Matthew Broderick Wanted ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Sequel

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Matthew BroderickMATTHEW Broderick has revealed he wanted to film a sequel to his classic eighties hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — which was written and directed by the late John Hughes.

The actor — who is married to married to Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker — says he spoke with Hughes before his death last year about making a follow-up film that would catch up with Ferris as an adult.

“It’s something we talked about – catching up with Ferris as an adult and seeing how he turned out,” says Matthew. “We never quite got it together though. I’m still not sure what Ferris would be up to now.

“I wish John was around because he might have a good idea. I think he would maybe be living in a rich house near where he grew up. I bet he would be exactly like his parents.”

The actor says he wouldn’t oppose a Day Off remake — but he wouldn’t want to to be involved.

“A remake would be fine,” said Broderick. “I would be perfectly happy for somebody to do that. I probably wouldn’t enjoy having a role in the film. I would rather leave what we did as our thing.”

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  • daphne

    wow im so excited!! :)

  • John S

    Cant remake that movie, the 80′s made that movie what it was, the music, clothing styles etc. A remake would just look like “The Hills” with a bunch of young d bags wandering around trying to be cool like Ferris was. Wont work…AT ALL, so dont try.

  • Lekker Buttnuff

    Life moves pretty quick. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you might miss it.

    Ferris would now be in his late 40′s. He would be too old to jump around on trampolines and dance on parade floats and traffic in Chicago has since then increased 100 fold and the car got smashed to bits, so there would be no opportunity to whip around Chicago in a minute, and Mr. Hughes has sadly passed on, so this is a bad idea. Do not make this movie. Stupid stupid stupiss.

  • Debbie

    Would be cool that Ferris would have a son like himself —- but Ferris wouldn’t catch on…..

  • Gary Miles

    Can’t be done….bad idea….don’t mess with a classic, chances are you’ll screw it up!

    • LH

      I know exactly what you mean!I just learned that the original classic Revenge of the Nerds was made into a television series,and after watching the pilot episode on the Panty Raid Edition DVD,I can see why it did not last long.

  • Bret

    They tried to make Ferris Bueller into a television series in the 1990′s with someone else as Ferris. It was awful.

  • Andy

    They need to just leave it alone. A remake of that movie would be totally stupid. It is a classic and would be a slap in John Hughes face.

  • Joe

    I would not recommend a remake, but a sequel might be interesting. I think it would be pretty funny to see a 45 year old Ferris Bueller living in the suburbs of Chicago working as a Real Estate agent (took after his Mom) and trying to rise his two teenage sons who try to stay ahead of their crazy dad who still is locked in the 90′s. Add in the technological advances of this day and age and I can come up with some pretty funny ideas. Changes in teaching and schooling are so different it just writes itself. I am 50 and have two kids and the world is every different and funny when I look at what my kids do these days compared to what we did at their ages. Baby boomers would love a sequel.

  • Jen

    The idea of a remake is just plain dumb! If John Hughes were still alive, that wuld be a different story. Since he’s not, DON’T DO IT! DA idea.

  • James W.

    My girlfriend and I are in total agreement with everyone. Please do NOT remake or make a sequel to “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”. That movie is a classic and should be left alone. Most remakes, sequels, prequals, and whatever else filmakers do usually end up ruining the experience. Please just leave “Ferris” alone.

  • David

    That would be so cool I too rather see a Ferris sequel than a remake. They could bring back Alan Ruck. Ferris and Cameron now work for a computer software company( because in the first film we remember how good Ferris is with computers). They can also bring back Mia Sara as Sloane (if they can find her). Charlie Sheen could even come back to make another cameo apperance maybe he could still be using drugs. In this film Ferris has a daughter who pulls the same stunts he pulled when he was a teenager. By now Ferris has grown up and thinks more like his dad did in the first film with no clue of what his daughter is up to. Later, he does catches her but lets her off the hook because he remembers what it like when he was that age.I hope Mr.Broderick reads this and take it into consideration.

  • Jon

    I think it would be a great idea. But switch the role’s to where his daughter turn’s out to be just like him.

  • http://yahoo jason

    Parker Lewis Can’t Lewis was basically a bad attempt at capturing the Ferris Bueller character back in the early 90′s… it wasn’t good.

  • chas

    I think you could do a sequel. Ferris, now divorced, skips work, calls Cameron to get into some trouble for the day. Cameron has an annoying uptight wife that after Ferris shows them “everything good” comes around and lightens up. Ferris and Cameron obviously would work at the same large company and their boss would try to track them down.

  • Bill

    Is nothing sacred? Leave Ferris Bueller alone!!!!

  • David Polakoff

    Remaking well-done films is an enigma. Not that there aren’t original films, that with hindsight, could be tweaked, here and there (2001’s remake of Ocean’s Eleven was an improvement over the 1960 version), but for the most part, these original films reached “perfection.” Remake these films: 1979 – The In-Laws, 1972 – The Poseidon Adventure, 1972 – The Heartbreak Kid, 1976 – The Bad News Bears, 1971 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and now 1986 – Ferris Beueller’s Day Off? This time around its not the time to say, “What the heck?”

  • Joe

    I believe the rally cry was “Save Ferris”

  • Amanda

    Um really?! A remake of the epic 80′s cult smash hit, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would be a complete and total abomination.

  • Over 40

    “Life moves pretty quick. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you might miss it.

    Ferris would now be in his late 40’s. He would be too old to jump around on trampolines and dance on parade floats….

    Comment by Lekker Buttnuff — 13 Jan”

    Um I beg to differ… I love trampolines and would readily dance in a parade or anywhere else I had the opportunity!! When you hit your 40′s in 30 or so years you’ll understand! :D

    No Ferris remake please! Let the classic stay the classic!!

    • Mitch Harmon

      I agree with this totally. I don’t understand why these idiot film makers can’t just come up with new material. Instead they remake movies that shouldn’t be remade. Just re release it in the theaters and let the new generation of teens enjoy a classic from the 80′s. Just like with Night mare on Elm Street, why didn’t they just re release it? That would have been great. But I am sure that some moron has already written a script to ruin this classic. I guess people have no respect for others anymore. John Hughes made great films, don’t ever remake them.

  • http://Yahoo Steve

    I agree with John S. you cannot remake a classic. Ferris is a cult classic. It’s like trying to remake Star Wars. You don’t mess with a good thing, heck, re-release it in the theater, I’ll go see it.

    A follow up story on the other hand might be interesting.

  • http://yahoo hbone6900

    og ferris should be the parent a the new ferris is the son… i think that would be nice and funny

  • Jill

    Please do not make a remake. There is only one bueller. Not always but most remakes are flops. I.E. Land of the lost was the biggest flop of last year. I guess if you do remake it, I will be watching it on TBS just like the Fugitive.

  • Jason

    I am also of the opinion that a remake would be a mistake. A follow-up movie might be intriguing if handled correctly, but that’s always the tricky part.

    Though I think it would be hilarious if Ferris had an uptight child like Cameron was and he just can’t connect with him. Meanwhile Cameron had a child like ‘Ferris’ was, too cool for his own good. Throw in a Charlie Sheen marriage to Ferris’ sister and you have an interesting mix.

    Anyways, never going to happen. It was a great movie and I’ll always enjoy the original no matter what happens in the future.

  • Tony

    Well if they do make either a sequel or a remake, do NOT involve that Mia Sara chick. (Sloan) While she was a hottie way back when, I saw a pic of her recently and she flat out looks horrible.

    Not “She’s 40 something now not a teenager” horrible, but horrible regardless of her age.

  • Mark

    I shudder to think what a remake would be like! Don’t even think about it. There’s absolutely no way to recapture the styles and attitudes that made that movie a classic.

    On the other hand, a sequel/follow-up might be interesting, but only if Matthew Brodrick were the grown up version of Ferris, and only if Cameron were still his uptight buddy. But intead of being clueless with a kid that is just like he was, he and Cameron would need to still be up to their old antics and attitudes, while his son or daughter is doing the same thing, only on a different track. The comedy would come from their two tracks colliding and the sentimental aspect from their resolution.

  • oh yeaaaah

    Matthew B. needs to be in it and at his age it would make perfect sense to give him a mid-life crisis opportunity to relive the glorious days of his youth (even if only for a weekend). What made the movie great were certain elements which can easily be recaptured.

    Imagine a 40-something once-cool-but-now-is-not kind of guy who just got bogged down with the demands of life. Average job, income, house, and car. He’s lost his charisma, but he still has that slightly humorous edge of arrogance which drives some people nuts! His wife knows about his glorious youth, but his kids think he is boring and his boss is not impressed with his ability to talk so big yet produce so little. That’s Ferris for you.

    The family plans a vacation while the boss demands he cancel it to attend a conference. Ferris manages to do both yet without telling his boss or family what is really going on during this dual-agenda weekend. Eventually, the family learns of it and helps Ferris along the way (just like his sister did at the conclusion of “Day Off”).

    Skipping seminars to enjoy life with family, the boss’ aide is constantly trying to catch him so Ferris will be fired (much like the role of the Principal in “Day Off”). Ferris arranges the aide to get caught up in numerous delaying tactics for the entire weekend, video recordings of the conference clearly show Ferris was present for every seminar (just like his report card was “fixed” to show all passing grades). When it’s over the aide can’t prove Ferris totally avoided his work duties while the family saw a side of Ferris they never knew existed.

    The plot enables Ferris to have the chance of returning to the days of old in which he was super cool, took risks, and did outrageous things for fun. It was a time when many were fooled, a few knew the truth, and he got away with it all.

    Oh yeaaah.

  • folly

    leave it be the original is a classic and they would ruin it if remade..greatest movie ever…do not remake this film would look like bad mtv show.

  • Templar

    You peeps are such retards! they arnt gonna remake the movie they are thinking of a sequel! you cant ruin a movie if its a sequel only if its a remake…which it isnt,so do yourself a favour and STFU if you dont know what you talking about.I enjoyed the movie and think its a great idea to make another one where he is older.its just like any other sequel,star wars,transporter,harry pothead,ETC times a million. noone is remaking the movie that would jsut be retarded like the rest of you.Go read the article again!

  • T

    Stupid idea. Stop remaking and ruining the classic movies from the 80s and start coming up with new and fresh ideas. A remake of this would suck and there is no sense in having a follow up to see where Ferris is today.

  • Shari

    DON’T EVEN GO THERE!!!!!!! “FB” is a classic, and trying to make a sequel/follow-up/remake would be a DISASTER of epic proportions! Sequels to classics never work. A case in point – “S. Darko” (made after “Donnie Darko”). Different genre of movie, but you get the idea.

  • debbie

    Yea i agree it is a classic the way it is.. DONT MESS WITH IT please

  • James

    Imagine Ferris Bueller as a 40 year old with kids. That’ll be so great to make it into a movie.

  • Timothy

    Let’s take advantage of the dead.

  • hotcabbageandcoffee

    Without Hughes there can be no remake of FBDO, and even if he was still around I say don’t do it. Don’t toy with a timeless classic even if it was set in a mid-’80s scene.

  • Mike

    Seems to me you would need John Hughes blessing not Brodericks. They only way a sequel works if Hughes writes it and thats not happening. What is up with all the ’80′s remakes. Karate Kid, Red Dawn and now Ferris. I guess the big wigs in Hollywood are running out of ideas. John Hughes retired from Hollywood because he wanted to be left alone so leave his movies alone. Sounds like fascism to me Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.” Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I’d still have to bum rides off people.

  • Tom

    I like the idea of a sequel. I imagine that Ferris has made a mint off various internet businesses. He is wind-surfing overseas when he finds that his old principal has him put on the terror watch list. Ferris has to practically destroy the U.S. information technology system to get back into the country.

  • Abe Froman

    Yes it is me the sausage king of Chicago. This a terrible idea and they shouldn’t even think about remaking this movie. If you want to try to milk this cow for more money release the orginal back into theaters and let the kids of today see how great movies were made in the 80′s. Don’t be so snooty and don’t remake this classic.

  • rbmeoe

    Unless Brodrick plays the adult Ferris, and all the other original characters play their adult selves, there should not be a sequel and defilitely NO REMAKE!!! Too many really good tv shows and movies have been ruined because of terrible remakes. The few that came out good do not make-up for the way hollywood has destroyed quality programs with trite, ridiculous, and down right stupid attempts to copy what were good programs of the past!! It is really a shame what was made of shows like “The Wild, Wild West”, “Lost in Space”, “McHales Navy”, and “Get Smart”!! Those were good shows that were turned into a joke by the modern day hollywood crack potts that could not even get close to what the original shows had to offer. If you can’t make it at least as good as the original, then don’t make it at all!!!

  • Ferris Bueller Jr.

    Sequels are only good if they’re done in consistencey. And has a heart .Too bad Hughes didnt made a sequel a year or two years later after it was released. And so I’ll say NO TO A SEQUEL.

  • Biff Tannen

    I’d only be interested in a sequel if Alan Ruck was in it too

  • MaxCaudell

    I would love to play the role as ferris and I think its great that they are making a sequel. I loved the original and I am sure I will love the sequel.

  • T.Scott Stromberg

    I read a script by Rick Rapier about a year ago that was sent to Hughes. It was Awesome! All the original characters and a very believable plot! Maybe Someone could do s google search and send the link to Matthew. I for one thought it would make an awesome sequel!

  • David

    I think the perfect sequel would be FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF FROM WORK. This would be so apt and I think a great idea.

  • Charley

    I agree, a remake would be cheesy. Technically, in reply to an earlier comment, the movie was released in 1986 with Ferris being in high school. I was a Senior when it was released, so he wouldn’t be in his ‘late 40′s’ but early 40′s.

    But, a sequel WOULD be funny, if Matthew Broderick would revamp his role as an adult employee who “skips” work with his still BFF Cameroon (also played again by Alan Ruck) and his now wife (Mia Sara)to go see another Cubs and Braves game!

  • Chris Hulett

    “Two weeks, twenty papers…that’s two dollars!”
    “Sorry Johnny, I don’t have a dime.”
    “I didn’t ask for a dime!…Two dollars, plus tip.”

  • Bob

    I have been wanting a sequel for years.
    In addition to War of the Roses and Beetlejuice