Kristen Stewart Reveals Secret Heartbreak

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kristen StewartKRISTEN Stewart says she was “heartbroken” when pictures of the Twilight cast — including Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner – filming sequel New Moon were leaked online.

The actress — who plays Bella in the flick — says the wanted the movie to surprise fans, and the snaps ending up all over the internet ruined it.

“I was heartbroken when pictures were all over the internet,” Kristen told TOTP magazine. “I didn’t want anybody to see certain looks, like Taylor in his wig, because we wanted to surprise people when the movie came out.”

The 19-year-old also revealed she has become “protective” of her big screen alter ego because their lives have progressed in a similar way.

“I feel like Bella has become something that is me, in a weird way. I feel very protective of her,” she said.

“Bella and I have been on a similar ride, in that during the second film she matures a bit. She’s making these drastic life decisions and she knows what she wants.

“She’s got to know herself much better. I think I’ve done the same thing through this project. It’s been a wild ride and there’s been a lot of self-evaluation. I’ve grown a lot, and so has Bella.”


  • Sharg (Sharon)

    Kristen, you are an amazing actress! What an inspiration you are to so many in this world. Keep on keepin on……God bless!

  • Ritzz

    Kristen…your soo beautiful n young talented!!!!

  • susie

    I can only agree with Sharon and Ritzz !!!
    Kristen, your are fantastic :)
    Keep at it !!