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Hugh Grant: ‘Sarah Jessica Parker Eats Like a Horse’

Posted by Adam

Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker HUGH Grant is amazed how Sarah Jessica Parker manages to stay so slim — because she’s constantly eating!

The actor — who appears opposite Parker in new movie Did You Hear About The Morgans? – says the Sex and the City actress likes her food and has almost always got something in her mouth.

“I’m fascinated by her eating habits,” he says. “You know, for a woman that tiny, it’s almost impossible to believe that she can eat that much. You can put literally anything in front of her, and it’s gone in six seconds. She’s like a locust.”

Grant, 49, recently revealed that he wants to write a book.

“I have always promised myself, ‘When you have made some nice films and earned some money, you are going to finally write your novel’,” he said.

“Shouldn’t I rather make a film, earn money and work with beautiful women?”

The actor — who turns 50 later this year — said he had already completed half a book but had not been able to work on it in the past year.

“I don’t know if it is laziness or some kind of fear of failure,” he said.

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