of them need to answer for anything they do in their personal lives. They’re actors and press questions should be about that, not if they’re dating. That’s no ones business but their own.

  • karen

    this is the the greatest news! but come on Robsten loyal fans — didn’t we know this all along?? their chemistry is great and they have fun together and I believe they truly are “soul mates”. Luv them both and here is to a great and happy 2010.

  • Michelle

    I don’t care that they are together but I think Rob likes Kristen more than she likes him. I think she likes him because everyone wants him. She seems intelligent but not very mature. She’s only 19 for crying out loud! He’s not much older but seems a little more grounded or something. But what do I know? Let the Robsten lovers revel in Rob & Kristen’s togetherness for now. I give it 6-12 months after the final movie is done.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the Runaways! Looks like its going to be one of Kristen’s and Dakota’s best movies!

  • autumn


  • vanezza

    Im glad that there are a couple! Some people hate on kristen stewart cuz there just jelous of her so admit it haters!

  • sarah

    yay!!!!! i always knew this would happen….anyways those robsten haters can stop and put a bag on it, cause i dont think they care if u want them together or not they just want to be together, so go with the flow and live with it people, they have lives too just like us, they apparently want to be together so let them be.

  • hy

    women typically jealous bitter ones hate Kristen. She has no business being in another country, but yet she is there and for whom to see Rob and what time of year? new years eve/xmas. Lets leave them alone. Jealous b*tches go somewhere else already.

  • Elena

    I hate how everybody hate kristen just because shes dating robert. and i also hate how they’re all like hes not with kristen cuz this weekend we’re getting married and he wouldn’t cheat on me. and i hate those people who think they’re not gonna last and they think that they’re all gonna get a chance to rob. oh plz ppl seriously get a life. if your not famous chances are your never gonna get a chance to date him. so come up with a different dream. and if you do meet him it would be on a whim its not fate so get it through your sorry little heads, YOUR NEVER GONNA DATE ROB AND I SERIOUSLY DOUBT HES GONNA WANNA GO OUT WITH THOSE GIRLS WHO ARE PRLLY BETWEEN THE AGES OF 9-17. SO GET A LIFE

  • erica

    listen ot maybe read ia not our business if they are dating or not we love them for their work so their personal life should stay we do not like to expose our lifes so they do not want.they are just humans like us and they can do whatever they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://showbizspy debbs

    I am soooo glad to see them together i know she would go to London NYE to be with him they said that they’er good friends well you know what they say best friends make better lovers and(soul mates) i lov them together i hope them the best in life and cant wate to see there new movies coming out this year. Kris you rock you take care of our Rob hes in GOOD hands (lips ect,ect…….

  • Irish Eyes

    Who cares how they spent their new years? That’s their business. Let them be to let nature take its course. It was so obvious something was going on between them. I personally think they really suit each other and kind of compliment each other in a way. I’m not the biggest Kristen fan but she seems happy doesn’t she. Let them be. Get a life

  • Georgie

    Everyone behaves as if they have some true insight. The only ones who know the nature of their relationship are Rob and Kristen. The only thing I know for sure (and I do know for sure) is that she departed for London from LAX on the 28th of December. Beyond that is anyone’s guess. Based on the recent photos, which appear to me to be real (I think it is possible they took each other’s picture with the girl), and the fact that she traveled there, they are together. What together means is anyones guess. Everything else is just noise.

    It is also interesting to me what people choose to believe or not to believe without fact. Many of the writers seem believe with surprisingly little evidence (often not even a photo of them together)that he has bedded everyone he has come in contact with (even though not one person involved has come out to confirm), that he has actually said recently that he is single, or that he chipped his tooth flossing.

    I think the fact very few insiders confirm anything of the stories written is a testament to the fact they are well liked and their friendships and familial relationships are strong.

  • erica

    i agree with georgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Del

    Its nobodys business if they’re together or not. You can easliy see that they are down to earth people who don’t care about hollywood life. And still people trash talk about how they dress etc……I love that about them. They are still the same people (INDIE AT HEART) They just want to NORMAL and be able to walk into a coffee shop without being chased down by crazy twihards. I agree with the other comment~people trash talk on Kristen because she’s the one next to Robert Pattinson. I know kristen is an AMAZING actress, I’ve seen most of her movies. I think Robert Pattinson is also AMAZING. I’m glad they chose this pair to bring Bella and Edward to life for us Twilight fans. I can’t wait to watch the new movies they just finished. KRISTEN IS NOT BELLA/ROBERT IS NOT EDWARD (all you twihards are …….)

  • ITA

    AWWWWW!!! from valencia, VENEZUELA i feel sooooooooo happy to read that they are together i hope they ar a couple they ar soooooo cute! haha byeeee! and if u dont like them why the hell are u reading this. go love! haters to the left!

  • caitlin

    what happened to that other guy she was dating?

  • sha

    I’m glad if Robert n Kristen spent their time together.

  • Kay

    I really hate Twilight.

  • Aleigh

    It does seem like they are just best friends. Ppl assumed that my best friend and I were dating, but we were more like brother and sister.
    I don’t think they want to say they are single, because there are some crazy psychotic people (twihard fans) that will annoy them so much they’ll quit working to get away.
    Maybe they are together, and using the secrecy for publicity. The more ppl want to know, the more attention they get.

    Anywho, they are both great actors. The only reason everybody hates on Kristen is because they wish they were her. I personally think she’d go better with Taylor L, but he’s dating Taylor Swift and nobody can deny that’s a cute couple.

  • mariel

    oh,robert,,i wish you and kristen stewart is more than friends,,,…hehehe!!joke!!

  • naree uk.

    I’m glad if Robert and Kristen get marry and have baby..!!! we always love Kristen & Rob….I wish my dream come true..

  • minahil

    i think they both look cool but i think they making each other fool becouse when its about stars most of the thing is nonserious and timepass.

  • Really now

    Come on, what is it with these blogs printing these old asss quotes from the first Twilight movie, don’t they know it just ruins THEIR credibility. If I’m reading stories on sites, why would I come back here, knowing that showbizspy is using old interviews and trying to pass them off as ‘recent.’ Who do you have working for you? Jealous little interns that will do anything to deny the Robsten romance as they’re jealous themselves?? LOLOL Be careful these people don’t send your rep straight down the toilet. The last thing you want to do, is post things that can be refuted with sources, dates, time and links almost immediately after you post your version – you have to know this fanbase is so well-versed on all things ‘Robsten,’ that they can clock your story and expose your error in seconds. So it’s really a VERY dumb move to try and be disingenuous or outright deceptive obscuring the facts and source material of your pieces. Bottomline: Your sh*t is OLD, and we’ll know it’s OLD as soon as we see it – which in turn will cause many people to spread the word that your site ain’t sh*t. Get a clue.

  • chris

    It’s very cool that they spent New Years together. I hope that made them both happy.

  • cathwales

    Everyone just stop. Believe me you do not travel 5400 miles to spend a cold nye on the Isle of Wight unless you love that person a lot. I hope they got drunk, relaxed and enjoyed each others company. THEY ARE TOGETHER SO JUST GET OVER IT.

  • sahara

    Kristen & Rob are such a cute couple ! They belong together .
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !

  • larice

    Hmmm, who doesn’t drink on NYE? How could 2 good-looking hang out together all the time and be “just good friends”? BTW some poster doesn’t know that the 2 Taylors have “broken up”, it was probably a case of bland, blander and blandest, and the PR job being over (no new movie to promote, no new CD). And hmmm, what common points does Kristen with the short guy? Rob and Kristen are both into music, books. When there is no news, gossip sites recyle old quotes and take them out of context. Rob said he liked “Into the wild” and liked Kristen in it, but he auditioned for Twilight because he needed a job, like many young actors.
    I hope they had a good start for 2010.

  • Molly

    Rob and Kristen are NOT together. It doesn’t matter who the hot Twilight couple is, people would think they are an item. Suppose Taylor Lautner had been cast as Edward, everyone would say they are hot for each other: Taysten. Rob and Kristen are close friends; you have to be when working that intimately with one another. I mean, they kiss onscreen, that’s definitely going to bring a closeness to each other. As an actor, I know this for a fact. Who they date is no one’s business and people need to stop harping whether or not they are together. It’s getting REALLY old.

  • lovebug

    What the heck are some of you people talking about? Why in the hell would Kristen date Tlautner? Really think some of you people are confusing the books and movie with real life. The guy is only 17 and is so vanilla. He mainly talks about his abs. Rob and Kris have so much more in common and are both mature beyond their age. They like the same music, they both play guitar, and they are both down to earth. Look at the way they dress. Kris is too mature for Tlautner. BTW Tlautner and Swift are no longer dating. GossipCop confirmed.
    Please stop rehashing old quotes. Rob and Kris have said nothing about their relationship status for months. Remember the Ryan Seacrest interview when he was asked about Kristen – a representative abruptly ended the interview.
    All I can say is good luck to both of them. May they have success both professionally and in their personal lives. They deserve it.

  • larice

    Taylor Lautner could have never been cast as Edward: too short and too ugly (small squinty eyes, pug nose). Taytay and Kristen have nothing in common, he is the most boring young actor out there.

  • lisa

    Have to clarify larice. Rob may have needed a job, but he stated he went to the Twilight audition after KS was cast. He had the script for months and DIDN’T audition. I’m sure he needed a job in the months prior to the audition. I don’t think Rob was in the black, then became broke and decided to audition. Not saying he didn’t need a job – but the MAIN reason he went was because of KS.

  • EL

    Lisa – your facts are incorrect. Rob didn’t initially audition because he didn’t think he could live up to Edwards persona – “the most beautiful creature in the world”. Rob has said this several times in many of his interviews. The reason he finally auditioned was because the casting Director wasn\t happy with the previous actors who auditioned for the part and asked for more actors to audition including previous cast of Harry Potter. Rob’s agent suggested that he audition and the rest is history.

    Regardless, the issue here is that if Rob and Kristen are indeed in a relationship and they choose not to share it with the rest of the world, well then, we should respect them and support them. What they do in their public life is there business. Not ours.

    The only beef I have is the amount of recycled comments that are being thrashed on the internet regarding Rob and Kristen. Reporters should be reporting on new facts and not recycled comments that may or may not be revelent to the issue at hand. All true fans can spot out garbage within a heartbeat. Can you?

  • jess

    your so right EL

  • jeremy rolson

    Ya u till em leave them alone dont u know they are the greatest actors ever get a life drink up

  • Molly

    I wasn’t saying that Taylor should have been cast as Edward, it was just an example. Hayden Christensen was in the running for Edward; had he gotten it, it would be Haystew now. Whoever plays these roles doesn’t matter; it is a publicity stunt. It could be the two ugliest, most untalented people in the world and there would STILL be rumors. Until we hear specific confirmation, as in ‘yes, Rob and I are dating,’ or ‘I am in love with Kristen and we are dating,’ give it a rest.

  • Nick’s Wife

    I hope They Always be Together

  • Mollly

    Everyone just stop. Who cares! Worry about you and mind your own!

  • janet everman


  • Lisa

    I agree with Molly and El, on the Robsten sites they have them engaged, married and having a baby next. They say he loved her for 2 years and she is the only one for him. WHY all because they took a picture with a fan. All because they are in the UK together with other friends. She is not staying with his family for goodness sakes and she spent Christmas home with her family but those twilight fans can’t decifer. To me they look like best buds and that is awesome friendships usually last longer than bf/gf relationships. LEAVE THEM ALONE UNTIL THEY COME ON NATIONAL TV OR ELSEWHERE AND SAY “WE ARE DATING AND IN LOVE.” STOP ANALYZING EVERY INTERVIEW, LOOK OR STARE. Just my opinion. Oh and I heard Kellun Lutz said he turned down the roll of Edward bet he’s thanking his lucky stars. kelsten anyone?

  • love robsten

    FYI, Kristen can drink in the pubs!!! 18 is the legal age to drink in UK.

  • http://yahoo lol

    i wish i coul kiss rob and kill kristen

  • lisa

    My facts are not incorrect el. I listened to the same interview you did. I’m aware Rob didn’t think he could live up to Edward’s standards. At the end of the day, his decision was MADE when he wanted to work with KS after seeing her in into the wild. There’s a big difference in having a desire, interest or inclination in something as opposed to DOING. You can always prompt or encourage people, but they have to make their own choice. He chose to do Twilight after KS was cast. End of story. But as you said, it’s water under the bridge.

  • http://yahoo lol

    i am a rob fan and i am pissed off at kristen but still she acts good and i like her toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • http://yahoo hema soso

    kristen is a mozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • TwiGirl

    Unfortunately, it’s probably true about the excessive drinking. I was at a 100 Monkeys show in Vancouver back when they were filming New Moon and overheard a girl who had been backstage say that Rob was backstage completely smashed and that he was barely coherent. Up until then, I hadn’t believed the rumors that Rob was a total drunk, but hearing that and the pictures I saw online of fans with him after the concert changed my mind. While they may be our Edward and Bella onscreen, off-screen they are far from :-(

  • http://***** debbie

    I think Rob had a crush on Kristen when he met her, but i think they are just friends. They just went out as friends. I will assume that they are single, or they just don’t want to talk about it. I know it’s hard when you have a crush on someone to see them with someone else. So, i won’t ruin the fantasy. But, if you see Rob with a girl, don’t let it bother you because that’s not any fun. Rob’s acting can still give you enjoyment. He will one day probably start to date. Maybe when the Twilight saga hype has gone away.

  • vampirediariesfreak

    cant these people just live their lives without being on the news every friggin second i mean whhho doesnt get drunk on new years


    K,some people are taking this way seriously…If they’re together good for them it’s their choice to be what they want to be.Which most us know is a couple in hiding.If everyone would leave them alone and not be obsessed they could live a normal life,but as we all know no one wants to.They will not come outta the closet bout being a couple til they are left alone.Zac&Vanessa,Brad&Angelina& so on .Not anyone’s business.And,bout Rob being a drunk people are so lame so he likes to chill every now and then don’t we all it’s not like he got a DUI he’s a responsible drinker & he likes to have fun then and again..Geez,wish people would lay off celebrities..

  • kristen and michael together

    i agree with molly not that “robsten fans” even care about possible truth…

  • Jennifer

    Kristen Stewart is a major tweaker, it’s unfortunate cause she is a good actress. but after these rip off’s of Interview with a vampire and Bram Strokers Dracula…I see her just going down hill more than she is now with her pill popping and weed habbit. she should get help now before she is doomed to O.D. from watching some on her interviews she’s pretty bad, like the itching and rocking back and forth. I think she may be on a season of “Celebrity Rehab” real soon.

  • rebecca

    rob and kristen we know that you read some of this from time to time. i hope you are able to enjoy your friendship and hope you continue your acting career of worthwhile pursuits. best wishes!

  • jeff

    who cares if they are dating? and you should stop admiring her. is it her horse shaped face or awful acting that you like so much? she totally spoiled the twilight movies. i was very disappointed when i saw her palying as bella. i really liked the books. and she was really not the one for this roll.if rob pattinson likes to date her..well that means he doesnt deserve better…

  • Stampole

    Everyone who’s commented here is a complete and utter blithering idiot.

    It’s a MOVIE, It’s a series of BOOKS. Go get a Life, move out of your parents basement, and get into rehab, you morons..

  • Josh

    @Stampole…FINALLY, someone sane enough to see the idiocracy of these comments!

  • Leighny

    you guys are so funny..
    I think they would be great couple.

  • Cynthia

    totally agree with leighny.
    & stop bashing on Kristen.


    really 4 all u haters get a life yall hatein cuz shes pretty down 2 earth person.and yall just a bunch of fat ugly b****s. im 10 and i love rob but i noe i will never date him shes 19 she can do the h she wants all u hayters go get a life the only reason u sayin bad stuff is cuz u ran out of ice cream plus its new years eve they can get straight drunk if they want2.its their biz so stay out of it if they want u 2 noe then they wouldve told u 6 moths ago!!! any ways love ya robsten dont care wat hayters say

  • gigar

    your soooooooooooooo right jeff. she looks exactly like a horse. like shes in pain or sth. she is also so short. but she is much too lucky after all……

  • anonymous

    kristen can drink the pubs here in the uk cause the age is 18. it is a shame tht they cant even have a drink and have a good time with each other with people tearing them apart and saying stuff. just leave them be. in love or not they r only trying to live they lives

  • neda

    daylen babay you should wash your mouth and dont touch the computer and practice spelling little monster….i agree whit jeff


    NEDA wow im pretty sure its baby and why are u attckin me i was just sayin wat was true and i spelled like that 4 a reason its called textin spellin wash my mouth please how dare u wat did i do u u

  • chris

    i hate stewart. shes a disaster. i give it six months and this just friend thing will end. she spoiled the movies. awwww

  • neda

    yeah and im sure its what. i typed very quickly and i made two mistakes. but your spelling is…..well never mind.just dont type these words and we should respect other opinions.

  • jack

    kristen stweart is not even good enough for him. yuck….


    sorry but alot of peeps called kristen a b***** we have diff opinions sorry neda

  • jack

    does anyone here know what happend to the other guy she was dating????


    i think his name was micheal or something

  • jenny

    i think u ppl need 2 stay the hell out of their lives let them be… if u guys were dating robert u would want them to stay the hell out of ur life……………so back off………..

  • jack

    well they are stars.they have to deal with it. its a part of the job

  • isabell

    I think kristen desrves taylor lautner! Robert Pattinson fooled around wiht katy perry(how ever you spell her name)behind kristens back and kristen hooked up with an old boyfriend. So ive heard. Robert pattinson isnt good for kristen and ive heard he never showers exept like once or twice a month so he cant smell all that good unless ur drunk! But seriuosly leave these people alone what did they do to us! they can be what the want without u paparazti up their butts all the time! let them be.

  • http://Showbizspyonyahoo Vanessa Gorden

    Hey I’m a huge fan of you!!!!! I love you rob and kris!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOVE NESSIE DOG!

  • isabell

    You paparatzi dont have to be up their butts at every waking moment or at night. all you do is make up some silly incorrect story about everything! no wonder some stars go crazy. some love it and sme do it just for the paparatzi and some hate it! just leave some of them alone! If u have somethign nice to say say it if u dont suck it up and keep it in ur own mind!

  • nonyahhhh

    i wouldnt travel over 5,000 miles for someone thats my bestfriend..
    okay mabye i wuld, but if we didnt see eachother for like 1 week then idgaf, haha.
    but anyway…iwuldnt travel THAT far.

  • daisy

    go to youtube where rob and hayley williams are interviewing each other he tells a different story why he went to the interview of twilight.

  • http://showbizspy cheryl

    you people need to stop now quit bashing on kristen and leave them alone how would you like it so back off NOW no one knows anything about them but them so quit acting like you know cause you dont back off

  • http://showbizspy debbs

    so here we go again some DO and some DON’T i myself think it well all come out in the wash . and by the way it was Kristen who said it had to be Rob to play Edward the way he came in not knowing anything( not like the others ) i’m glade that SHE picked Robert they are very good in the movie … now on them being together i can say YES and NO whatever they want is fine with me i hope the best for them both in WHATEVER they choose to do.and yes being best buds first is wise it makes better lovers in the long run (well help there relationship last longer) i should know my husband is my best friend going on 32 years now

  • EL

    very well said Debbs. It was Kristen who wanted Rob to play Edward. The fact of the matter is, that if they want to date each other, its entirely their business. They are both great actors and have lots in common. They both have incredible futures ahead of them – Regardless of who they date.

    Don’t hate – just appreciate.

  • bella

    look at that smile

  • Lisa

    Holy crap when did this website turn into a bash Kristen site it was all nice until some people (you know who you are) start talking trash. If you don’t like them why do you google them? I think she has potential she is only 19 for goodness sakes. I say if you think it an easy profession start audiyioning i hear they got roles open for Breaking dawn. Oh Jack where have you been Michael broke up with her back in May. And yes if you had Kristens money and was invited to the UK for a holiday you would go. And the person that said she ia on all kinds of drugs and rehab and stuff-that just isn’t right and if you read that prove it link it here bet you can’t. Oh and by the way I love Ashley greene that girl is going somewhere she is exactly what i pictured when i read the books. Go Ashley!!!

  • jeremy rolson

    you peple need a life!!!!

  • Lisa

    So do you Jeremy if you read through 87 comments and then took the time to comment yourself.

  • me

    OK we need group therapy

  • Stephanie


    I always fly thousands of miles to spend NYE with my GAY 23-year old male friend. We stay up all night doing each other’s hair. Is that what Kristen and Rob did?

    Rob Pattinson was in Harry Potter and nobody thought he was a good looking sex symbol. He plays the role of Edward Cullen and everyone thinks he is the most beautiful man in the world? Same person, different roles. Almost ANY guy who played Edward Cullen was going to have female fans confusing him with Edward Cullen. You can deny it all you want but bottom line is Rob Pattinson is the same guy from HP who you didn’t pay any attention to until you decided he was Edward Cullen.

    Starting making excuses in 1..2..3..

  • Sj21

    Everyone seems to know what is best for them. But in reality, they are still learning how to deal with fame. Sure they are good friends, they have worked together for over two years. Aren’t you good friends with your co-workers, and maybe go out every now and then with them? Why should this be any different? They are both going through the same things, and being famous leaves you little friends you can trust. TRUST is very important in any relationship. I think that starting out as friends in any relationship is wise, it gives you time to get to know each other and see if there is possibilities. Most only want to see them as Bella & Edward, a fantasy couple who can overcome anything but in reality they are Rob & Kristen trying to make sense out of everything that has happened to them since “Twilight”. Give them the time to settle into their new found fame. I think that when Rob falls in love, he won’t let the PR of any movie stop him from sharing it with the world and the same for Kristen. After all true love is far more important then anything money can buy, and those of you who don’t think so, have never found true love!!!

  • Lisa

    Well said Sj21 if all thought like you we wouldn’t have people like some on this website. Also Stephanie I won’t make excuses for Robert Pattinson I agree if any other actor would have been Edward Cullen they would be where he is now and Kristen good friends with them. I don’t look at him as the sex symbol twilight little girls think he is. I would not fall at his feet either but I don’t think either actor deserves the personal bashing they are getting it’s harsh. Judge them on the acting which both are just figuring out. Just my opinion but I agree on other sites they would have held you in contempt for suggesting anything negative twilight. They covet him it’s scary.

  • ems

    i wish they were really together as in together:))

  • Karen Palmer

    I absolutely love Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, together or
    not, they are amazing actors. Of course, they make a soul mate
    couple, but that is their private lives. I myself believe in fate and
    destiny and have always said that Stephanie Meyer’s dream was
    created by fate to bring Kristen and Rob together. Romantic, isn’t
    it? At any rate, if they are truly happy in their professional and
    personal lives, we should all be happy for them.
    Love, Karen

  • Michelle

    I am married and one of my best friends is a guy. We go to concerts together (without my hubby). We live an hour away from each other. We are in a band together and that’s where our closeness comes from. There have been times when we have been in a corner of the bar, laughing together, sitting close, etc. We would get comments all the time from people asking if we are “messing around” together or whatever. Anytime a guy and girl are together, those kinds of comments will surface. It is inevitable. So, let’s allow them to have their private lives and sit back and see what happens.

  • Stephanie

    Yes Michelle,

    I’m sure Tiger Woods’ wife thought him hanging out with “work related’ female friends was platonic too. Do you also leave your husband alone and fly over 4,000 miles to spend NYE with your male band friend when there is no concert? Does your husband fly to a foreign country to spend NYE alone with a female friend? Good luck in that marriage!

    I agree it’s none of our business but people pretending these two just hang out and do each other’s hair or just play Checkers are on another planet all together. YOUNG, rich, attractive and healthy people don’t spend NYE reading the Bible to each other. They party and make-out. It’s NORMAL. Kristen and Rob are NORMAL human-beings. It’s legal for any one over age 18 to drink alcohol in the U.K. And most NORMAL people get a bit drunk on NYE.

  • Cindy

    I personally think that they are together! It’s nobodies business……that’s just my opinion. I mean why would you leave your family and travel all the way to England just to be with your “good friend”? She’s not traveling all over the world to be with Taylor, her other good friend! I hope they’re in love, happy, and have a great time together!!!!!!! I know that I would go all the way to England to be with him…….He is so damn FINE!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Oh and BTW……..I wouldn’t mind having a few drinks with him myself!!!!!!!!!! So leave them alone!!!!!! They are just having a good time…’s not like they’re alcoholics!

  • Liz_B

    They are so cute together! I hope they had a lovely time together on holiday!

  • erica

    omg.what is going on u people need to relax and look your life ooooooh good is not our business if they atr together chill out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ITA

    EXCUSE ME but after being with a…. lets say….a very goood friend working as ur partner over a year, then you got vacations after new moon premiere, then the boy stayed in LA like for a month or more…. then he goes back to Europe for christmas….hmmm lets say these good friends had like one or two weeks without seeing each other…. and thats why the girl would fly about 18 hours????for a good friend???after not seeing eachother like for 2 weeks?????CANT u stand some days without seeing your best friend even knowing its a family time and they are overseas???and you cross the ocean for seein a good friend just in such a special time like new years eve ???ok GIVE ME A BREAK! u dont fly 18 hours to a very damn frozen tiny HIDDEN and literally unknown town for saying HI to a good friend!!! come on!!HATERS TO THE LEFt!!!!

  • Trebor143

    Well first, when I was 19 the only thing I wanted to do was party.
    So why wouldn’t u want to spend NYE in the uk. She can legally drink and party with a “friend”. She also likes to stir up drama. I think she gets a good laugh. If u were uber famous wouldn’t do stuff like that.

  • Lisa

    You know what we can guess all day long and until it comes straight from them we will never know. hopefully they will end the mystery soon if they want peace from the paps but if not only time will tell.

  • Kristen Stewart- Pattinson

    being drunk was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and we are now married !!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Well Kristen let us know when the baby comes we will give you a baby shower for Renesme!!!

  • erica

    and u did not invite me to the wedding ,why kristen?

  • Lisa

    I didn’t get invited either Erica maybe we should boycott their movies. 6 months to a year tops!!!

  • Kristen Stewart-Pattinson

    im sorry it was a twilight cast wedding only

  • Ashley

    From what I saw on New Year’s, I’d say they are a couple, no doubt :)

  • Sharg (Sharon)

    Kristen and Rob, I am so excited for you both. I hope and pray you have a long and happy life together. Be blessed! Love you two!

  • Lisa

    What exactly did you see Ashley or better yet read. Please fill us in. Oh Kristen why a twilight cast wedding haven’t you seen enough of them give us little people a shot. I m disappointed.

  • Jacqueline Haase

    OMG;People I enjoy kristen and Rob just like the next person,but I am looking for a job on the Internet and all I ever see is Robsten on the Internet and I am so tired of all the rumors,mean E-mails,I mean every step they take is being monitored I mean poor couple they deserve common courtesy and not to be pryed and proded whatever their relationship status is I REALLY dont care and should be kept private between them only, you see this is one fan who still believes in privacy And I speak for many other fans who also feels the same way. only time will tell.And where ever the Robstens are have a blessed NEW YEAR! jacqueline. PS TO whoever posed as Kristen Stewart shame shame!

  • erica

    then i forgive u and surei wiil enjoy your twilight wedding

  • D

    It was Twilight cast wedding only because the wedding SCENE was part of the Eclipse MOVIE. Not real life, people.

  • sara

    isnt that the wedding scene shud be in breaking dawn??
    its so weird..
    and new moon shudnt end with the “marry me” question. rite?
    totally messed up
    but i still love the movie.

  • erica

    it is part of breaking dawn according to the books.i can not wait eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    LMAO you guys explaining that the wedding is not real but in BD. And yes if they do it according to the books wedding is in beginning of BD but who knows what summit will do. And no Edward did not ask her to marry him in New Moon so who knows where they are going with this. Taylor did say in an older interview there was going to be surprise no one sees coming guess that ws it.

  • Angel

    To twilightbabyand all you other Kristen and Rob haters out there, do you honestly think they give a rats ass about how much you dislike them? You don’t have the right to hate someone you’ve never met or would never give you the time of day! So please, keep comments like that to yourselves cause we don’t want to hear it!

  • Lisa

    Well said Angel.

  • mystique

    they are on definitely i know how much it hurts haters but thats life! Im so over this crap they suit each other both celebrities, rich, and beautiful people i have to admit my heart is torn and im moving on after this comment iam officially going back to reality. its difficult to imagine edward without thinking about mr pattinson so im sorry but i must not support twilight anymore in other words il just stick to the book and im never gonna watch eclipse and breaking dawn no matter how hard is this going to be for me i will and have to cope…. So i wish all the best to ROBSTEN couple!

  • alex

    god.. i still cant see why a short freaky bi… like stewart should get the roll as bella. she trashed the movie. the character edward cullen palyed by rob pattinson or any other guy deserved a better match.. sell stupid somewhere else.. beautiful.. hu

  • alex

    god.. i still cant see why a short freaky bi… like stewart should get the roll as bella. the character edward cullen palyed by rob pattinson or any other guy deserved a better match.. sell stupid somewhere else.. beautiful.. hu

  • K Jaymes S.

    Everyone-What are guys going to do with your lifes once the Twilight movies are done filming in about another year or so? You guys are actually going to have to go outside and find something else to do with your life.These comment boards are no longer going to be around.Its going to be sad day for you guys when this happens but I positive you will get over it.

  • No one loves twilight more than me

    Ok frist of all I WANT robert and kristen to be dating but maybe they’re not ok… Not once have they said that they are single OR that they are dating… OK get you facts straight people (although I WANT them to be dating)

  • anonymous

    ok totally false info. where are their sources and pix tht the two actually got drunk? sheesh think of better news articles ppl. this is soooo not true.

  • jean

    I adore Kristen Stewart.Rob and Kristen are a great couple.I wish them the best.People who hate her,are just jealious because shes with Rob.Get over it already.He will never be yours.He loves Kristen.She makes him happy.

  • franka

    I hope and wish they can only have together the wonderful romance as in the movie.

  • natalie

    if any of you had ever seen them together, you would know they are at the VERY least, VERY close friends, and VERY affectionate friends. it’s not an enormous leap for them to take it further. I agree with georgia, they are good together and seemingly compatible, ppl. move on!

  • Tracey Killgo

    Robert you need to look me up on facebook and chat with me. I like you a lot.

  • kirsty

    omg i love u Robert u rock and i cant beleve u went to the IOW that is so cool i live there to i have always wanted to meet u.

  • Jenni

    In Uk 18 is the legal drinking age so she could! probably why she came over here! and the fact she was apparently paid by sumit to!

  • Anonymous

    To jenni-There is a board that you would probably enjoy:Kellan Lutz unveils Calvin Klien Underwear Ad(showbizspy).

  • qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm

    why make a big deal of them being drunk????!?!?!? SO WHAT?!??!?! If u think they should not drink a little well there freakin adults! I think if u think that u should burn to the bottom of hell for a thousand years!