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Hugh Jackman Has Nickname For His Penis

Posted by Adam

Hugh JackmanHUGH Jackman has a nickname for his penis!

The Aussie actor says he refers to is privates as Old James Roger.

“You really want to know who Old James Roger is? Let me show you,” Jackman told chat show host Jay Leno, pretending to unbutton his suit trousers.

“I don’t know why I call him Old James Roger, but that’s what I call him. They always seem old to me. Even from a young age, they look old. You know what I mean?

“There is another name for it and I think I got it wrong and I was saying it wrong. It’s just a Hugh Jackman-ism that is ridiculous and thanks for bringing it up. I appreciate it.”


  • Ventura

    Yes, and casually he has won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Action Star. Him, not James Roger. Just in case Mr Roger returned on the spotlights to the place of his owner another time ….

  • Jamie

    I love everythings you play in and care about you and your family alot. So take care of yourself. I wish I could get a picture of you to put in my scrapebook. My address is Jamie May 1033 Branch Road,Winterville,NC 28590