Zoe Saldana: ‘I Should Have Been Born a Guy!’

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Zoe SaldanaZOE Saldana reckons she should have been born a man.

The Avatar actress told Elle magazine that she feels “empowered” when she wears a man’s suit and believes her strong personality is not traditionally associated with women.

“I have a very strong character and I like to be challenged,” she said. “Men’s clothing makes me feel empowered so I often wear a man’s suit.

“Sometimes I think I should have been born a guy! I wear black a lot and I like solid colors. Like me, they’re independent, bold and decisive.”

Zoe, 31, also called for more women to find work in the movie industry.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, who always stay true to themselves and tell the kind of stories that you want to see in the movies,” she said.

“My job is very fulfilling and I’m always eager to learn, but I would like to work with more women in the industry. I don’t think there are enough women out there?”


  • ha ha

    There are plenty of women working, how can she say that “I don’t think there are enough women out there?”

    Besides, she is fortunate to be working. After all, if another woman had been hired for the role in Avatar, she wouldn’t have been working.

    Go figure.

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