Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sigourney WeaverDON’T expect to see Sigourney Weaver booking a consultation with her plastic surgeon.

The Avatar star, 60, thinks cosmetic procedures are unnatural — and especially silly if you’re an actress.

“I would never have plastic surgery or Botox injections,” she said. “How can you as an actress? They both leave you with such a tight, unreal look.

“It’s something fans and audiences pick up on instantly. Actors’ faces should actually be able to move.”

And Weaver says she doesn’t feel the need to go under the knife — because she finally feels sexier than ever.

“I like my body now, where, in younger days, I could always find fault. I feel I have my curves at last,” she said.

“They may come from age, but I don’t care. I’m just glad they are there.”

Sigourney recently revealed that she’d be open to filming a third Ghostbusters movie.

“I might be in it; I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don’t think I will have a big part,” she said last month.

“I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it — he’s a ghost. I have had a couple of calls asking ‘would you read the script’.

“I know that my little son Oscar — who was kidnapped from me [in Ghostbusters 2] — I think he has grown up to be a ghostbuster.”


  • Livin’ Louisiana!

    Finally! Someone with some sense! She does look fabulous. She’s right, it would ruin her looks. As a viewer, I do rely on the facial expressions to tell me a story. I just love the wrinkles when they come on a person….Katherine Hepburn…Audrey Hepburn…all of the legends had them. Please wake up starlets. It looks awful!

  • Tennessee Lightning

    Sigourney……. Intelligent, possesses common sense, sultry and still a babe.

  • Sarah

    …..“I would never have plastic surgery or Botox injections,”……..

    Good girl! Besides in relation to Botox, that procedure is still fairly new. Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a neurotoxin, and wikipedia says it’s held to be the most toxic substance to mankind. While it’s safely administered, I’m still waiting for stories of unanticipated side effects to start rolling out in the years to come, just waiting for another news report of “oops”, and the FDA conducts another recall.

  • Jeanne R.

    Admirable! I am glad some actresses and actors have the sense to age naturally. Why give up character lines on the face when they simply show life experience?

    She’s looking great! Exercise, and a zest for life speaks volumes!

  • Josephine R.

    She’s so right! The Departed was ruined for me, every time the actress playing the shrink came on the screen, my mind would always go to “she had work done, she’s so young, fake lips, NOSE, face at a stand still” very distracting. If your role is a shallow stupid fashion victim, possibly plastic surgery will enhance your role, but still, the movie experience is diminished. GREAT to see they’re actresses who act for the love of the art, and it’s a great living at her level, not just no talent posers who really should be walking their poodles.

  • Mav

    Sigourney Weaver has always been an intelliegent person, her comments don’t surprise me. She’s always been smart.

  • Blakely

    Compare Sigourney to Joan Rivers…oh wait, there is no comparison.

  • Bobby

    Blakely, Joan Rivers is thirteen years older, so why would we compare her to Sigourney Weaver anywyas??

  • http://Yahoo CJ

    For 60 she looks great. Women…let yourselves age naturally, a few grey hairs and a wrinkle are going to happen. Men get away with it, but too much is demanded for women.

  • Lisa Y

    It’s so refreshing to read this from an actress. I’m in my early forties and have watched as so many actresses my age have transformed themselves into emotionless plastic dolls. Watching television and movies with over-forty actresses (and some actors too) in them is like taking a long walk through the Uncanny Valley. Sigourney Weaver has always been much more than just a pretty face, but it’s so nice to see she still has her pretty – and NATURAL- face intact.

  • Kevin

    I can’t wait to know if Miss Weaver will be doing an Alien 5?…She has been my favorite actress since Alien1

  • Scotty

    Nicole Kidman can take some lessons from Ms. Weaver. Every time I watch Ms Kidman now all I can see is her Botox. She doesn’t even look natural anymore.

  • 53andloveit

    I love to see this esp. since Jamie Curtis is aging well too. All of these women on “reality tv” need to take notice. Those faces, unmovable, with wrinkled necks and liver spots on hands and implants. It looks just awful. It’s okay to age, be graceful. I’m 53 and don’t look a day >37 I stay healthy, trim and don’t have any facial wrinkles. And the horror stories of what it takes to have that mess removed or damaging lungs or other tissue.
    Bravo to Sigourney!

  • Steven Gallanter

    Sigourney Weaver looks good because she uses Premarin, the drug used for Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

    There is nothing natural about a 60 year old woman who has not and will not go through menopause.

  • mike

    Sigourney Weaver is sooooo sexy and hot! wowwww

  • Blakely

    Bobby, have you looked at Joan River’s face lately ? She makes no secret that she has had many, many surgeries and her face looks it.

  • Jaklyn Fior

    Sigourney is my idol has been since I was a child I saw Alien when I was 8 but when I saw her ”mother figure” in Aliens I saw her as such a powerful and ”normal” woman… I as a transsexual woman I feel i can base alot of my insperation of woman from this wonderful figure. If I met her I would hit the ground from the emotional rush. I loved her in Gorrilas in the mist , she is an insperation to all women who love the power and grace of women. Thanks for the insperation Sigourney…

  • steve

    This woman is something! She has had a boob job and a face lift! HYPOCRIT>>>>>>

  • Rosa E. Knapp

    I saw the movie Avatar. It was nothing short of AMAZING!!! The script as well as the actors performance was marvelous and for the first time in my life, I felt sad I will not live for ever! It would be amazing to live in the year 3000 or 4000 and have an incredible journey in life interacting with other people from another worlds!!! KUDOS for the movie and the actors!!!

  • JC

    My new favorite actress — fabulous inside and out — good for her!!!

  • jeffrey

    When we saw her the other week on Letterman we said “Wow she looks fantastic, and you can tell SHE HASN’T HAD ANYTHING DONE!” She just gets hotter, sexier, and more BEAUTIFUL!! You go Girl!! xo

  • Kathy Davis

    Hooray!Thanks I’ve always loved your movies! Those smile lines are beatiful and sexy!

  • Louie Rivas

    Three cheers for Sigoureny. Here! Here! I couldn’t agree more with our famous star. Natural features are truely very becoming and aluring to the beholder. Sigourney you look fantastic. Keep it going. Love that personna!!!

  • greene

    Ummm what about her fake boobs in galaxy quest?

  • Match512

    Finally, a woman being sexy and comfortable with her age. Believe me……men of any age appreciate her beauty and sex appeal.

  • Mr. Jere


  • Matthew

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  • Botox Toronto

    She definitely has a point, because the face of an actress have to move naturally, but what if she has to compete with a 24 years old actress for a role and the producer will choose the young one because she looks perfect?
    I’m sure in such a case  Sigourney would change her mind and consider Botox, especially because a treatment lasts only approximately 4 months, and after the contract will finish she can go back to her natural look.

  • Steven Gallanter

    Sigourney Weaver is undoubtedly a user of Premarin/Pregnant Mare Urine which is used by menopausal women to enhance their appearance and sexuality. She is “premmed out”.