Angelina Jolie Wanted to be an Undertaker

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie once did a mail-order degree to become a funeral director.

The actress — who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — confirmed rumors that she once wanted to be an undertaker.

“Yeah,” she told Britain’s Look magazine. “When I was younger, I went to a funeral, and I didn’t think it was enough of a celebration of the life of the person.

“I thought I could do better, so I got a home course when I was about 14. I did a mail-order degree.”

Meanwhile, recent reports have claimed that bisexual Jolie told Pitt she wanted an open relationship — and he flipped out.

“Angie’s been hinting that she’s interested in seeing other people for a while, but Brad has resisted,” a source said.

“And it’s not just men that Angie wants to cheat with. She wants to give women another try too!

“When she openly said that’s what she wanted, Brad flipped out!”


  • bnmeintn

    Hey Angelina, way to go. You only live once. When brad agrees to the open relationship, look me up.

  • winnie

    I wonder who leaks out their private information…either it is bad staff or not very good friends….Such rich people why can’t they afford hire good staff and have very nice friends. LOL