Susan Boyle’s Family — And Simon Cowell — Want Her to Move House

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Susan BoyleSUSAN Boyle could soon be moving house.

That’s if Simon Cowell gets his way.

The music mogul is keen for Boyle — who shot to fame on his UK TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent and has since sold over five million copies of her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream — to ditch her West Lothian pad for something a little more luxurious and, more importantly, secure.

Both Cowell and Susan’s family are keen for the star to quit her council house after she was confronted by an intruder in her bedroom this week.

“Susan wants to stay in her house,” Susan’s brother, Gerry, told Britain’s News of The World newspaper.

“We all grew up there but she has to know she can’t now.

“She’s telling everyone she will stay but she has to be made to move. She needs protection.

“She has to realize she is in the world of celebrity and she is too exposed in that house. It’s going to be a wrench but she has to move or who knows what will happen.

“She needs some protection and we are very angry that this has been allowed to happen to her. She is distressed.

“The people we are angry with are her management.”

Susan isn’t managed by Cowell; she’s signed to his record label, SyCo.

“These people were very quick to work with Susan but they have not done enough to protect her,” Gerry said of Boyle’s management, which is led by a guy called Andy Stephens.

“You wouldn’t see Shirley Bassey living in a house that anyone could walk up to.

“Celebrities have gates, security men, ten foot high metal fences and that’s what Susan has to realize. She can’t stay there any more.”


  • http://ShowBizSpy Linda

    If Susan wants to stay in her house, then move the house and place in a secure location. It is not unheard of to move a house. If this would make her happy, give her peace and keep Pepples in a familiar place, it would be worth it. Susan rocks and I hope she will be around for a long long time singing her beautiful songs.
    Good luck!

  • Tom

    It’s really tough to get people of Susan’s age to separate themselves emotionally from everything they’ve known all their lives. Might I suggest that someone design a home that is similar to her own with better security. They need to get her involved in that process so that she feels part of it. Sure, she deserves to live in luxury but if she likes things simple, so beit. Let her call the shots.
    I do agree she needs to be protected. There’s a lot of crazies out ther. We don’t want our beloved Susan hurt or unnecessarily stressed. Listen to those that love you Susan. You’re in the big time now, girl.

  • Connie Rose

    Susan, you MUST leave that house. Or have it moved to another location. We all love you and want you to be safe.

  • Sandra Lee

    Leave the poor woman alone! All she wants is to keep on with her ordinary life. If I were Susan, and only got world-wide hassles from calling the police on an intruder, I would solve that problem by simply not calling them again. She can have a security firm (and she should), but she should also be able to live her life the way she wants to.

  • Roseofengland

    Why force her to live in a fortress like a prisoner? Let her live where she wants to, but make sure she has protection – people not just buzzers or alarms. It seems she is surrounded with bodyguards, at least 4 sometimes more, while abroad but is left to her own devices back at home. I bet a big hairy man in a kilt would frighten any intruder away.

  • herbalecstacy

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  • Marina Smalberger

    Susan should only protect herself by using her money to put up strong burgulary and alarm in the house. She must also put up a fence around her house with intercom. That way she will be protected in a way and safe. She is intelegent enough to know what is right and what is wrong. She is a smart girl en clever enough – don’t misjudge her – let her live her life she wanted to, with a little help and understanding. People must understand that her family is only concerned about her – people might took over and try to run en rule her life. Stop people from doing that. Susan can easily be influenced by people with other motives. Be careful.

  • Danica Putna


    Hahaha, I just had to do it. Honestly, leave her alone and let her to whatever she wants. Damn you Simon Cowell.