Tom Cruise ‘Buys Suri $30k Race Car’

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tom CruiseTOM Cruise has bought his adorable little daughter Suri her own car!

The Top Gun star reportedly splashed out $30,000 on a custom-made miniature replica of an Indy race car.

“Suri has been mesmerized by auto racing n TV so he thought it would be fun for her to have her own little car to ride in,” a source said.

“If Suri truly takes to the sport, Tom plans on having a little race track installed at his L.A. property. But for now she’ll just be going up and down the family’s long driveway.”

Recent reports claimed Tom and his wife, Katie Holmes, would be trying for another baby in 2010.

“Both Tom and Katie desperately want a little brother or sister for Suri and they don’t want to leave it too late,” dished the loose-lipped insider. “Tom would like a son but either way there could be some happy news very soon.”



  • dancer1

    Wow that’s an expensive gift!

  • Nancy

    $30k for a mini race car for a child? Really? I’d like to hear more of this type of money given to help children whose parents have lost employment and are struggling to feed their family. Still not a fan of Tom Cruise.

  • Barbara

    We still live in a country where you are allowed to use the fruits of your labor any way you choose. If the Cruise parents want to buy their little daughter a car for any amount of money, they are free to do so.

    The Cruises have donated millions and millions of money to charitable organizations and causes, most notably a detox center for the firefighters and others physically devastated by the 9/11 trajedy in New York.

    He does his part to help others for sure.

  • Pratul

    Congratulation! TOM & HOLMES, now you may parent of a child?

  • Pratul

    “Recent reports claimed Tom and his wife, Katie Holmes, would be trying for another baby in 2010.”

    From this report, I need update news.